[3.2] Spectral Shield Throw J U G G 90/100% conversion to ele

I did this as a league starter and its okay. I would have gotten farther if I did some cookie cutter stuff like slayer cyclone or reave/sunder J u g g. This build takes quite of bit of investment to get decent damage. Most of the core pieces are pretty cheap right now. This build would probably be better on an Inquisitor for more damage or Deadeye for damage and utility like free chain. Though JUGG is insanely tanky, so play it your way. Using Hrimsorrow and winter spirit node from tree to achieve 90% elemental conversion and you can use phys to lightning for 100% conversion. I'll add some footage of the build later.

Haven't pushed T14+ yet but single target is already feeling lacking but I'll see if I can get around it.
I will edit and add onto this as I go on with this build. Feel free to add onto to the build in the comments

My character is called JUGGGGGZZZZZZ
kill all



POB paste minmaxed
Above is the POB with SST on jugg with almost maxed out gear and point blank proj distance 10
Below is an image of the damage on standard boss setting in POB

POB paste current char
Above is current char with point blank and proj distance 10
below is image of the damage on standard boss setting in POB



Fork / Cold Pen / Slow Proj
Elemental Focus
Physical Projectile Attack Damage
Elemental Damage with Attack
Faster Attacks
Can swap elemental focus for phys to lightning for full conversion for phys reflect maps
Faster attacks can be swapped for slowproj/ cold pen /or fork for more clear at the cost of attack speed

Shield Charge
Faster Attacks
Endurance Charge on Melee Stun / enduring cry

Frostbite - level 6
Projectile Weakness - level 6
cast when damage taken - level 2
increased area of effect

Vaal Haste
Vaal Grace / lightning golem / enduring cry
cast when damage taken - level 1
Frost bomb - level 1

Herald of Ash

Ancestral Protector
Blood Rage
Lightning golem


Ewar's Mirage is tied for second with the princess sabre, bis would be shaper statstick with double phys to ele
Ewar's Mirage gives 55% Elemental damage to attacks and +1 chain all other stats do not matter and this item is fairly cheap
Chain is nice utility and makes SST feel better but The princess would be more damage, you could use Ewar's for clear and princess for damage encounters.

Lioneye's Remorse is good high armor base = more damage and this item is fairly cheap
Magna Eclipsis can be used as a swap shield for elemental damage fights and give ES/EV for more base crit and little more damage, but lioneye's Remorse is cheaper and has 180 life pretty big for 6c
Otherwise just use a Rare armor shield with the highest armor you can find

Hrimsorrow or Hrimburn for 90% ele conversion with winter spirit from tree
Oskarms is cool but we lose a lot of damage from losing 50% conversion of Hrimsorrow

The Nomad is probably the best belt for this build
Global phys
40 - 47 % Proj damage at 200 dex
25% all res at 200 str
The only stat that sucks on this is the implicit and you can vaal it for +1 endurance charge
Alternatives to The nomad are rare stygian or headhunter

Obscurantis for accuracy and the nice damage boost
Alternative to this would be rare helm or abyssus
Abyssus is pretty big damage boost and with being jugg can negate the demerit of using abyssus.
Blood Rage enchant for more deeps

belly of the beast for res/life and overall the most solid body armour in the game
new crab armor looks pretty juicy and frees up a flask slot because of bleed immunity
crab armor has a shit ton of armor and with ascendancy you will be a mountain

Rare rings with life res and damage the usual stuff
look for Elemental damage with attacks / % cold damage / added cold to attacks
1+ curse karui ward/charge big damage for this build
1+ curse karui ward early in league was 20 - 30c pretty cheap
alternatives to amulets are gloomfang-give chain/leech and hinekora's sight- 1k accuracy
any cold damage amulet or a rare amulet with +1 curse
Regular Karui wards are dirt cheap and you probably vaal +1 yourself.

rare boots to fix res/30% movement speed

Seething/staunching bleed flask / adrenaline quicksilver / freeze immune granite/
standard stuff swap bleed flask for freeze immunity and take a curse immune granite if using crab armor
taste of hate / atziri's = damage
alternatives for taste of hate are regular elemental flasks to shore up resists and or sulphur for some damage
atziri's flask with ascendency pretty much invincible to standard map chaos damage.

For jewels you want
%Max life
%cold damage
%proj speed/damage
%Global phys
%attack speed/attack speed with shield
resistances if you need it

for abyss jewels you want
flat max hp
flat cold damage to attacks
flat phys to attacks
flat accuracy rating
onslaught on kill
blind on hit
%damage if you killed recently
%attack speed on crit
%attack speed
res if you need it

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Playing my own version of SST Jugg atm, you can see my char "SpectralJugg".
Played up to T14 so far just because couldn't really get many maps for now, lvl 86. Single target feels fairly good even on T14 palace. Take note that I spent max 30c on the char so far. My PoB with just slightly better gear shows 600-800k dps, and if you want insane gear it goes beyond 1mill.

Where the build shines however is at clearspeed, it's actually insane - high shield charge speed, throw your EK shield into a pack and it's dead.

Will post a video in my own thread at some point probably.

Small tip: try using frost bomb (even lvl1 works) against bosses, it's a pretty big boost to dps.

Also princess sabre is an insane boost as well due to both 40% accuracy and 30% phys as extra cold. I will be getting a high APS shaped Corsair sword with extra cold/ele or similar.
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Yeah, not doing very many red map because they aren't dropping for me atm. I do use frost bomb on bosses, most of the time i am really lazy to switch out cwdt and putting on cold pen. I am saving up currency to get a shaper statstick that will really boost my dps to the 1 mil
SST is 100% awful.
How about The Tempestuous Steel or Nebuloch ?
This build is a cold element scaling build you will lose damage with tempestuous steel and nebuloch over The princess.
Nice build mate!

Can you add some precision on the buildtree (order, which path take first)?

You are running both Assasins mark and enfeeble. Don't care for the over-ride? i love this build but was finding my frenzy charges were very inconsistent to stack so i took enfeeble of cwdt and put on increased duration.

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