[3.2] Tectonic Slam Tidebreaker Chieftain WIP

Simple core idea: Use Tidebreaker to generate Endurance Charges, which are consumed by Tectonic Slam

- Damage conversion: Tectonic Slam converts 60% to fire, Chieftain Ascendancy converts the rest, which maximizes efficiency of fire damage increases, penetration and leech
- Self-ignite: Eye of Innocence and Mokou's Embrace for large DPS boost. As a small bonus, Chieftain now doesn't take damage from the self ignites anymore
- Maybe profit from the high strength somehow

Skill links for Tectonic Slam:
- Melee Physical Damage Support
- Elemental Damage with Attacks Support
- Ruthless Support
- Fire Penetration Support
- Concentrated Effect / Increased Area of Effect
- Endurance Charge on Melee Stun (from Tidebreaker)

PoB sandbox link

Looking forward to suggestions.
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Added a short video that shows off the Tectonic Slam skill at level 8 in T8 map Tropical Island: https://youtu.be/UYOtgC7xx-g
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That's what my tree and ideal gear set up would look like, minus jewels. I left a bunch of points unallocated to pick up resists and such.
Not bad, but it seems going Wrecking Ball instead of Executioner would yield more DPS. Also, you have lots of unreserved mana, could run an Arctic Armour aura for example.
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