[3.2] The Vampire Build(s). Instant Leech Molten Strike Insanity.

Credit where credit is due:
Before I begin, credit goes to /u/AlexanderTheGrape for the original inspiration for the build. I would like to think I have taken it to a reasonable conclusion.

TL;DR PoB Dumps
Balanced (4-6m shaper dps, 7.6k life, 31% phys as ele): https://pastebin.com/ApsuT19a

We all miss pre-3.1 Vaal Pact. Instant leech was so broken it was removed from the game. Well... almost removed. It lives on in the form of Bloodseeker, the unique claw with pretty lousy phys dps, crit, and attack speed. However, with enough investment, we can achieve incredible results.
To syngerize with instant leech and the need to scale our damage we choose Berserker as our ascendancy to obtain 100% of damage leeched as life and 40% more damage.

This guide contains four versions of the build.
- Balanced: There is the version with balanced offence/defence I brought to completion in Abyss Softcore league.
- Unkillable: This is the version I would recommend for hardcore. It is designed to facetank pretty much anything in the game (beware of insane t15+ map mods).
- Frenzied: This is the version focused on DPS. It drops survivability to achieve much more damage. Think of this sort of like a Mathil build, but much more expensive.
- Cheap: This is the "budget" version of the build. I tried to tone it down to a reasonable price point without utterly demolishing what makes it special. Expect a lot less damage and significantly less survivability and a higher price than typical "budget" builds.

The guide will go over the balanced version of the build and has sections devoted to the modifications to make for the other three.

Videos were recorded on my 4 year old laptop, so please forgive the low quality of the recordings.

- Incredibly capable (can't do ele reflect or no leech maps, but anything else in the game is possible with proper gear swaps in rare cases).
- Scales well with investment (after getting started, upgrades are clear and attainable).
- Very high DPS (4-6 million shaper dps vs bosses)
- Very tanky 7.6k life, 31% phys as ele, etc (survives when it shouldn't due to my poor play).

- Build is expensive to get going in its "real" form and requires lots of jewel shopping. Think 40-70 ex expensive, and this was in Abyss Softcore where Abyss uniques were readily available.
- Build does not have insane clear speed. This is not your insane movespeed, offscreen clearing map farmer. This is your respectable pace melee all purpose character.
- Molten strike projectiles take 1 second to fall after the melee hit. This kinda sucks as monsters can walk away from the projectiles and it slows clearing and delays leeching. However we use melee splash for clear and can use maim or temp chains against bosses that like to walk around.

- Numerous twinned (and not twinned) Vaal Temple maps, some with monster life, some with monster damage, most deathless. See video one and video two.
- Numerous Uber Atziri carries, including a carry with 5 man HP during the last phases and carries with 3 man HP throughout.
- Numerous Shaper carries.
- Ghosted Minotaur (gave him lots of ES).
- Ghosted Phoenix (Mutilator's Grip).
- Rippy Chimera maps
- Facetanking Chayula (clearing was done with aurabot to cap ele res while using chaos res breach rings, Chayula fight was done without help with 2 man hp... and melee splash socketed).
- Carrying 6 man Esh maps as fast as the breach expands.
- Running any breachstone as fast as the breach expands.
- Facetanking Shaper beam and balls.
- Every map boss in the game (well, I'm not apprehensive about any of them at least I doubt I ran every lower map with this character, as he was my third in the league).
- Twinned Core maps.
- Completed Uber Lab without trouble.
- Completed Hall of Grandmasters (1 death to caustic arrow/ice wall trapping, but my pantheon was not set up correctly and I did not flamedash out).
- Easily facetanks elder and guardians, even with 6 man HP (poison immunity pantheon is useful vs constrictor and topaz flasks are nice for eradicator, but these are not required).
- Clearing the highest tiers of maps and Uber Atziri trash is comfortable when using melee splash. See Oba's Clear for an example.

Molten Strike Setup (in chest):
Molten Strike
+ Elemental Damage with Attacks
+ Damage on Full Life (or Melee Splash)
+ Ancestral Call (or Multistrike)
+ Concentrated Effect
+ Elemental Penetration (from Shroud of the Lightless)

Auras (in helmet):
Anger (or Purity of Fire for Trio/Uber Atziri/Phoenix)
Purity of the Elements

Movement (in shield):
Shield Charge
+ Fortify
+ Faster Attacks

Utility (in gloves):
Flame Dash (for clearing gaps/dodging bearers when we can't shield charge)
Ancestral Protector (use vs endgame bosses and breaches or whenever you want)

Utility (in claw):
Vaal Haste
+ Increased Duration
+ Projectile Weakness (We self-cast when we want to. I always forget. This doesn't matter much if it's unlinked from increased duration.)

My gear is posted here. Most gearing options are covered in the versions below.

I believe a Rat's Nest has a similar dps output to Lightpoacher, but you lose a lot of resistances and life from the jewels.

Bloodseeker is the claw we use. Try to corrupt them for culling strike or +2 Weapon Range. Otherwise a normal version works fine.

We always use Lycosidae.

Mostly uniques, these are easy to get a hold of, though expensive. On the amulet you care mostly about the shaper chaos damage roll. Life isn't required. All Res is very nice as it lets you drop res from jewels.

