[3.2] Doedre's Malediction 9-Curse Glacial Cascade Occultist

!Warning! This Build is a WIP and i will be adding stuff as i progress in the league. I don't know yet how well i will deal with endgame since I'm not that far with my atlas progression.


The Doedre's Malediction Occultist can be played as support and caster build. This Build utilizes the Malediction Occultist Ascendancy Node and the two Unique Items Doedre's Skin and Doedre's Scorn to gain over 200% of base damage as extra Chaos damage.

Link to character:


You are playing with your mates and are tired of always rolling the same Guardian/Necro Support? You want to also be able to play on your own when your friends aren't there and still be a support for your party? Maybe this is the build for you.
I made this build as league starter in 3.2 BSC. You have to judge yourself if you want to play it in hardcore. You can start this build of on a medium budget (~60c), but also invest a lot of currency for survivability and QOL features.

  • can be on a budget
  • support and solo play
  • 9 or 10 curses
  • reasonable fast solo map clear
  • Immune to Chaos Damage
  • Immune to Stun
  • about 7k ES
  • no one button gameplay
  • juicy whole screen explosions with Profane Bloom
  • awesome Duskdawn 3D Art

  • Curse immune bosses (Plateau, Atoll, Orchard) are doable but not as smooth as regular ones.
  • Guardians / Shaper / Elder? have 0.8 less curse effect multiplier. These fights may be tough. I'm still investigating...
  • Levelling and/or Respecing CI can be annoying
  • Relatively difficult to cap resists and fullfill Stat requirements
  • can't compete with top clearspeed meta builds
  • staffs = no shield charge
  • no one button gameplay


  • Atlas progression up to Tier 13 maps on a 4-link like a breeze
  • Uber Lab on a 4-link
  • Craest... Craicea... Crabby Boss on a 4-link
  • reached level 90


For this build we are using the Malediction Ascendancy passive from Witch Occultist. This gives us:
- 8 % of non-chaos Damage as extra Chaos damage for each curse on an enemy that we have killed recently
- Our Curses apply to Hexproof enemies
- 1 addiotional Curse
So with 1 default curse + 1 extra curse from Tree (Whispers of Doom) + 1 extra curse from Malediction we have 3 curses. But that is not enough. This is why we are using the Deodre's Skin unique chest piece.


We can now summon a doedre's effigy wich applies 6 additional curses to an enemy since it ignores curse limit. If we kill an enemy with these 9 curses we get 72% of non-chaos Damage as Extra Chaos Damage. Remember how everyone was complaining about Trickster's Harness of the Void giving 45% of non-chaos Damage as Extra Chaos Damage pre 3.2 release? Yeah...
To trigger the "killed recently" on bosses without ads we use The Writhing Jar ("Wormpot").


This requires good positioning of yourself and the Doedre's Effigy and makes boss killing really interesting and rewards you for good positioning.
The next step to utilize the extra Chaos Damage is to convert our damage as often as possible. Hence we are using Glacial Cascade with it's 60% propriatary Phys to Cold conversion and it's The Long Winter Threshold jewels.



With The Long Winter we convert 100% of Phys to Cold. With Pyre and Cold to Fire Support gem we convert 90% of that Chaos Damage to Fire Damage.



With that we get 72%+72%+0,90x72% = 208,8% of our initial Physical Damage as Extra Chaos Damage.
To further utilize the curse interaction we use Doedre's Scorn unique helmet. This gives us 15% increased Damage with hits and Ailments per Curse.


If the clear speed of your mates is crazy and you can't keep up anymore you can weapon swap to your offhand with Ephemeral Edge and Atziri's Mirror/Reflection. Five days into the league no one has actually listed the fated version of Atziri's Mirror.


Ideally you will but down you Doedre's Effigy infront of each pack. Then you will cast Glacial Cascade once and the whole pack will explode because of Profane Bloom. If you haven't killed recently and are struggeling with a strong pack pop your Wormpot for 200% extra chaos damage.
For bosses you maybe want to avoid spawing your golem to prevent it from targeting your worms. If you manage to only kill one worm per flask use while it is affected by all of your curses you can maxmimize your damage output.


