[3.2] 6 auras bloodmagic zombiemancer, almost 10k ehp, max resists

With the new Flesh Binder zombies build get a huge buff.
I have tested some new ideias, and i found this one quite powerfull.
The gear is not that cheap(something around 13~15ex), but with a 5l Geofri and a Carnage Hearth amulet u can get a budget version for ~4 ex
The intention here is just to share new ideas, so i dont have videos and a full guide atm.

+Very tanky
+Have a budget version
+High DPS and clear speed
+One button
+6 Big Zombies

-Minion AI who's attacks
-One Button



All these uniques are core, except Chayula.


Here we focus on +max energy shield, +str and some elemental resist to cap all.

5L Geofri (50~70c)

Skill Tree (2 ascendancy points left atm)


x1 WE with reduced skill mana cost
x1 Inertia
x5 efficient training
x1 Brawn

NOTE: If u can get a -10 mana watcher eye u can change reduced mana suport for fortify suport on shield charge

Gem links and explanation


1.Enffeble+ Blasphemy+ Enhance Support lv3
Our main source of reduce all damage.

2.Animate Guardian+Minion Life+Stone Golem+Empower
These 2 minions are just for auras and just need to survive, so minion life + empower is the only supports gems they need.
-Stone golem provides 100+ ES regen per sec
-Animate Guardian provides +33% damage to all minions and constant minion HP regen + ours ES regen via consecrated ground (6% life regen/sec, huge.)

3. Vitality + Discipline + Purity of Elements + Enlighten Support lvl 4
Can be an enligten lvl3, we'll still have the enough HP left for Esh's Visage effect.


1. Reduced Mana + Shield Charge + Faster Attacks + Clarity
With a -10 mana watcher's eye u can change reduced mana suport for fortify suport on shield charge. We need clarity to active the WE effect, also it gives a 3% AS to our minions.


1. Raise zombie + Minion Damage + Empower + Faster Attacks + Multistrike + Melee Physical Dmg
This setup is flexible,we focus on maximizing damage as much as possible.
NOTE: Mon'tregul fire damage is AOE, so we dont need splash for map clear.

2.Generosity+Hatred+Any Skill(convocation, portal)
Take care with life spent couse we don't have life regen. We need to have always almost 36% of max life.


Esh Visage+BM
Presence of Chayula+BM
Geofri + Shaper's Touch + Baron + STR Jewls

1. We use all auras to boost as possible our survivability and DPS
2. Our minions deals a lot of damage given from The Baron, perks and guardian auras.
3. We get a decent amount of ES and ES regen due to Geofri + Shaper's Touch + boost strength itens synergy. Zombie life leech and Consecrated Ground gives a lot of ES heal too.

Ghost Reaver ( Zombie life leech )
Zealoth Oath ( from Geofri )
Blood Magic

Animate Guardian setup

Dying Breath Coiled Staff
Leer Cast Festival Mask

Zahndethus' Cassock Sage's Robe

Meginord's Vise Steel Gauntlets
Rainbowstride Conjurer Boots

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There's no items linked under gear
allana wrote:
There's no items linked under gear

Yes, when i made the topic the itens are not showing for some unkowon reason. I have edited the post again now, hope it works.
I’ve been working on this build but noticed all of your jewel sockets on passive tree are set with golemancer jewels. Please fix that so I know where to place the jewels in the build

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