3.2 - Wrecker of Days - Super Tanky Trapper - Explained and Designed to Take New Players to the End


Do you like to shop/loot while in combat? Do you like to yawn a dramatic yawn mid-combat? Maybe you like to look at your watch more than you need to or half watch your favourite sports team do sports team things on TV while playing your favourite game. Maybe you fight the urge to check a couple things in your inventory while everyone but you screams and BUUUUURRRRRNNNNNS? Well, if you like watch enemies BUUUUURRRRRNNNNN and have the time to run around, watch their friends BUUUUURRRRRNNNNN, do some shopping (looting), and easily survive...then welcome. (Go sports team go.) (Honestly, how does the above not describe every person ever?) MAYBE you like to simply stand around and make awkwardly long eye contact with everyone until all of their flesh is gone? Welcome to you too.

This guide is written with a focus on those new to Path of Exile. For those that aren't new, thanks for your patience with all the extra bits. I've tried to make this layout easy to skip to the important bits if you don't need the filler.

About the 'Author' / Why My Builds are the Way they Are
I deal with post concussion syndrome. Without getting all "doctor" on you, if I want to play a game for a good while and be able to function when I'm finished playing, I have to avoid many things in video games. Things that I try to avoid in POE builds are: really fast character movements, unpredictable movements by the character or enemies, lots of flashing lights, anything spontaneous or unpredictable on screen, required quick reactions (like movement), quick reactions to specific things (like seeing if I'm silenced, in a bear trap, frozen, bleeding, and then needing to do something quick and specific to deal with it)...and many more basic gaming things.

The reason that I write this part isn't so that you feel sorry for me. It's to explain why there are certain elements of my builds that are not maximized in a way that the general community would typically maximize their builds. So I look for build ideas that:
- Don't require much movement (or movement that I have to focus on providing).
- Don't have emphasis on lots of specific button presses at specific times (like flasks).
- Don't require aiming with the mouse (console POE I can handle better because of analog aiming instead of mouse clicking).
- I can look away from the screen for a bit, still deal damage, and survive (hopefully).

As limiting as that seems, this game provides endless character building options. Cast When Damage Taken, curses, skills that don't have to be aimed, life regen or dodge with Chaos Innoculation are all big helps.

So my build ideas (if you like them) are great for:
- New players.
- Players that don't like button mashing.
- Players that don't like having to move lots while fighting.
- Players that like attacking/casting with only one or two skills.
- Players that like a more laid back POE experience.
- Players with medical conditions (like epilepsy or those with with physical limitations that are restricted in how they use keyboards or mice (to name a couple)).
- Players that don't want to stress about finishing maps in record breaking time.
- Players that like the best builds ever made in the history of Path of Exile.
Build Explanation
Blah Blah Blah (Build Summary)
This build is SOOOOO easy to play. All you do is throw Fire Trap and watch the flesh drip. Everything else will be automatically cast with our gem setup. (Both of our auras and almost everything that casts for us is defensive with the exception of the 3 offensive curses.)

You'll have plenty of movement speed if you like to run around (awesome for survivability) and you'll have plenty of defense to simply stand there and get hit while you sip your coffee and watch things burn.

This build only focuses on the Burning and Damage Over Time damage that Fire Trap provides. I've ignored the initial damage that the explosion does. So we aren't going to worry about Hits or Criticals. All my suggested weapons, support gems, damage nodes revolve around the Ignite and Burning DPS.

The build has as high life, life regen, and Armour as I could squeeze out of the tree. I love life regen. The items I'll encourage you to have are high in armour so we'll have as much physical damage reduction as possible with the few uniques we'll be using. If you follow all points of this build, we'll be avoiding Evasion. Getting hit is a good thing.

Another way to explain this build quickly is once your trap has been activated, all you have to do is focus on staying out of harm's way. You only have to notice when an enemy is no longer getting burned. To only focus on your character location while something is damaging the enemy for you will carry you a long way in survivability. Enemies take damage while you defend. It's nice. Check the Passive Tree, Gem, and Gear sections for all the specifics.

