[3.3] CHAOS-FIRE-INQUISITOR | feat. Magma Orb - All Content incl. UBER ELDER! Budget friendly!

NewsFlash - latest Build changes

Im sorry I havent updated the guide for in quite a while. 3.3 will take aways the beloved "Aspect of the Spider", wich is a small nerf but can be replaced with Herald of Ash if you really need more damage.

On the bright side, Magma Orb itself also received a little buff in terms of damage and overall performance. The damage buff alone is almost enough to make up for the missing Aspect. The build always had enough damage to run rather well even without any aura in use. This also frees alot of Mana to be used as effective life via Mind over Matter.

Also the orbs seem to bounce much faster now, wich crealy increases our clearspeed (wich was already pretty good).

Changelog (Updated 24.3.2018)

- Full Build Guide revamp
- Added Hall of Grandmasters Section and Video
- Added Windshriek and Info about the Elder Ring to the "Gearing your Character" Section
- This is the first iteration of the build

What is this Build and what can it do?

Inspired by the Gloomfang Magma Orb Build that Mathil made in Abyss league. I set out, to use this method for high endgame damage and also add hardcore-viable defenses. The highly underused combination of Evasion together with "Mind over Matter" has proven to be a very solid choice.

This build is made to offer a strong and versatile solution to all endgame goals in PoE. It can farm guardians, shaper, red-elder, Uber-Elder and even hall of grandmasters. In comparison to my other quite popular Ele Claw Inqusitor, this build is pretty much on the same Power-Level with slightly better clearspeed and almost the same Single-Target-Damage.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately I will NOT(!) respond to private messages. I will rarely do gearchecks in this thread, but others can help you here. I can NOT respond to everyone, but I will try my very best.

- very high single target dps (about 5million)
- very high map-clearing-speed
- quite budget friendly for BIS gear
- viable league starter
- good scaling with high-end-gear
- no League-specific or Legacy-Items needed
- very good Uber-Lab farmer

- interactions require careful(!) reading of the guide
- the build has some massive power spikes
- ele-reflect maps need to be rerolled

Massive Power-Spikes for this Build:

Outside of the usual big jumps for almost all builds (6L etc), this one has some landmarks that you might not have on your radar yet. Those however are not hard-requirements for the build to work. While some see this as turn-off, I feel it was so very much satisfying reaching those goals and feel the jumps in overall power-level. Heres a short summup of what to look out for:

While Leveling Getting the Praxis Ring:

Its a HUUGE boost for Leveling and early mapping.

Doing Merciless Lab for "Inevitable Judgement:
The keystone is insanely strong for almost all casters. This defines what Inquisitor is in its current stats. You REALLY feel the diffrence in power.

Enchanting the Boots with Mana/Life Regen:

I never realised how BIG this enchant is for MoM builds. The diffrence quite amazing.

Getting the Curse on Hit Warlords Mark Ring:

Just a big jump in survivability and comfort.

Obtaining Gloomfang:

This is when your damage starts to kick in. Before you get this, everything feels a bit bland. Thisreally spices things up :)

Helmet Enchant:

The Helmet enchant is not SUPER-Important for this build but still a considerable dmg boost.

Level 21 Morb:

This alone adds about 30% More damage to your Morb damage, considering the addition chain. I tend to level a full set of 15%+ Quality Morbs in my off gear.

How to Gear your Character (Full Reading is VERY important)


Singularity is a fantastic starter weapon and the hinder aura stretches almost to the edge of your screen. When used skillful you can shoot Morbs at maximum distance and walk with them to hit the boss or enemy with the Aura for maximum effect.

Doryanys Catalyst is very strong and well balanced Weapon with high attack speed and life leech for conventient mapping.

A shaper-sceptre is the best overall option. A Karui-Sceptre has decent attack speed and offers the best overall package for mapping and bosses.


A good caster shield what you need. Just check for high life and resists. some spell damage and maybe a little cast speed.


