[3.7] Guardmancer Scion Support - 14 Auras + 3 Curses | 223% Aura Effect




Now that Scion can finally be made use of, I'm really excited to revisit this class. Note: This is based of off Demi's build which you can view here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1893911 and is NOT BUDGET.

Really huge fan of the build though, and it really can make any class or build viable.
End-Game on 3.3:

3.13 Expansion/Ritual

Been a real fucking long time since I've posted here. 3 weeks in and I feel like I've hit the Aurabot barrier- gear this league rivals what I have in Standart.

3.6 Synthesis

Hardly played. Started a little under 3 weeks into the league and had my carry fund me. Played till 94 with quite a few deaths and ended with this as my gear. Really wish the amulet would stay. It was amazing to use and a ton of fun. Stopped played cause my carry quit. Aspect of the Spider was fun though :)

3.5 Betrayal

Didn't really update the build this league. Only major difference is Vivinsect instead of Pariah. Much cheaper, and it works better imo. Especially with Aura effect, you can actually get more than the 100 flat ES Pariah provides alongside the increased levels affecting allies.
Here's all my end-game gear.

Note: This new belt is absolutely amazing for this type of build. The Flask roles were night and day on QoL for keeping Coruscating up as well as Quicksilver for keeping up with parties since we dropped Shield Charge for Smite. Really looking forward to crafting a Shaper varient for % Max ES or finding one finished with an open Suffix for ES Regen while a rare/unique enemy is nearby.

3.4 Delve
Pre-Delve Theorycrafting/Notes
Holy shit.. Delve looks nuts. Have a feeling BV Inpulsa's is going to rein supreme, we'll see though. Also, I just now realize I've run every league without my carry having this: https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Mantra_of_Flames

It sells for 1 alch/chaos generally, and it's a free Anger essentially. Each Aura is classified as a buff, as well as your carry's Heralds. 13 Aura's min can give 65-156 dmg to attacks or 39-104 dmg to spells. For reference, a Lv. 21 Anger does 89-148 dmg to attacks & 74-118 dmg to spells.

Some theory crafting. Actually tempted to drop the Necromancer ascendancy from Scion and go Occultist. It allows us to drop Chayula ammy (since we have another method of obtaining stun immunity) and run something like this: It's nice in theory, probably not worth it though. Also, I've been having problems with my carries having too much attack speed. Especially when running Whirling Blades or Shield Charge. My only worry is how bad Shield Charge feels on ourselves. May not be a problem though with Delve and it's speed. Also Smite is looking really nice for another Aura. Running the attack speed may be required so that doesn't feel like ass. That being said, Occultist looks so nice for defense and I'd really like to try it out a league.

UPDATE 1 9/4/18

Hey guys, been a few days since league start. Here's my build thus far:

The Aura sword is freaking N U T S. It gives on average for my teammates, about 10% MORE damage. Definitely worth the loss of ~650 ES since we're just spamming Shaped Underground Seas.

Still unable to grab a Chayula ammy, almost there though. Have 3/5 ex saved. I went for Mana reserved Conqs. early due to them skyrocketing in price pretty quickly (15c one day to 50c the next). Caused a panic so I dipped into that fund, but I think it's worthwhile.

Occultist/Guardian feels really nice, the attack/cast speed from Necro wasn't really needed so I didn't mind dropping it. Also saves quite a few skill points which allows me to go for Iron Reflexes. This is going to be vital for Uber Elder late game since he does (I think?) 100% Phys.

Everything else is pretty standard. Just need a few more mana reserved jewels for my shield, Chayula ammy; then I'll start going for corrupts (+1 boots, Victario's, Alphas Howl, ect.)

Also hoping to craft the "Socketed Movement Gems cost no mana" modifier in the sword so I can whirling blades. Shield charge is fine, but this allows for more defensive stats on the Watcher's Eye later to help make up for the ES loss, while still providing that nutty dmg increase. Hopefully next time I'll have my amulet and shield setup with the jewels!

UPDATE 2 9/5/18

Got my Chayula ammy, just need to bless it later. Even got the pretty foil skin!

Also got some items I need to craft onto. My eventual new shield. Need Haku 6 for that FAT flat ES craft.

Also grabbed some nice +1 Sin Treks for late game. Just need to link and 2G/2B them. Shouldn't be too expensive.