Reorder the slots to your comfort. This is just how I do it.
Slot 1:

The eternal flask is best against degens. The divine flask is best for emergencies. If I'm running uber labyrinth, I'll equip both of these and drop dying sun.

Slot 2:

The DPS increase from this is negligible, so a bottom roll for added cold is fine. We use this for physical damage mitigation. Two-use silver for when we want all the DPS possible (like when attempting the Hydra "dodge turrets" challenge).

Slot 3:

We can't turn down a 20% more damage flask. This is even more valuable the fewer additional projectiles you have. This is a better investment than the helm enchant when you don't have the helm enchant yet. The AoE Roll matters little to the end DPS of molten strike when toying with the molten strike dps calculator spreadsheet.

Slot 4:

I usually run curse immunity, but swap to shock immunity in shocked ground maps and during Uber Atziri (so we can tank successive Vaal Overlord laser beams).

Slot 5 (the filler slot):

Doedre's for triggering brutal strikes and gaining charges when we're just doing easy maps. Atziri's Promise if we're running Uber Atziri or Chimera for the DPS boost and Chaos Res (the projectile barrages from vaal constructs can be dangerous). Two-use basalt vs rippy minotaurs or rippy Vaal Temples. Curse immune stibinte for Putrid Cloister or maps with bad curse mods and bosses we definitely want curse immunity active for.

It looks like I can't easily link the jewels socketed in gear or my tree, so just look at the armor section to get an idea of the abyssal jewels you want.

We swap between an ele weakness immune/anger penetration watcher's eye (BUT ANGER: CRIT MULTI GIVES MORE DAMAGE) and the one linked above with phys as ele. Obviously run ele weakness immune for ele weakness maps (but also Hall of Grandmasters).
You want 3 good damage mods and a good life roll on most of your jewels (2 flat ele damage, one flat ele damage or attack speed after crit, and one t3+ life roll). I use this search for jewels I want, but lowering the life requirement would be needed to get started. You can also attempt to roll your own jewels. I run one jewel with % to gain onslaught on kill for a clearspeed boost. I bought the cheapest ele weakness immunity jewel available early on in the build. This is just so you don't rely entirely on flasks for ele weakness fixing.
In total you need 12 abyssal jewels (and a watcher's eye) for my current tree, but you can change things around as needed. Lots of nodes on the tree are almost as, or even more efficient damage wise than jewels. Switch from nodes to jewels as you have jewels to socket to increase life at the expense of not much damage.

Helmet Enchantment is top priority. Even a 1 socket Lightpoacher with +2 Molten Strike Projectiles is a very significant DPS boost over no enchantment. A 2 socket Lightpoacher with +3 MS Proj Enchant will probably be the second most expensive gear item you buy.

Boot Enchantment should be the lightning damage if you haven't killed recently or elemental penetration if you haven't killed recently. Lightning damage is a bit higher dps.

Glove Enchantment should be something that triggers attack projectiles when you get hit. This will oneshot trash and leech you to full when it's triggered. I like the Spite ones best since they leave chilled ground. Use what you want.

Significant Gear Swaps:
Blink Arrow Quill Rain to speed up Shaper Runs:

You should have enhance in there too if possible, and maybe a quiver with projectile speed on it. However I always forget to swap to this when I do shaper carries so it's really just a luxury.

Haku Weapons for leveling Enlighten/Enhance/Empower in.

Hall of Grandmasters:

A 6l (maybe 5l would be fine) Brass Dome for the first righthand hall in Hall of Grandmasters, so crit multi can't oneshot us before we kill them. This perfect one dropped for me, so I linked it. The perfect roll is definitely excessive. We also use Balefire and Doryani's Catalyst vs the block regen exiles.

Chaos res Breach Rings and abyssal jewel for Chayula runs. I used the rings for clearing and an aurabot for elemental resistances. The aurabot may not be needed for clear, but I didn't want to risk the 200c trying it solo. I soloed Chayula with the rings and very low elemental resistances.

Gameplay Tips
Check out this tree for guidance. http://poeurl.com/bSL1
Progression along it should be pretty obvious.
After that go for this tree: http://poeurl.com/bSL2

Frenzied Version
Coming Soon

Unkillable Version
Coming Soon

Cheap Version
Coming Soon

3.2 Updates
Take the warcry path instead of the unstoppable rage path so you can manage the degen. My tree for this league should be something like: http://poeurl.com/bSL0
I took Alira this league for res and crit multi, so I need a lot less on gear/tree.


- 04/20/2018 3.2 Update and leveling tree, added crit multi anger eye info.
- 02/24/2018 Initial Version Posted
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What changed in 3.2 for this Build? ;)

DemonBlyat wrote:
What changed in 3.2 for this Build? ;)

The top tier abyssal jewels are harder to obtain. The ascendancy changed some but you take Pain Reaver -> Cloaked in Savagery, then Aspect of Carnage, then War Bringer (use rallying cry or enduring cry).

That's pretty much it.

If you're super rich, you can do a Ascendant Inquisitor (or Elementalist) + Pathfinder and use Zerphi's + Fevered Mind + The Covenant for sustain instead of 100% leech after brutal strike. At that point, you can probably even drop Bloodseeker.

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