NOTE: This specific build can be maximized much more efficiently if you don't have the same limitations that I mentioned above. I'm not saying this build can't make it, not at all. It's strong on offense and defense and no problem for end game. But I have lots of self casting that other may not care for. I have life regen that some may not like as much as I do. I love Cospri's Will (unique item). Other's may not. Either way, it all works really well together but feel free to modify what you like.
How Traps Work
Traps are one of the only skills in the game that have a cooldown associated to throwing them. The trap we'll be using is Fire Trap. By default it gets three uses on a three second cooldown. The cooldown doesn't control the time between your ability to throw more traps. It controls the replenishment of your throws. You could throw all three of your fire traps as fast as you can...the three second cooldown to replenish one trap at a time starts as soon as you threw your first of the three traps. These numbers are modifiable with passive tree nodes and unique gear but we won't be needing much of that.
Trigger, Trigger Radius, and Area of Effect (AOE)
Traps have a unique feature associated to them in that once you throw them onto the battlefield, they won't do damage until they are activated. We can't activate them ourselves. To have a trap activate and do damage an enemy must move into the trigger radius or the trap will have had to be left on the ground for 4 seconds. At the end of the four seconds the trap will activate. Now traps have two different "areas": the trigger radius and their damage's AOE. An enemy must cross over the trigger radius (you can't see it in game...it's invisible to us) for the trap to activate and start it's damage process. Once the trap is activated, you'll likely notice that the trap damage's AOE is much larger than the trigger radius. We won't need to increase the trigger radius for a couple reasons. 1) Traps automatically trigger after 4 seconds if they aren't triggered by an enemy. 2) Traps automatically trigger if they land on an enemy. (You'll see after playing with a few support gems that the whole ground will be covered in fire (our fire) and we won't have put any effort into trigger radius at all.)
Area of Effect (AOE)
Anything that affects AOE only affects the size of our trap's explosion and burning radius. It has nothing to do with trigger radius. I only put this is to emphasize that Trigger Radius only affects Trigger Radius, while AOE only affects the damage side of our trap.
Trap Life
Traps have life. One 1 life actually. That life only matters once the trap is on the ground and has not yet been activated. As demoralizing as that may seem, you almost never notice it. Almost everything in the game triggers our traps. The only enemy you'll really notice actually kill our trap (which doesn't set off the damaging effects of the trap) are leaping enemies. But even then, you'll have fire everywhere. It won't affect you in the least.
Trap Limits
If you've looked through the wiki at all at traps, you'll have come across lots of references to Trap Limits. Trap limits are the amount of traps you can have laying around at once BEFORE they are activated. Once a trap has been activated it no longer counts towards a character's trap limit. Trap Limit has nothing to do with cooldowns or how many you can throw at once. It's simply the amount that are on the "playing field" that have yet to be activated. Because of our unique belt that I'll suggest, you'll be able to ignore Trap Limits as well.
Gem Tags and Reflect
Gem tags are those terms that are listed at the top of your skill: Fire, Trap, AOE, Duration...any nodes or items that improve those tags improve your skills. Some "hidden" tags would be things like Elemental Damage. Because Fire is a type of Elemental Damage in POE, improving elemental damage will improve your fire damage.

In this game you can encounter enemies that reflect a certain percentage of your physical or elemental damage back to you as damage you take. Trap damage doesn't reflect to you, it reflects to the trap. But, because the trap has no life once it's been activated, reflect doesn't affect the trap at all. You're reflect free! ;-)
Aiming Fire Trap with our Support Gems
Fire Trap can't be thrown across the map. It has a distance limit to its throw. You'll get used to the limit of this distance if you're on PC. If you're on PC, you will remain stationary to throw the trap unless you clicked too far away. If you clicked too far away your character will simply walk to the maximum range to throw the trap is met, then they'll throw it. If you're on console, you can't overthrow. You always also remain stationary to throw. You simply aim in the direction you want to throw and hope the game chose the same enemy you wished to throw to.
Burning Only
Fire Trap has two stages of damage once activated, an explosion that Hits enemies, and then the Burning Ground that stays on the ground after the explosion. This build ignores the first stage of the damage and only cares about the burning/DOT (Damage Over Time) damage of the trap. So we can just pretend that the explosion part of the trap is just bonus damage.