Also starting to roll Victario's now too. Will end up 6 socketing/5 linking them, then corrupting. Looking for 3R/2B/1G or 3R/2G/1B.

UPDATE 3 9/7/18

Rolling this Shaper Sword w/ "Socketed Movement Skills cost no mana" + the Aura modifier is seeming to be impossible. I've done ~40 Fossil crafts with no success so far.. Got an absolutely nutty Watcher's Eye though
Phasing actually feels amazing, so I'd highly recommend it. Also, here's the rest of my jewels:

Also finished my ES Shield since I got up to 5% reduced mana reserved on my jewels.
Next major upgrades are ~220 ES Gloves, better jewels, and the sword craft.

UPDATE 4 9/8/18

Here's probably one of the last updates. Anything after this point will be super minor. Here's my near final set.

Lastly, I was trying to craft a better ES shield and got this!

Can hit around 295/300 ES, sadly my Int is so high on my current one there isn't really much use I could get out of it.
After this my final upgrades are my Lv. 4 Empower, Lv. 21 Dmg Auras, Aura corrupt on Neck, and lastly +2 or +1 Corrupt on Chest (one hasn't even been posted this league). Fun league so far, now it's time to hard push delves and see what happens!

UPDATE 11/13/18

Welp. Got on to brick my shit, and hit this.

3.3 Incursion
Nothing changed drastically for Aurabots! Only major thing I'll be trying out is the Impurities and seeing how they feel to run alongside all my other Vaal skills (Clarity, Haste, Determination), and if running that many is even viable. Also excited to try out an AoE Fortify gem I saw mentioned on another thread which you can see here https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2093326. It utilizes Vigilant Strike (which we would replace Fortify Support for), and the gem The Vigil https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/The_Vigil.

EDIT 1: Pretty late into the league, but here's my gear atm.

EDIT2: Welp, I've had an absolute blast with this league. Getting rid of Skyforth's has been an absolute blessing in disguise with the new jewel corruptions. Here's my gear so far (probably going to quit the league soon tbh)

Went with a +2 Alpha's Howl because it no longer requires us to have Lv. 21 Purities socketed (You could get Impurities here if you really wanted to) for our extra 2% Max Res.

Victario's is a beaut. Only thing here I can do is go for +4 (Aura,AoE) or +3 which does the same thing (+1 Flat & Aura or Aoe). It's just the +3 limits our 29's to what's in our link.

Sword, self explanatory. BIS for ES unless you want to grab a Brightbeak for attack speed (AS) or United in Dream if you're really rich & can survive.

Got this really early on and have been absolutely in love with it. Finally got the balls to slam (blocked added Phys) and.... we hit 4 Life, Divined up to 6 eventually with 295 total ES (fucking nuts).

Chayula Ammy, Self-explanatory. Only real corrupt I'd go for it an Aura Effect, Max Res, or Curse. Need the All Att. atm though.

Lori's w/ Wrath (Best all-around Aura. Allows you to run with Arc Miners/Trappers, Wanders, and Ele hits. Don't know about scaling, but it's absolutely nuts. We end up with 223% Aura effect (Calculation below) on top of 25-401 dmg. which adds 81-1287 dmg. to attacks or 74% MORE dmg. to spells. At the dream of a Lv. 29 Wrath we hit 93-1470 dmg. to attacks or 77% MORE dmg. to spells. What. The. Fuck.

BIS for ES.

Nice 220 ES gloves. Only thing better is Insanity crafted gloves for 16% more AS and CS. Too expensive for my taste. (35ex for 240 ES ones currently)

Absolutely NUTS belt. We lose a lot of ES by dropping Bated Breath (this option if you want an Aura corrupt) or Darkness Enthroned (tankier), but it's well worth it.

Some very nice Sin Trek's with +4 corrupt I snagged for 15c? Very happy with them. Would've preferred a Life Regen corrupt with a +2, but haven't really found any.

Nuts. You can buy these for 1-5c really early (with corrupt), now they're 1ex+. Pretty silly.

Hit this with a vaal. Very lucky.

Use this for Skittering Runes and Potency of Will. Not that expensive of an implicit.

ES Pool (:

Tried for Mana Reserved. This jewel gives some INSANE ES regen. They ended up rising too much to Vaal a ton of, so I stuck with Corrupting Blood which is nice QoL.

