[3.2][Concept] Trickster Hybrid/CI LA/TS+Barrage Ele conversion

TL;DR: Its kinda like signal shot, but with the new 3.2 Trickster

So new trickster looks great from both an offensive point thanks to new Swift Killer giving generic damage instead of damage over time and Harness the Void being bonkers with damage conversion and defensive thanks to Escape Artist enabling great amounts of ES while still having evasion for some mitigation too.

Idea: Use physical bow, convert to full ele with Signal fire + phys to lightning, scale mainly bow/phys/projectile/ele with some chaos too. Obviously crit based. Hatred and blasph proj weakness for auras or HoA. For defense purposed, either go hybrid (ES buffer with Ghost Reaver and Vaal Pact + life flask for regen) or CI.

Tree: www.poeurl.com/bMa2. Very rough and quick mock-up for hybrid idea, Im sure someone can come up with more optimized stuff.

Uniques/gear to consider: Signal fire (mandatory), Lioneyes Fall (for claw leech) Restless ward, Vertex, Skyforth, Shroud of the Lightless, any phys bow (lioneyes, chin sol, reach...), the usual unique flasks (Atziri, ToH, dying sun...). Rare jewelry probably king. ES rares in gloves/boots if no unique. Stibnite flask mad value.

Possible issues: Charge generation for bosses without adds (power charges can be fixed with Brinerot flag or Jaws of agony or Skyforth, but frenzy might be harder unless you want to hard cast frenzy to apply curses or something), although they will last a long time with Restless Ward. Stun immunity is another thing with pretty low hp pool, although Escape Artist does guarantee at least one stun immune hit. Boot enchant may be enough.

...Might also wanna consider Harness the Void getting nerfed or conversion being "fixed".
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Any updates on htis build?

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