Now the burning part of Fire Trap actually damages enemies in two different ways:
1) The Damage Over Time the enemies take from standing on our Burning Ground
2) The Ignite the enemies get from standing on our Burning Ground

In other words, they take damage from standing on hot coals AND from having their clothes on fire. Most of our damage improvements will improve both versions of damage but some will only improve the "standing on coals" part. In our build, the "coals" damage deals 4x more damage than the "clothes on fire" damage ;-).
Curses are Debuffs that you can put on an enemy. There are quite a few debuffs in the game, not all of them work with every build. I have chosen lots of debuffs for this build. More than most prefer ;-). I love curses. I have chosen curses in this build that make the enemy weaker in damage, take more Burning Damage/Damage Over Time, and that lower their fire resist (they'll take extra fire damage).

By default in POE, every character you make can only apply one curse per enemy. There is one node on the tree that increases this limit by one (we'll get it) and a few unique items in the game that we can equip that will increase our limit as well. We'll be using 4 curses in total. The unique items that increase our curse limits aren't overly great outside of benefit of increasing our curse limit. Rare items are typically better than uniques but we don't have any other options if we want more than 2 curses. We will be a little weaker on defense but I like the offensive payout.

We will be selecting a node on the tree called Elemental Equilibrium. It acts as a curse that lowers enemy resists, but isn't considered a curse. We'll be getting that too.
Cast when Damage Taken
Cast when Damage Taken (CwDT) is a gem that automatically casts spells it is linked to. The lower the level of the CwDT gem, the lesser amount of damage taken is needed to cast its linked spells. The higher the level of the CwDT gem, the more damage taken is needed to set it off. The benefit to CwDT at a high level (for our build) is that we can have high level gems attached to it. A low level CwDT can only have low level gems attached to it.

So low level CwDT gem will cast weak spells constantly, while a high CwDT cast full power spells less frequently.
Pros and Cons

Pro- Really cheap to maximize.

Pro- Can be used for Solo Self Found.

Pro- Perfect for new players. Easy to level, easy to afford, easy to survive, easy to kill, easy end game.

Pro- You only cast one skill. Everything else (except for flasks) is automatic.

Pro- It clears maps quickly.

Pro- Excellent movement speed while watching enemies take damage hands free.

Pro- Can take and give good damage.

Pro- Reflect Damage doesn't affect you at all.

Pro- You can run any map mod in end game except one. (You need mana regen.)

Con- Slow boss killer.
Endgame Mods to Avoid
At the end of the game, the levels (maps) you try and clear will have random modifiers (mods) allocated to them. There are A LOT of mods that can go on a map.

We won't be able to run maps that disallow mana regen. We don't leech mana. And in a case where it's just you and one enemy, you won't have the ability to refill your mana flask(s). But that's it!

Some mods will be inconvenient, but they won't be impossible to run.
You can run reflect mods! Reflects will go to your Fire Trap, not you. Reflect won't affect your Fire Trap in anyway. No Life Regen isn't important, just inconvenient. Even Hexproof maps (curse immune enemies) isn't a big deal. You'll do enough damage with Elemental Equilibrium. (If you go with the uniques I suggest, no enemy will be Hexproof.) I hate running maps with Temporal Chains as a map mod, but it won't kill you to do them. It'll just be slower.