1: Glacial Cascade + Cold to Fire + Elemental Focus + Faster Casting + Arcane Surge + Conc Effect

If you like Spell Echo more you can swap out faster casting or arcane surge. If you want more AoE you can swap Conc Effect for Spell Echo or Increased Area of Effect.

Auras: Discipline, Vaal Discipline, Herald of Ash (can be swapped for Hatred for a huge damage boost)

Utility: Cast When Damage Taken + Immortal Call, Faster Casting + Flame Dash, Summon Lightning golem

Helmet: Ball Lightning + Curse on Hit + 2 Curses (Additional Curses for bosses)

Body Armour: 6 Curses (The Curses you want to always have up)

When it comes to choose the right ones out of the 13 available curses for party play you have to consider the builds your mates are playing. For Example: If your friend is playing with a physical melee build you maybe want to run punishment curse. If your friend is playing a cold damage based build you'll probably rather want frostbite instead.
For Solo play i recommend: Flammability, Despair, Temp Chains, Enfeeble, Elemental Weakness, Assassin's Mark, Warlord's Mark, Poeacher's Mark
You may have noticed that this are only 8 curses. Read under "Additional Endgame Improvements" further below.

Offhand: Shield Charge+ Fortify + Faster Attacks



Current Gear:

The Dusk Dawn unique Staff isn't essentail but provides a good amount of Spell Damage, Crit Multiplier and additional extra Chaos Damage. You could also use Pledge of Hands for example.


If you are starting of with this build and can't afford the two Threshold jewels yet (25c each) just swap the Cold to Fire gem in your Glacial Cascade Links for Physical to Lightning
Note the open Prefix on my amulet: Thats' the spot for 20% increased Energy Shield when I get Elreon 7.
Lab Enchant Helmet: Curse Effect for your favourite curse


These are the improvements i am planning to still get if this build performs well in endgame.
- 6-Link
- Beastiary Crafted 30% Qualtiy Doedre's Skin for additional ES
- Rare Elder Ring with Curse on Hit Warlord's Mark (this would enable the 9th curse)
- High ES Gloves corrupted for Curse on hit Vulnerability
- Corrupted Rare Amulet for the 10th curse
The last two aren't really affordable with good rolls to provide stats and cap resistances.


Note that Doedre's Skin calculations doesn't work correctly in PoB 1.4.83



- With Doedre's Skorn, Temp Chains and Despair providing a huge boost to Ailments a poison version of this would be imagineable. Maybe with Consuming Dark and/or Volkuur's Guidance?
- I played a non Crit Version of this build in 3.1 before the huge Occultist buff. It was decent.
- Life Based, Hybrid or LL if you really don't like ES

I'm not really set up to record gameplay videos. I will try though, if someone is interested.


I've been playing since 2013 and been making builds all along. This is the first time I'm posting a build since I think the synergies of this build are niche and quite interesting.

Hopefully someone is interested enough to read this. If so i am eager to hear any improvements to my build or even why the build is trash and i won't be able to do certain content. Also any general help is appreciated.

Also english isn't my native language, so bear with me.
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Nice build idea. Is it possible for you to upload some gameplay to see the build in action? :)
I'm working on something kinda similar for a frost blades build. After tinkering with it I decided Doedre's Skin isn't likely to be worth it, since you have to manually drop the fig all the time it slows way down. My plan is basically to get 4 or 5 curses up, and then use Gloomfang to ratchet up the damage.

Only issue is that become reliant upon chains being available, and vaal breach will probably be pretty expensive this league.
C0Y0T3_SLY wrote:
since you have to manually drop the fig all the time it slows way down

Yeah. As Frostblades you'll probably be scaling attack speed. As caster you'll place the Effigy faster. With Arcane Surge I currently have 0.6 seconds cast time. And if you are really struggeling with placement speed you could drop one curse and put faster casting in.
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