Right now a good Rare Helmet with Life and Resists is my option. The build is tight for maxing out resistsances to 109% and gettng this done with Starkonyas is not easy. Also dont get confused with the Aspect of the Spider Enchant! This is my helmet from Bestiary League and its no longer available.


At the moment Loreweave is the best option for this build. It holds outstanding defensive power and some offensive stats as well. It already comes 6-socketed and for a super-powerful BIS armor rather cheap. Just trade 60 unique Rings (a full tab) to any vendor. The one downside is the big range on its rolls. Try to get 80% maxres and mid-tier on the rest of the stats. The other downside is the lack of evasion, this however proved to be a non-issue. Also this can be used to our advantage a bit. Getting the very powerful 2%Life/2%Mana Regen Boot enchant requires getting "to be hit" a little. Also the Entropy System in PoE helps greatly and makes even low avoidance still very powerful. The second best option is Carcass Jack. But it pales in comparison to Loreweave.


Shaper Gloves with Blind and Faster casting offer a really good package to boost denfenses and some damage. Kalisas Grace are also quite viable, the high mana cost give the buff a pretty big uptime. But also some solid rare gloves are fine for a start.


Bobonis Trail with 2-Abyss Sockets are very good in General. However using good rare boots a great option as well.

Enchant: Right now 2%Life/2%Mana Regen is the BY FAR best enchant for this build. It GREATLY improves the overall perforamance of this build. This should be HIGH on your priority list.


Gloomfang is pretty much the BIS for this build


Any Belt with good Life and resists is good. A Shaper belt with spell damage is BIS. Stygians are the best belts in the game.


The REALLY important Ring is the "Curse enemeys with Warlords Mark on hit" Elder Ring. Just some life and resists are fine on this one. Its really important that the ring has an itemlevel greater than 75 to roll Warlords Mark.

Praxis as leveling and budget alternative: The Ring has some serious defensive power and really smoothens out the leveling and early mapping for this build before you can aquire a Watchers Eye/Clarity Setup. You can start using this at level 22.

Other Ring: Either a good Rare Ring with Life and Resists or the new "Mark of the Shaper" is pretty damn fantastic. It adds a boatload of damage and has 10% increased Life as Well. The Proc is also pretty damn cool. You get to spawn your orn shaper-degen-orbs.


The Inevitability Jewels are the most important ones. Those greaty boost your clearspeed. Dont forget to put them into the correct sockets (with int around them).

Watchers Eye together with LvL1 Clarity is super Powerful. The important part is the "Damage Taken as Mana". This makes a HUUUUUUGE diffrence in defensive Power, you really feel the diffrence. %Mana Recovery together with this is really expensive. The -X Mana cost on mine is quite irrelevant but it happened to cost me only 40c, so I took it.

Rare jewels can be used to get more life and resists. Check the Tierlist below for more info
Heres a detailed list of jewel stats in diffrent tiers of power:

%Resistances (if below 109%)
Flatlife (Abyss only)

Tier2 Stats:
Critical Strike Multiplier with Fire Skills
Critical Strike Multiplier with Elemental Skills
Critical Strike Multiplier with Spells
Critical Strike Multiplier (avail. on Abyss and normal)

Tier 3 Stats:
Increased Area Damage
Increased Projetile Damage
Added XX Damage to Spells (Abyss)


The Mana Flask is really amazing to constantly strengthen your MoM-Mana pool, and keeps you casting after taking some fat hits. The diamond flask is the highest damage boost we have. Atziri gives us some leech and dmg. Dying Sun is amazing for faster clearing.

Gems and Links (FULL reading is VERY Important):

Magma Orb:

[21/20] Magma Orb
[20/20] Spell Echo
[20/20] Elemental Focus
[20/20] Increased Critical Strikes
[20/20] Slower Projectiles/Greater Multiple Projectiles
[20/20] Concentrated Effect/Controlled Destruction

For single target you swap greater multiple projectiles with slower projectiles



[1/0] Clarity+

Clarity is only used together with the Watchers Eye Jewel. A full size clarity would reserve too much mana for too little effect. But together with Watchers Eye it becomes EXTREMELY powerful. The IMPORTANT part is the 15-20% Damage Gained as Mana. The other stats on Watchers Eye outside of %Mana Recovery are not important (Mine cost me 40c so I took one with -6 mana cost wich is totally irrelevant).

