[3.2] Slayer Molten Strike HC

Rainboys 3.2 Beastiary Secret Santa League
Rd's Super Secret Build Guide for Doug

Ngamahu's Flame Molten Strike Slayer - (wanted to give you Ascendant Raider/Assassin Piscators Kb/Barrage Wander) but I think this will work better for first build.

Ngamahu's Flame Abyssal Axe

Greater Multiple Projectiles - Physical Projectiles Attack Damage - Fire Pen - Elemental Weapon Damage with Attacks - Elemental Focus - Conc Effect

Belly of the Beast/Lightning Coil/Tabula/Rare Astral Plate HP-Res

Molten Strike - Elemental Focus - Conc Effect - Elemental Weapon Damage with Attacks - Ancestral Call - Multistrike

Swap Ancestral Call for Fire Pen for Bossing.

Devoto's Devotion/Rare HP-Res-Int would prob help to satisfy Int Requirement

Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Blood Rage - Inc Duration

Tombfist/Rare Spiked Gloves HP-Res-Phys/Fire Damage to Attacks/Attack Speed
Blasphemy - Warlords Mark - Herald of Ash - Enduring Cry

If Tombfist can drop Enduring Cry, just use for periodic bump in life regen. Could also drop Enduring Cry and use Ancestral Protector or Decoy Totem.

Rare HP-Res-Move Speed. Could also use Kaoms if want to give up some links

Arctic Armour - Leap Slam - Fortify - Stone Golem

If you dont want to use Arctic Armour, use Faster Attacks

Rare Stygian Vise HP-Res-Elemental Damage with Attacks
Belt of the Deceiver
Doryani's Belt (Fire)
Meginords Girdle


Best in Slot would be Xoph's Blood, but gl with that.
Rare HP -Res-Phys/Fire Damage to attacks-Int
Carnage Heart


Rare Opal HP-Res-Elemental Weapon Damage-Phys/Fire Damage with Attacks
Rare Two-Stone HP-Res-Elemental Weapon Damage-Phys/Fire Damage with Attacks
Sybils Lament


Seething Divine Flask of Staunching
The Wise Oak (need to have Fire Res be highest)
Experimenters Basalt Flask of Warding
Experimenters Silver Flask of Heat
Experimenters Quicksilver of Adrenaline

Taste of Hate if you get it, Lions Roar is good but the knockback is annoying.


2x Wildfire Crimson Jewel
Rare Jewels - Max Life/axe attack speed/phys or fire damage to attacks


I would recommend killing all the bandits for the two skill points.


Headsman -> Bane of Legends -> Endless Hunger -> Brutal Fervour


Soul of Yugul - reduced reflect damage taken
Soul Lunaris - prob best of mapping for movement speed

Here's your Passive Tree when you get to 100 gl.


I would head down to point blank first, then left to resolute technique, then right into scion life wheel, then up to templar life can fill in axe damage nodes when you need more damage.

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Cool build man. Does it come in Rainbow? ~la
Swap Fire Pen for Ancestral Call for Boss

Don't you mean the opposite?

Seems good for the rest gj!
TwistedPsyko wrote:
Swap Fire Pen for Ancestral Call for Boss

Don't you mean the opposite?

Seems good for the rest gj!

You are correct, was a typo, I have updated the post.
Hello, trying this build atm
Which bandit did you pick?
Which bandit did you pick?

I killed all for the passive points. Oak would be an okay choice as well. Updated the guide.
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which slots do you recommend for the 2 Wildfire jewels?
which slots do you recommend for the 2 Wildfire jewels?

The jewel node below duelist start, the jewel slot near the scion life wheel, or the jewel slot to the left of marauder will all work.
Had really good time with this build with minor changes. Currently level 86 so my hp pool is only 6k.
Was dropping T15 bosses pretty fast and then attempted phoenix/vaal temple whose bosses completely destroyed me and made me wonder if this build will ever be viable for guardians and shaper.
I've only played poe for a month so my knowledge about a lot of things is still small but id love to keep playing this build cause im having fun with it as long as im not getting one shotted...
Would also like to discuss some of the tree choices and if it could be improved, like im thinking that above the RT node are so many empty str nodes if its even worth going there for that hp when you can get hp nodes right at the mararuder side. Or is that elemental damage that good compared to just taking executioner and getting 54% physical dmg combined with 20% dmg on low life monsters.
Sorry for long post and possible dumb questions but i didn't find another molten strike slayer build to compare and i really want to get good in this game (being able to clear all content) and understand mehanics behind all the numbers.

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