[3.2] Inq Arc Crit Freeze Schock, fast map clearing, budget

Made a simple build on PoB for Arc Crit based Inquisitor.
Guide will be updated as I progress further. It lacks hp for now but that will most likely change after I improve it.
PoB link : https://pastebin.com/XZcxLxtj

Any advice is welcome.

Build created as bestiary starter build for fast progressing on maps and farming currency early.
Last bumped on Mar 15, 2018, 4:34:14 AM
i have some inputs if you don's mind, shock duration is kinda useless since you keep on shocking enemy for sure, instead you can respect those shock duration nodes into power charges, also you may want to go full life than es/life, instead of diamond ring you can maybe use berek grip ring its a good boost and somewhat adds survivabilty cause you can freeze and shock at the same time, by that being said maybe you can also invest in some cold damage nodes,

im not an expert i might be wrong but all of this are just based on my experience


you might get some insights here

rare items i suggest get good life res and dex you need some of it

jewel, get life crit multi and chance you can also get dex here

if abys jewel flat lightning, chance to shock, flat life ,added lightning daamge to mace will be good too and dex if possible
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