[20/20] Herald of Ash (Optional)

This is as a substitute replacement for the now unavailable "Aspect of the Spider". The build works even without the additional damage very well and this frees alot of mana for more effective life if you just skip it entirely. Only use this as long as you feel you still need more damage.


[20/20] Blood Rage

Blood Rage Boosts our attackspeed and stacks frenzy charges while clearing.

CWDT Setup:

[5/0] Cast when damage taken
[7/0] Immortal Call

This is the small setup for frequent Immortal Call procs. You can also add Blood rage to this setup to have it running while mapping all the time. For the big bosses I would leave it out.

Second CWDT Setup:

[20/0] Cast when damage taken
[20/20] Summing Lightning Golem
[20/0] Molten Shell

The BIG setup is for having a beefy Golem and the 1500 DMG absorbing Molten Shell. This is just another layer of life saving measures.


[1/0] Shield Charge
[20/20] Faster Attacks
[1/0] Fortify

Shield charge is the skill for this build, keep it at level 1 for minimum mana cost. Fority procs alot with AoE builds since "you always hit something".

Orb of Storms Setup:

[1/0] Orb of Storms
[20/20] Power Charge on Critical Support
[20/20] Increased Duration
[X/20] Arcane Surge

This is "Core" to the build since it provides us with power charges and procs Arcane Surge to greatly boost our damage. IMPORANT!!! Arcane Surge level depends on the mana cost of Orb of Storms. Having Shaper gloves with lots of supports allows to run higher level of Arcane Surge.

OPEN Sockets:

Right now there remain 3 open sockets. Those can be used for a variety of things. Options are Vaal Haste, Vaal Lightning Trap, Portal and all the things I forgot.

Passive-Trees, Ascendecies, Pantheons and Bandits:

Endgame Passive Trees:

Level 94 Passive Tree


Order: Righteous Providence > Inevitable Judgement > Istruments of Virtue > Augury of Penitence


Help Alira - I swapped to Alira for my character this requires level 94 for max power.
Kill All - Makes getting resists to 109% a little harder but the build reaches max power at lvl 92.


Soul of Lunaris:Works great for mapping and provides some "real" phys-mitigation that Evasion builds didnt have before.


Lunaris and Ralakesh/Shakari for general leveling/mapping are pretty good. But each one has its own use. If you have trouble with freeze and stuns use Brine King. I upgrade all of them, cause they all can Help for alot in certain Scenarios. Arakaali is really good in Uber-Atziri together with Ralakesh for example.

My Gear:

Bestiary League 3.2 Gear:

Leveling Guide:

Leveling Info:
Leveling this build is quite straight forward. You get Magma Orb after solving the "Enemy at the Gate" Quest in Act1. Heres how you start adding support gems. Start Leveling with Spark and Orb of Storms, then switch over to Magma Orb after getting "Lesser Multiple Projectiles in act 3". You can also use Firestorm until you get to have LMP, Morb is a bit clunky without it.

Leveling Links:

Magma Orb
Lesser Multiple Proj> later Greater Multiple > Slower Proj for Bosses
Elemental Focus
Spell Echo
Increased Critical Strikes
Increased Area of Effect > for bosses you can use Concentrated Effect

Mana Issues:

The Praxis Ring is available at Level 22 and really helps the leveling and early mapping. It single handedly fuels your Mind over Matter. You will also have to run a mana flask alongside Clarity (level it up) until you get to use a "Warlords Mark" Elder Ring later.


Highly Important!!!!
The Mind over Matter Cluster is left out of the build at any stage. The reason is, that you need active leech from Warlords Mark or Returns from Praxis to really use it porperly. Without enough Mana intake you wont have fun with the build.