You'll learn your preferences but only No Mana Regen should be avoided unless you KNOW the map boss has extra enemies that spawn throughout the WHOLE fight.
Passive Tree
The Passive Tree on Path of Exile's website
Passive Tree Explained
This build works great as is. It gets really strong the deeper you go into the game which is exciting when you level for sure. The game gets easier, not harder. But if you want to add your own preferences, please feel free to maximize where you feel.
Starting Class
We are starting as a Duelist. We are starting as a Duelist primarily for the permanent Fortify that comes from the Champion Ascendancy. The reason I don't use a movement skill with Fortify Support to get Fortify is in the "About..." section above. Champion does provide strong defense though which I'll explain below in Ascendancy. So if you choose to have a different Ascendancy, try and keep your starting point on the left side of the tree (Suggestions are: Marauder-Chieftain, Templar-Inquisitor, Scion-Ascendant (Scion nodes I like: Saboteur, Trickster, Juggernaut, Inquisitor, Elementalist, and Necromancer).
Because of where we start on the tree, our tree path is unintentionally split up into two halves:

- The starting half/bottom half - Defense and Health
- The latter half/top half - Damage

This provides excellent survivability through the beginning parts of the game and gives good damage increases at the end of the game. BUT, your main skill and a couple supports are Dex based. Dex kinda doesn't exist on the right side of the tree without looking for it. So you can either race to the Dex nodes or have some items that have either Dex or requirement reductions on them. Keep in mind, that if you go with the latter, you'll be stuck with those items until you get the nodes on the tree. The highest Dex requirement for gems that I suggest is 155 Dex. If you like the unique item suggestions that I have, you'll need 183 Dex for Cospri's Will.

The tree focuses on Life, Life Regen, Armour, and then Damage. I did my best to add as much of all of it together without as much sacrifice. Lots of math was used in Path of Building to ensure the most efficient routes.

If I had options between 5% Life or 4% Life and 5% Armour, I'd take the 1% less in Life for the Bonus to Armour. You'll notice that theme if you follow the build completely.
Cospri's Will
I will explain this chest piece in the Gear section. But for the purpose of the passive tree you need to know that this is the item that makes you require 183 Dex instead of 155. Also, this chest piece provides Evasion, not Armour. I'm suggesting Armour based gear. So for the purpose of increasing Armour I have the Iron Reflexes node selected at the bottom of tree. This converts all Evasion to Armour.
If you don't use Cospri's Will, you can ignore the four or five nodes that lead to it.
Life Regen
I love Life Regen. Life regen has awesome benefits. It's great during Trials, is still active while drinking life flasks (so it's like super fast flask drinking), and keeps you from dying in those "zone out moments". You'll see.
If you don't like Life Regen, we're not friends. But feel free to use the points elsewhere. If you don't use Iron Reflexes and Life Regen, I suggest not starting as a Duelist and make your own tree.
Some nodes that need some explanation:

Iron Reflexes - If you use Cospri's Will, get Iron Reflexes. It converts all Evasion into Armour. It lets you use Evasion nodes to increase Armour too. Evasion and Armour nodes give you the biggest Armour increases with Iron Reflexes selected. If you don't Iron Reflexes save the travel nodes to spend elsewhere.

Elemental Equilibrium - Don't get this node until you are level 38 and have Cast When Damage Taken (CwDT) attached to Ball Lightning. This node increases the elemental resists of the skill the enemy gets Hit with. Our Fire Trap only deals fire damage. So when our trap activates, the initial stage of the activation (explosion) Hits the enemies, making them 25% more resistant to fire damage. Once the explosion is over, the enemies are burning from the burning ground of Fire Trap. This second stage to Fire Trap's damage isn't considered Hitting the enemy. It's Damage Over Time. But since we don't want 25% resistant to our burning ground, we'll have our CwDT level 1 attached to Ball Lightning which will be casting lightning all over the place. So as the enemies are on our burning ground they are 25% resistant to fire. If they get hit with Lightning while on our burning ground, they will instead be -50% less resistant to fire damage. That's a HUGE damage increase that'll stack with our curses. So we want to get hit lots so that Ball Lightning is constantly getting cast. This also means that you don't want to throw Fire Trap non-stop because the last Hit the enemy receives is what they are resistant too. So make sure you only throw Fire Trap when you need to incase you aren't getting hit often.
You know Elemental Equilibrium is on an enemy because a red and blue hue will be under the enemy. You can't tell based on the hue which element the enemy is resistant or vulnerable to. You have to have the enemy selected and read the details in under the enemy's health bar to know what's happening. Not ideal, but that's how it works. So only lay a trap when you need to.
Jewel Sockets
I only have one selected on the tree here, but that's cause I did a Solo Self Found guy and only came across one Jewel that I liked. Jewels can be SO strong and can be swapped in/out at anytime at no cost! So go for any jewel slots you want in the tree. You'll just have to cut out a node elsewhere as my tree link shows you a path to the character level cap.
We're going to pick Champion. Honestly, it's only for the Fortitude node so that we always have Fortify on and don't get surprised without it being active. So use your first four of eight points to get Fortitude. We'll then be aiming for Inspirational and First to Strike, Last to Fall. Take whichever one you want in any order.