Did this initially for the implicit. Move/Attack/Cast Speed is decent enough QoL that I haven't replaced it.


If you truly wanted to, you could get United in Dream at the cost of quite a bit of ES (would go from 8k ES to under 7k), and would need quite the investment of 1% Mana Reserved jewels. Didn't think it was truly worth it. I mean, I sold a 6% Energy from Within w/ the implicit for 8ex within a couple of hours. Had a lot of fun trying for a +4 Victario's for Lvl 29 Gems, couldn't hit it though. I had 5 poof, 2 go Full White, and 1 Brick. Ended up buying one since well rolled Victario's were over .5ex (Actually idiotically priced). Dropped a curse for Enhance and really beefed up my 2 curses. This allowed me to drop my Doedre's for a Lori's and helped with survivability quite a bit. Overall, I don't think there's much else I'd do for this build. Other other options are to 5 link the chest through Vorici, get a +4, Lv. 4 Enlighten (allows for higher lvl. Clarity) and Lv. 4 Enhance for Curse effectiveness.

Forgot to add these, and they've moved to Standard. Ah well.
Bought the Ammy by trading my old, uncorrupted Chayula + 3ex.

Bought the Sword for 5c, then had it colored. Could go for a better rolled one but league was ending and no one was selling. Fortify is also another good corrupt you could go for.

I personally think X of Light is still the best thing you could probably obtain as a glove enchant or corrupt. You could argue % ES/HP or +1 Level, but the 6% Life regen if you aren't wearing Skyforth's is nuts.

3.2 Bestiary
--Update 1--
Friends were able to invest quite a bit into me from a few lucky drops we got, now I'm working on grabbing a decent Empower while leveling an Enlighten.

--Update 2--
Still not quite enough currency for a Watcher's Eye. That'll probably take awhile with how the market looks atm. Spammed some Lab runs and hit a lucky 20% Vit Enchant.

Hoping to use this later:

Hit an absolutely insane annul on a shield I grabbed for 15c. Hoping to craft a decent flat & % ES roll on it once I have the mana reserved available. Currently 21 hp short. Looking like I'll need a Lv. 4 Enlighten. RIP

--Update 3--

Got really lucky only having to use one Divine orb for the Watcher's Eye. Was reasonable @ 80c,
and I expect them to drop as the league goes on quite a bit. Also bricked a Tabula and thought I'd get lucky after, didn't want to brick my chest so I tried it on a Prism Guardian and hit +1. My luck this league has been pretty awesome! Also got a 5% EFW drop, upgraded from my 3%.

--Update 4--

This is my current setup now. Was able to sell my Prism Guardian and use the funds the craft on the shield and divine it a few times. I wanted to hit over 300, but idk if I'll honestly be able to.
Using this shield, I need a Lv. 4 Enlighten as I said earlier to run 3 curses, so I dropped Doedre's for some QoL and put a Shav's ring in. With a gem slot open on my boots, I moved clarity over and was able to fit Vaal Clarity on my gloves, and honestly this is feeling really nice. Also threw 91 fuse away and hit my 6-link! Doesn't do a whole bunch, but it was something I wanted to do eventually.
Goals now are hitting all my gems 20/20 and vaaling them all. Whatever I don't hit I'm gonna save up and try to get some 21/0's. New recipes have made them pretty cheap surprisingly. After that I'll be going for a better Watcher's Eye and be about done. Only other real option will be to get better Abyss jewels.

--Final Update--

The only thing I have left is to +1 my Victario's (which I'll attempt a few times when the new Guaranteed Implicit is released from Beast Crafting). That and Lv. 21 a few gems, and if I really wanted to, 21/20 all my gems. At that point, it's not really worth putting in the extra currency, but I might. Really enjoyed trying out a 13 Aura/2 Curse with the added Regen. Also made the Helm enchant obsolete for the most part, so I might sell that or keep it, if I ever decided to go for 3 curses again this league.


2 Curse Set-up

Please be aware this was during Incursion. The belt is no longer obtainable in league afaik, nor is the double corruption on the chest or boots.

