[3.2] Shield Throw Theorycrafting - Input Requested

Yup that's right crabs and cats, I am jumping on the shield throw band wagon for the upcoming Bestiary league.

Now I realize there is a LOT still in the air with not knowing the lvl 20 specs for Shield Throw, but I am utilizing spectral throw as a place holder in my theory building as it does make use of the same skill tags e.g. Projectile, Attack.

So I decided to do an elemental conversion build to Lightning Damage to be able to utilize shock to increase DPS in a nice build in way.

The Path of Builder link for the build:

Skill Tree Link:

Current Gem set up is Shield Throw->Added Lightning Dam->Elemental Damage with Attacks->Lightning Pen->Innervate->Faster Projectiles

CWDT->Inc Duration->Immortal Call->Tempest Shield

Reckoning->Stun->Endurance charge on Stun

Riposte->inc crit strikes->power charge on crit->blind

Lightning Warp->Dec Duration->Fast Cast

Auras: Blasphemy->Conductivity; Haste; Herald of Thunder
I pick up EB and Ghost Reaver Passives so that I can completed reserve all my mana on Haste, Herald of Thunder, and blasphemy conductivity. (My concern is Blasphemy won't have the distance i want on a ranged build.)

Only a few Uniques I'm utilizing:

Lioneye's Remorse for obvious reasons with the shield being probably the most important piece on this build.

Advancing Fortress for the 15% block chance. Happy to switch out for a stat stick but I can't bring myself to find an acceptable trade off, if anyone knows an alternative means of getting block chance to at least 50 that'd be great.

Karui Charge Amulet This is just for leveling as it will be easier to obtain earlier than a high level amulet.

Dream Fragments for the immunity to freeze and chill

Belt of the Deceiver to further buff my defenses, the +30 str is also required for lioneye's but i can pick that up from a Rare belt too.

I am fairly new to Theory crafting so any and all input would be great. I am by no means claiming this is the final version of the build just looking to get some input from the community.
Last bumped on Feb 25, 2018, 2:14:28 PM

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