Unfortunately, the benefits to Attack Speed and Melee Damage don't affect our build in anyway. We'll be getting huge boosts to our Armour though if you went with Cospri's Will and Iron Reflexes.
Anything you like! Do you find you stand lots with this build? Always running? There are some good options of either. I personally have selected Soul of Lunaris for the increased Physical Damage Reduction (though whole point of Armour) and Movement Speed bonuses, along with Soul of Abberath so that I don't take Burning Ground damage. Our burning ground and the enemies' burning ground look the same. So when ours are up, we can't see the enemies'.
As you go through the game, no side quests are important to your build expect for the quests that give extra skill points (a list of quests that gives skill points). Including the Bandits. When dealing with the bandits in Act 3, I suggest killing all the bandits for the extra two skill points.
Gem Links
Not all of these gems are available for purchase or quest rewards as a Duelist. Fire Trap being one of them. For SSF players, the earliest all gems can be purchased by any class is in Act 3. Find Siosa (NPC) in the Library and do his quest. For non-SSF players, you'll have to trade for them or start the game as a Shadow, Kill Hillock, and talk to Tarkleigh. It takes two seconds.

I have added numbers beside some of the gems I've listed. Those numbers are the level you stop leveling the gem at. If there is no number, just keep the gem leveling going as high as possible.

As mentioned in the Passive Tree section, this build works great as is. It gets really strong the deeper you go into the game which is exciting when you level for sure. The game gets easier, not harder. But if you want to add your own preferences, please feel free to maximize where you feel.

5 Link (6 Link) - Main Skill (Socket in your weapon)
- Fire Trap - Our main skill. Enemies are ALWAYS Ignited with this skill. You don't have to care about chance to Ignite.
- Burning Damage Support - Improves the Damage Over Time (DOT) and Ignite damage.
- Swift Affliction Support - Improves the DOT and Ignite damage.
- Concentrated Effect Support - Decreases our AOE but increases the Hit and DOT damage. (If I didn't tell you that this decreased our AOE, you wouldn't even notice. We have plenty AOE.)
- Multiple Traps Support - Let's you throw three traps with one throw instead of 1. I prefer this over Cluster Traps for two reasons: Multiple Traps doesn't decrease your damage as much as Cluster Trap and Cluster Trap only throws where you aim (it's good for trap builds that care about Hits). Multiple Traps lays three traps in a row from the trap thrower to the selected enemy/location. I like this because whether you are aiming for an enemy right close to you or far away, you will burn all in a huge row. You get all the enemies close and far with one throw instead of two or three. Saves throws and mana with more damage (since we don't care about Hits).
- (Six Link) Trap and Mine Damage Support/Chance to Ignite Support - The weapon of choice I'll be suggesting below is a Lathi Staff. It has Strength and Intelligence requirements which makes it hard to get lots of green sockets without spending tons of currency. So if you have the currency and love the build, go for Trap and Mine Damage. If you don't want to blow the currency, go for Chance to Ignite. If you follow this build exactly then as the 6th socket at level 100, Mine Damage gives 12'000 extra Damage Per Second (DPS) to DOT and Ignite combined, while Chance to Ignite gives 8'800 extra DPS. (We don't obviously care about the increased chance to Ignite with Chance to Ignite as our Fire Trap has a 100% chance of always Igniting enemies).