Please don't let this gear scare you off. It's viable without Skyforth's (You drop a curse or 2 if you cannot afford a Lv 4 Enlighten), without a helm enchant (this just allowed me to drop the Prism Guardian for something that provided more ES), ect. I highly suggest going to Author's notes to read up on 2 Curse vs 3 Curse. This was my absolute end-game gear last league, the build just has a lot of room to grow. Which is great for people who want to min/max! Also, I highly suggest looking at my league updates, as they usually provide a more refined version of the build.
Budget Gear
Instead of Rare Sorc gloves w/ 200+ ES, go for high ES Voidbringers (240-250%).

Instead of Skyforth go Sintrek w/ a decent flat ES & Int roll. You lose a few curses with this, so going Doedre's Damning is not required UNTIL you get Skyforth.

Instead of a Shaped Titanium Shield w/ 260+ ES, go for a Prism Guardian. This allows you to remove a Lv 3. or Lv 4. Enlighten requirement (depending on whether or not you have a Eternal Lab Enchant that reduces mana reservation.)

Instead of Presence of Chayula, go Eye of Chayula. The Stun immunity is a really nice QoL buff.

Skill Tree/Leveling

Kill all.

I highly recommend playing something along the lines of SRS. You can essentially level as anything playing as a Scion, assuming you have the regrets to do so. I suggest re rolling around level 70. This allows you to take most of the major nodes needed, as well as socket a large majority of your Auras (9-11 Auras depending on the gear).

EDIT: With the introduction of the new Smite gem, as well as a few other skills for 3.4 (Delve), I'm going to highly suggest leveling with these, as well as taking the new Minion nodes mentioned. Reroll into Aurabot after. This gives you a psuedo Aura feel, since you need to run Auras for your minions, while still allowing solo play early on. Also, depending on how the new group changes feel you can probably just get carried a day or two after league start if you have a friend willing enough. Here's an amazing example video by ZiggyD.

Notable leveling gear if you're leveling as a Aurabot:
-Shaper’s Seed – Lv 16
-Aurum Vorax – Lv 17
-Solaris Lorica – Lv17
-Dying Breath – Lv 18
-Leer Cast – Lv 28
-Victario’s Flight – Lv 12


My Major pantheon suggestions are: Lunaris, or Arakaali.

Lunaris is great for getting extra phys mitigation (our main source of inc. dmg) while also avoiding spells/projectiles ect. when they end up stacking really high from dense T14+ maps.
Arakaali is something I'm wanting to test, mainly for the "50% Increased Recovery Rate of Life and Energy Shield if you've stopped taking damage over time recently." that paired with a Watcher's Eye that has increased faster start of ES Recharge, as well as the tree nodes I think would be really strong. Might even eliminate the need for the high consistent ES regen. This paired with some chaos reduction is really nice.

For Minor pantheons, I'd really only suggest Shakari. Reduced Chaos dmg and immunity to poison is really nice, especially if we forget to pop our flask occasionally. Alternatives would be Tukohama, but I think standing still can be really volatile, or Gruthkul; mainly for the attack speed decrease. Pretty strong with Temp chains.


Old Skyforth Build (Before Mana Reserved Jewel Corruptions)

Path of Building Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/hCRN0YmF
3.2 Results | Lv. 94

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/qPJP6nLk
End-Game on 3.2

3.1 Results | Lv. 96

Author Notes

Buffs from 3.1 -> 3.2
Aurabot got substantial buffs purely from being able to move away from Necromancer,
and being able to go Hybrid by taking either Guardian or Champion. This build should see 80%+
Phys Reduction, as well as 92%+ Ele Resistances; all while retaining a positive Chaos Resistance.
The 10% increased effect to Auras as well as the tankiness you get from Guardian should provide quite a bit of QoL for the build overall, as well as add variation. Personally, I think going Occultist to drop Doedre's Damning (freeing up a ring slot) alongside dropping Chayula's is pretty enticing since you no longer need the stun immunity. The only downside is, is that you'll never beat Chayula's in ES. Which really spoils it for me sadly.

223 Aura Effect

We hit this calculation through these numbers:
Victario's Influence - 15%
Guardian Ascendancy - 10%
Tree - 66%
Lv. 30 Generosity - 49%
Conqueror's Potency - 3%
Belt - 60%
Ring - 20%
Ring x2 - 20% (This would be on a Shavronne's Revelation, I personally think losing 20% and keeping Pariah is more worth it).
Amulet - 20% (If you're lucky enough to find a Chayula ammy, do it.)