How Offense and Defense works!

Magma Orb is next to Glacial Cascade one of the strongest single target spells in the game. Its ability to basically hit the same target three times is very unique. This combined with the 3.1 introduced gloomfang amulet further increases this damage by increasing the number of chains. Chains are basically just bounces of the orb.

This Build has some MASSIVE defensive power. Evasion Builds and Mind over Matter has some great synergy. Evasion prevents your mana pool from dropping too fast. Items Like Watchers eye + Clarity or the Budget Praxis Ring allows for it to regenerate to full levels very quickly. This build also uses the new Loreweave Chest wich increases your maximum Resists to up to 80%, effectively reducing incoming elemental damage by 15%less.

Why is this to be considered Budget friendly?

The main power of this build comes from simply Magma Orb, Inquisitor and the rather cheap Gloomfang amulet. At the same time the most expensive parts of this build are basically an Elder Ring and a 6L Armor. Items like Dying Sun are just gimmicks that are not really needed to tackle the hardest content in the game.

The BIS items for this build are comparativly cheap. The Loreweave chest requires you to collect 60 Unique rings (or buy them) wich can be done quite fast. Crafting the Endgame Sceptre (or Dagger) is nothing out of this world.

Path of Building Pastebin:


How to farm Hall of Grandmasters:

Hall of GM is considered as one of the hardest maps in the game. This build can rather safely farm it with some little tricks. Why would you chain farm HoGM? Its actually a quite lucrative undertaking imho. You get some really big map drops now an then. For a 10c investment its worth it pretty much every time. To successfully farm it deathless everytime you need these things:


Since you dont need so much damage in the halls you can swap out your weapon for the rather cheap Balefire Sceptre. You need this to deal with all the Maxblock/Spellblock Exiles. The Scorching ray bypasses this type of defense. For everything else Morb is quite good. You also these gems (they dont need to be 20/20, but it helps a bit).

[20/20] Burning Damage
[20/20] Efficiacy
[20/20] Elemental Focus (you take this from your main setup and run with Conc or Controlled)

Soul of Arakaali + Sould of Shakari Pantheon
These Pantheons are really important to mitigate some of the heavy burns, posions and especially the insane damage from two Caustic Arrow Exiles.

Amethyst Flask with Remove Burning:
To further prepare for the Caustic Arrow Guys you need an anti-chaos flask. Just use this to also remove the burning damage from the Fireball and Vortex Conversion Exile.


Its entirely possible to do it without loreweave. But I cant deny that it makes the halls MUCH safer. So many Exiles deal quite heave elemental damage.

To check out how its done have a look at the video:
HoGM Video - Full Clear

All Video Content (Uber-Elder/Shaper etc.):
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first ;)

is it possible to play this build as a witch? if not, it cant be a good one.
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The same Power-Level as your Ele claw Inq! It will melt everything!!In budget!!!
Thought this build looked pretty cool when Mathil was doing it last league, nice to see somebody take the time to put together a proper guide for it.
Thought this build looked pretty cool when Mathil was doing it last league, nice to see somebody take the time to put together a proper guide for it.

Yeah I was inqspired by the idea of gloomfang with Morb. I pretty much used the defenses of my Ele Claw build, added Mind over Matter and swapped over to Inquis to maintain the damage.
followed another guid from u and worked pretty well!
time to follow one more time :)

thx and keep the good work exile!

p.s. If u have any unique itens that make lvling easier plz :)
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Is green explosive effect cosmetic? feels like this build will hurt my eyes with fireworks style play
Love your armour set, which one is it?
Doing this as my league starter. So far so smooth, lvl 54. Warlords mark at the moment doesn't allow me to face tank yet; the leech doesn't seem high, and the aura size is quite small. Hopefully this will be solved later on with boot enchants, and finally elder ring.
I would like to try this build but, Do you need a really good pc to manage a lot of magma balls?
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