3 Link and 2 Solo - Elemental Equilibrium and Defensive Auras (Socket in Cospri's Will)
We don't need another 5/6 link. We'll use 5 sockets with 3 of them being linked. The other two don't need to be linked at all. CwDT, Ball Lightning, and Culling Strike will be linked.
- CwDT 1 - Automatically casts linked spells once we have taken a certain amount of damage. The damage counter resets at the beginning of each new instance/area.
- Ball Lightning 4 - This spell is the spell that makes the Elemental Equilibrium node on the tree function for us. We don't care about this spell's damage, just that enemies get hit with lightning all the time.
- Culling Strike Support - This support for Ball Lightning is also irrelevant to damage of the spell. Culling Strike makes Ball Lightning automatically kill enemies (bosses included) if they are at 10% of their life or less.

- Arctic Armour - A defensive skill that reserves mana but isn't an aura, it doesn't affect your allies. It's good general defense. It slows enemies that hit you with anything that isn't DOT, it leaves a trail of ice behind you as you move that chills enemies (slowing their actions by 30%), and while stationary, you take less physical and fire damage.

- Grace - A defensive skill that reserves mana. It does affect our allies so it an aura. This aura increases our Evasion. We don't want Evasion. We want to get hit all the time, but because we have the Iron Reflexes Node on the passive tree, this aura increases our Armour instead. There is an aura that gives Armour, it's called Determination. But if you have Iron Reflexes selected, Grace actually gives you more Armour.

4 Link - Offensive Curses
- CwDT 1 - Automatically casts linked spells once we have taken a certain amount of damage. The damage counter resets at the beginning of each new instance/area.
- Flammability 5 - Enemies take extra fire damage when cursed.
- Elemental Weakness 5 - Enemies take extra elemental damage when cursed.
- Despair 5 - Enemies take extra damage over time when cursed.

4 Link - Defensive Curse and Life Regen (Socket in Windscream)
- CwDT - Automatically casts linked spells once we have taken a certain amount of damage. The damage counter resets at the beginning of each new instance/area.
- Summon Stone Golem - Lots of extra life regen. (Unfortunately takes enemy attention away from us on occasion.)
- Molten Shell - Once activated, provides extra armour. If you take enough physical damage before Molten Shell's timer expires, the skill explodes dealing fire damage around you. This counteracts Elemental Equilibrium but only briefly as Ball Lightning will be cast non-stop.
- Frost Bomb - Replace this skill with any SPELL you like. I like this one because it reduces enemy life regen. Enemies that have life regen take longer to kill with this build.

4 Link - More Defense and Escape
- CwDT 1 - Automatically casts linked spells once we have taken a certain amount of damage. The damage counter resets at the beginning of each new instance/area.
- Immortal Call 3 - Provides us with a split second of invulnerability from all damage.
- Enfeeble 5 - Enemies deal less damage when cursed.
- Phase Run 3 - This increases movement speed a lot while at the same time giving you phasing (running through enemies). SO helpful for survival. This also lets you run through Frost Wall :-). If you want your own control over this skill just level it to level 4 or beyond. (Try and keep this skill at the end of the link, not in the middle. You'll lose part of its affect if CwDT casts another skill after it.)

Feel free whenever you have the currency and gear you're comfortable with to start getting quality versions of your gems. The only one I suggest trying to get as soon as you can is Fire Trap (unless you buy a level 20 version at 20% quality).
Weapon: Staff - Eventually: The Searing Touch, Lathi Staff.
- Step 1: Find any staff that works for you. Once you get Cospri's Will (level 68), you'll want your Fire Trap in your staff. Increases to Trap Damage, Burning Damage, Damage Over Time, Fire Damage, AOE Damage all work.
- Step 2: Keep your eyes peeled for a staff that has a roll that increases gem levels. You're hoping to find one that has +1 or +2 to Level of Socketed Fire Gems. This will raise your level 20 Fire Trap (and Burning Damage Support) to level 21 or 22 respectively. It is possible to get a +3 but requires lots resources and luck. Feel free to look it up but I'll be sticking with the +2.
- Step 3: Watch for Lathi Staves. The unique you would love to eventually 5/6 link has a Lathi base type.
- Step 4: The Searing Touch, Lathi Staff. This staff increases Fire Gems by +2, increases fire damage, and increases burning damage. It's perfect for us...except it's also perfect for many other builds. A 5 link isn't cheap. It may be cheaper to buy one with good rolls and ignore the sockets, then buy The Jeweller's Touch.