TECHNICALLY, you can hit 263% Aura Effect, but it's not very realistic.

ALL Aura's get 94% guaranteed. Anything in Victario's get 143. Everything else is from Corruption Implicits.

To put this into perspective, here is what Wrath looks like when focused on it. We start with a base of 25-401 damage at Lv. 27. When calculating aura effect, we get this at 223%: 81-1287 damage to attacks or 74% MORE damage to spells.

At the dream of a Lv. 29 Wrath we hit 93-1470 damage to attacks or 77% MORE damage to spells. What. The. Fuck.

THIS is the reason I go Victario's.

NOTE: Still possible after incursion, you just need a Reliquary key to drop a 60% Servitude.

2 Curses or 3 Curses

NOTE: I actually prefer 2 curses, as it allows for an Enhance support, and only requires a single Lv. 3 Enlighten for your purities. Really beefs up your defensive curses against bosses since it provides curse effect. If you'd prefer more damage, go with a 3rd curse.
With that being said, we'll look at this from the point of 3 curses.

Another Curse

Increased effective damage OR quality of life

Assuming you're going to take the 2 grails of Curses: Temporal Chains and Enfeeble, you get another choice. If you're heavy Elemental, you could go Elemental Weakness. If you're supporting Melee characters you would equip Punishment. Pure lightning? Conduit. Tornado Shot? Projectile Weakness. ect. This really just provides more options and flexibility around the group you're playing with.


You lose a ring slot*
You effectively have to give up a ring slot (unless you have bonkers money and can afford a +1 Curse Amulet), by equipping Doedre's Damning. *There are ways around this, such as going Occultist instead of Necromancer, which is a viable option at the cost of Attack/Cast speed. Of course, this is all assuing you're taking the Additional Curse node near the top of the skill tree.

More mana reserved.
It's unavoidable that you would need to have more mana available. Enhance would offset it slightly, but not enough to warrant not going two curses. With this, you either need Skyforth, 7-8 mana reserved jewels, a Lv. 4 Enlighten in Helm + 15% on a 50% Aura Enchant, ect. With the jewel corruptions, it's much easier, but quite costly. Due to this, if you went Skyforth there's a few disadvantages:

•Less ES Regen due to Skyforth disabling Zealot's Oath

•Not as tanky. You lose ~500ES on boots.

Weaker Curses
A Lv. 4 Enhance will provide 24% Gem Quality which results in 12% Curse effect. This is actually a pretty big deal. It specifically helps counteract against the innate reduced curse effectiveness that happens against bosses. This helps with a lot of big hits that can one shot you later on in the game since you're beefing up your two defensive curses to their maximum. Something I heavily prefer.



Here are the notable corruptions I would go for, for each piece of gear.

•(1.6-2)% of Life Regenerated per second. (DO NOT DO THIS WITH SKYFORTH)
•+2 Level of Socketed Aura Gems
•+2 Level of Socketed AoE Gems
•+1 Level of Socketed Gems
•ANY 15% Reduced Mana Reservation of a 50% Mana Reserved Skill. (Wrath, Anger, Hatred, Determination, ect.)

•+2 Level of Socketed Aura Gems
•+2 Level of Socketed AoE Gems
•+1 Level of Socketed Gems

•+1 Level of Socketed Gems
•ANY X of Light Enchant

•100 Life Regen while moving. (Again, not w/ Skyforth)
•+1 Level of Socketed Gems
•+2 Level of Socketed Curse
•+2 Level of Socketed Duration Gems

•Enemies can have an additional curse.
•(15-20)% Wrath/Hatred/Anger/Discipline Aura effect

•(15-20)% Wrath/Hatred/Anger/Discipline Aura effect

•(15-20)% Wrath/Hatred/Anger/Discipline Aura effect

•(10–15)% chance to Fortify on Melee hit
•(5–7)% increased Attack Speed

•+2 Level of Socketed Aura Gems
•+2 Level of Socketed AoE Gems
•+1 Level of Socketed Gems


8/30/18 - 3.4 Edit/Clean-up.
9/4/18 - 3.4 Update 1. Added 3.4 Tree w/ Jewels due to in-game request.
9/5/18 - 3.4 Update 2. Added Pantheon due to someone asking in-game.

