[3.2][Concept]Ele+Raider 210% Life Elemental TS/Barrage bow

Elementalist seems stronger than ever in 3.2 with elemental attack builds and many of the ranger nodes have been buffed too. Raider is the natural pairing, but pathfinder, deadeye and even assassin can work.

Tree: www.poeurl.com/bMdR Pathing will be bad until you get ranger start. If you dont like dank amounts of life, drop some of the scion life wheel nodes and see below for options.

Variant option 1: Ele conversion with signal fire + phys to lightning and a phys bow (lioneyes or w/e). Hatred + HoA for auras. Might want to take some phys nodes for this variant or the ranger projectile starter nodes.

Variant option 2: Flat ele with Windripper and Wrath + HoI. Might wanna fit in more jewel slots for this one for Abyss jewel abuse, there are few 3 pointers.

Uniques: Stuff mentioned above, Starkonjas, IQ/IR stuff for Windripper clear (Sadimas, Goldwyrm, Ventors, Biscos...), usual unique flasks (Atziri, ToH/Vinktar, Dying Sun...), Yriels/Shroud of the Lightless/Kaoms (weapon swap only).

While this option for bow builds will be slower than comparable Ranger variants, the damage should be better and having NO reflect and double golems as extra bonus is extremely nice. Not to mention having 200%+ life potential if you feel like getting it.
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raider-ele, when i saw it this morning i got hard, feelsgoodman, it definitely will outdamage any pure raider
I am considering the same thing. I pretty much think a scion ele+deadeye can actually end up being insane. I thought about the raider but the free additional arrow and pierce is just huge, although the movement speed from raider would be amazing for mapping.

A few things about your build link though, I don't see VP being worth it unless you also are going to get some of the leech rate nodes. The biggest problem I had with both builds I tried are they lack defenses. I can't see it working without some serious currency investment to get good items.
how did the build end up working out ive been thinking of a way to make a build around this bow i made and this might be the answer....thoughts ?

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