Helmet: Anything you like.

Chest: Cospri's Will, Assassin's Garb
- One of the two suggested items that increase our curse limit. (There is no health on this item. We're sacrificing health for a curse.)
- Makes every enemy vulnerable to our curses (sometimes referred to as hexes). This includes Hexproof enemies and map rolls.
- If shopping, the higher the Evasion the better as it converts to Armour with Iron Reflexes.
- If shopping, remember that you don't need your 5 sockets linked.

Gloves: Anything you like.

Boots: Windscream, Reinforced Greaves
- The other item we'll use to get to our desired curse limit. (There is no health on this item. We're sacrificing health for a curse.)
- In terms of our options that increase curse limits, this fits us quite well: it increases our movement speed, resists, fire damage, and Armour.
- (This pair of boots can be fated. This means that you can get a prophecy and accomplish it's listed deed while wearing Windscream, and it'll upgrade the boots to a "super" pair that has better rolls. The fated version of Windscream, has improved armour, movement speed, and adds an increase to the area of effect all our curses.)

Amulet: Anything you like.

Rings: Anything you like.

Belt: Sunblast, Cloth Belt
- This belt is optional. It is good for offense, but has no health and ok resists.
- It also reduces the amount of time our traps are waiting to be activated (this belt does not change the duration of the burning ground our trap makes).

Flasks: Anything you like. I like to run with four health flasks that all remove bleed and one Quicksilver flask for running around.

You will want to spend currency in rare gear to ensure you have the proper resists and links as you go through the later acts. It's okay to upgrade each piece of gear a few times as you progress. Don't feel like you have to get the best available right away. The currency will come.

Aim to have your rare gear Armour based. I say Armour based instead of Strength based because ALL Evasion also counts towards armour. You have two rare 4 link items to play with: one will have 3 blue and 1 red gem, while the other has 1 blue, 2 red, and a green. One will have to be Armour and Energy Shield early on (hopefully eventually just Armour based), while the other one you hope to have an Armour and Evasion base. Use this link to help save chromatics.

Your focus on your gear as you acquire it is lots of health and resistances to Fire, Cold, and Lightning (you can ignore Chaos). You want your resistances to add up to 135%. By the end of the game, Path of Exile gives characters -60% to your resists to wrestle with. If you can, go over the 135% as some endgame maps will lower your resists by another 60%.

***The passive tree I provided will provide you with everything you need except for Dex. You will end up getting 143 Dex from the passive tree. You will want 155 Dex to maximize Grace and 183 to wear Cospri's Will.
- Path of Building - Pastebin - (A link to download Path of Building[/b], the build planner I like to use.)

- The passive tree on Path of Exile.com

- A quick look at this build in action

- My PC filter for 3.2
It's a very picky filter you can use to help with looting. It's only good for when you hit endgame though. It'll only drop items that benefit your build...For the most part. There were a few items I couldn't filter out. But it'll drop ALL currency (and small chromatic recipies), maps, Divination cards, league and quest items. The only weapon it'll drop is Lathi Staff. It'll drop the base version too incase you want to try Chance Orbs to get The Searing Touch. It'll only drop the best Helmets and Gloves Armour, Armour/Energy Shield, and Armour/Dex bases. It'll also drop Elder and Shaper items, all uniques, and rare jewels, and accessories. It's not a get rich fast filter, but it's great for getting your own stuff and selling what doesn't work for you. I prefer build specific filters, instead of the general stuff. You'll miss lots of good gear to sell though, so...up to you if you use it.