I'm always down to help people, so feel free to message me in-game, or on this thread! I'll update the build as the league goes on as well. Let me know if anyone has an suggestions.
Been running Aurabot since 2.5 (15 leagues in a row now).

Aurabot Diary - 2094025

Add me on Discord if you have any questions: Arenir#4403
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HC Viable?
Shablo5 wrote:
HC Viable?

Easily. It's just a matter of whether or not you can focus on flask uptime. If you ever hit a source of Chaos damage without your flask on, you instantly die. Shav's is probably a safer option, but this is definitely viable.
Been running Aurabot since 2.5 (15 leagues in a row now).

Aurabot Diary - 2094025

Add me on Discord if you have any questions: Arenir#4403
I have 300c and 2ex saved up and wanted to play an AuraBot for my MAIN.

What kind of damage can I do to get this build up and running for that. I'm terrified of bombing my savings and not being able to quite get where I need to be in regards to effectiveness.

HELP! :)
You should probably only look to spend maybe 20-30c to get it running reliably. Your main investments would be Victario's & 6-socketing it. Alpha's Howl obviously. Cheap gloves you can purchase if you aren't using a movement skill would be Voidbringer's. To use a movement skill you either need 2 Elreon's rings or a -10 Watcher's Eye (Pretty pricey atm). Cheap alternative rings would be Lori's Lantern, good ES Ring. Sin Trek's rolled well, and a Bated Breath. If you can afford the 4-6 Abyss Jewels w/ 40+ ES, and preferably life for when you get Presence of Chayula; Darkness Enthroned would be BiS imo. Eye of Chayula is my go-to until you get Presence, you're just a little low on ES.

Here's my current gear in-league with hardly any investment. Saving up for a Pariah, Chayula Ammy, and then Skyforth in that order. After I'll be looking for a Watcher's Eye.

Been running Aurabot since 2.5 (15 leagues in a row now).

Aurabot Diary - 2094025

Add me on Discord if you have any questions: Arenir#4403
How would the tree change if we're using shavs for HC? Anyone got a mock up?
With basically no health do you only shield charge while vaal clarity is up?

NVM didn't see the Watcher.
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monster0824 wrote:
With basically no health do you only shield charge while vaal clarity is up?

NVM didn't see the Watcher.

Yep, Watcher's Eye is the easiest way to have it up consistently, but Vaal Clarity works just as well if you're on a budget!
Been running Aurabot since 2.5 (15 leagues in a row now).

Aurabot Diary - 2094025

Add me on Discord if you have any questions: Arenir#4403
An alternative setup - this however, IS NOT CHEAP. Nor is it completely optimized, but it gets the job done.
PoB data
I don't check my posts. Once I post 'em, they're staying as-is. Best way to contact me is through the PM system.

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bvanharjr wrote:
An alternative setup - this however, IS NOT CHEAP. Nor is it completely optimized, but it gets the job done.
PoB data
: https://pastebin.com/2wcmTRY2

Yes, it's a necrofinder; can be converted EASILY to guardian. Gear requirements are the same!


Really confused on your build. All it offers over mine is Envy, which I would argue is pretty awful considering the lack of any Chaos based dmg builds. Most are full Ele conversion. But you do things like take a near perfect Crystal belt. That can be beat by a Darkness Enthroned and then some. All you need are 2 MAX T2 ES rolls on jewels, which are cheap, or a T1 ES roll in both sockets. You can even beat it by 20 ES if you get 2 max rolled ones, and an extra 90 life if you truly wanted to. You also take Legacy Energy From Withins which aren't possible and really just skew what your ES should really look like. It really just looks like a copy of mine but reasonably worse.

Just curious on why you would choose your build over something like mine. The one I posted provides more flat Phys reduction, more Max Ele res, at the worst being +4% and at the most being 10%. And over 2k ES more without using Legacy Energy From Within's. And if I wanted to roll a Chayula Sword, I'd still be up ~1k ES. I also think going Pathfinder is really unoptimal. You lose quite a bit of dmg & misc stats from not going Guardian.
Been running Aurabot since 2.5 (15 leagues in a row now).

Aurabot Diary - 2094025

Add me on Discord if you have any questions: Arenir#4403

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