To download the filter, click the link above. Click Download near the top of the page. Once downloaded, rename the file to whatever will help you find it in POE. Put the file in, *whichever drive*\*user name*Documents\My Games\Path of Exile. Once POE is loaded, hit "O" for Options, go to the "UI" tab, scroll all the way to the bottom, and select your new filter from the drop down list beside "List of Item Filters".

If it doesn't work, let me know.
Awesome. So if you have any questions let me know and I'll respond the best I can. If you don't like my build I hope your build ideas lack success and then you come back to mine and go, 'huh. I like this...a lot.' And then you'll ask if I have more build ideas that are super and I will say, 'Yuuuuup' and then link them below:
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI6QBeY-yUi9kiMh52IVR4g
Broadcast: https://mixer.com/Wrecker_of_Days
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Have you tried this build with Chieftain? I know how good fortify can be so I assume any survival bonuses from Chieftain are not as good. I'm just curious if you've tried it?
HotChaCha wrote:
Have you tried this build with Chieftain? I know how good fortify can be so I assume any survival bonuses from Chieftain are not as good. I'm just curious if you've tried it?

Hey! I have not. Chieftain, especially now for 3.2 is mostly totems and physical damage. Even though it seems so fire based, I can only really see 4 nodes being kinda beneficial. Fire Trap specifically wouldn't get much from that tree and the defense isn't better than what I'm getting. I my opinion...which you stated in you comment.

If I wasn't focused on having the Fortified node with Champion, I would probably be the Scion. The new Saboteur tree is WAY better than 3.1's but it's still so far away from the heavy amounts of defense and life regen I like on the left side of the tree. With the Ascendant ascendancy there are so many great options. Every build I make is almost an Ascendant. :)
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI6QBeY-yUi9kiMh52IVR4g
Broadcast: https://mixer.com/Wrecker_of_Days
Made a gem change. I removed Frost Wall and added Frost Bomb and Molten Shell.
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI6QBeY-yUi9kiMh52IVR4g
Broadcast: https://mixer.com/Wrecker_of_Days
what skill should I use to level cause 1-16 took ages cause fire trap is garbage without multiple trap support which at start of season isnt for trade and cant be obtained on duelist until Siosa
AlmighttyGoku wrote:
what skill should I use to level cause 1-16 took ages cause fire trap is garbage without multiple trap support which at start of season isnt for trade and cant be obtained on duelist until Siosa

Hey! Since the skill tree focuses on mostly fire damage and a little spell damage, try and use a spell if you can get your hands on one (hopefully one drops). They'd be the preference as spell damage is less dependant on weapons that attack damage. I personally like Blade Vortex or Frostbolt. You'll definitely have the defense for Blade Vortex. If you haven't had any spells drop, I like Static Strike as an attack that the Duelist can use. It does it's own AOE which is a huge help off the bat. Just remember you'll need to keep your eye out for a decent melee weapon all the time as you don't have any attack/melee nodes on the tree. (I personally stuck with Fire Trap. I like seeing the progression. You can get Multiple Trap Support for an Alch right now. And at 18 Concentrated Effect.)

Does that help or would you like a different suggestion? I hope you stick with it. The build is awesome for clearing maps end game.
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI6QBeY-yUi9kiMh52IVR4g
Broadcast: https://mixer.com/Wrecker_of_Days
im on xbox so day one for me. trade board is empty
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AlmighttyGoku wrote:
im on xbox so day one for me. trade board is empty

I sent you a PM. But Static Strike is available to you. Try that until Siosa.
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI6QBeY-yUi9kiMh52IVR4g
Broadcast: https://mixer.com/Wrecker_of_Days
Traps are clunky as Sab, let alone anything else. I don't wanna know how bad this'd be :P
Traps are clunky as Sab, let alone anything else. I don't wanna know how bad this'd be :P

Please keep the Sab references to yourself.
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI6QBeY-yUi9kiMh52IVR4g
Broadcast: https://mixer.com/Wrecker_of_Days
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