[Guide] What happens after a league ends?

What happenes to all your stuff in the challenge league after the league ends? Read below!

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Q1: When do the leagues merge?
A: Leagues merge when the current challenge league ends. This is usually 3-4 months after the league started. GGG usually makes an announcement several weeks before the league ends with the exact date of the merge.

The current Incursion league and the Flashback event will both end on August 28th (more or less a day depending on your timezone).

Q2: Where does my stuff end up?
A: In the parent permanent league of whatever league you have stuff in. This means:

Challenge league -> Standard league
HC challenge league -> HC standard league
SSF challenge league -> SSF standard league
SSF HC challenge league -> SSF HC standard league.

Similarly for the Flashback event, your things will go to the relevant parent league: e.g. Softcore SSF Flashback -> Softcore SSF Standard.

Q3: What gets transferred? What gets lost?
A: Everything you own, including characters, items, hideout, masters, progress in the Atlas, etc. gets transferred. Nothing you own in a challenge league is ever lost by a league merge. If you think you have lost something during a merge, you aren't looking hard enough.

Q4: Details?
A: The merge happens in two phases.

The first phase happens immediately after the challenge league ends. In this phase:

- All your characters are moved from the challenge league to the parent Standard league. This includes level, experience, skill tree (including Ascendancy choice and passives), equipped gear, inventory, quest progress, active prophecies, and unlocked Pantheon powers and their upgrades.

- The contents of your stash in the challenge league get transferred to your stash in the parent Standard league. For every non-empty stash tab you have in the challenge league, a new remove-only stash tab will be created in the parent Standard league with all the items you had in that stash in the challenge league.

The second phase happens during a server restart following the end of the challenge league. This is usually 2-6 days after the league ends. In this phase:

- Your hideout in the standard league is updated. The new hideout will be chosen between either your previous hideout in the standard league, or the hideout you have in the challenge league. The hideout with more decorations in it is chosen. The other hideout is lost, but all the decorations from it are returned to your hideout stash.

- The level of your masters in the standard league is updated. For each master, their new level and experience progress will be the higher of their level in the standard league and the challenge league. For example, if you had Vorici level 4 and Tora level 6 in HC Standard, and you have Vorici level 5 and Tora level 5 in the HC challenge league, after the merge your Vorici will be level 5 and Tora will be level 6. Masters' experience progress towards the next level is retained in a similar way.

- Your Labyrinth trials will be merged between the standard and challenge league. If you have completed a trial in either standard or the challenge league, you will have that trial completed in standard after the merge.

- Your Atlas progress will be merged between the standard and challenge league. If you have completed a map in either standard or the challenge league, you will have that map completed in standard after the merge. Same goes for bonus objective completion.

- Sextant mods and shaped maps:

Jonathan wrote:
If a map was completed in either of the merged leagues, it will be completed after the merge. The same goes for bonus objectives.

Any sextant mods will be moved to standard after the merge. If that map already had a mod on it, the one from Standard will be preferred.

Shaped maps will carry over if you haven't used the equivalent level shaper's orb on standard. If you have, then the shaped maps on standard will take preference.

If you have already used a given shaper's orb in standard, then the equivalent level shaper's orb will disappear from your inventory when you log in to standard.

If you have the same shaper's orbs in both standard and the league, then when you use one, both will disappear from your inventory.

Old sextant mods should continue to exist and work.

(Source), GGG Jonathan Rogers is Negitivefrags on reddit.

TODO: Elder/Shaper influence
TODO: sextant limits

Q5: Help, my characters have been transferred to standard, but I have no hideout/masters/lab trials/Atlas completion!
A: Read the above answer. Carefully.

Q6: What happens to the ongoing league mechanics?
A: This varies from one league to the next. Sometimes GGG decides to keep the league in its entirety or only with minor adjustments. Sometimes only some elements of the league are preserved. Sometimes the league mechanics are abandoned completely after the league ends. GGG usually makes an announcement post detailing these changes before the end of the league.

GGG have not yet stated whether or how Incursion content will be integrated into the core game. Look for an announcement soon!

Q7: What happens to league-specific items and uniques?
A: Existing items will never be removed (although they might be subject to balance changes). Depending on how the league is integrated into the core game (see previous answer), the league-specific items might no longer be obtainable.

There are a few "loopholes" that allow you to get league-specific items from past leagues: Zana, Master Cartographer can temporarily enable the effects of a past league for one Map through the use of the map device. The list of leagues which are accessible in this way changes with every new league release. Additionally, some divination cards such as Time-Lost Relic can be turned in for a league-specific item.

Q8: What happens to my MTXs and stash tabs?
A: All MTXs, including stash tabs, are account-wide, they are not league-specific. You have access to all of your MTXs in every league. You will keep the MTXs and stash tabs you paid for in the next challenge league as well.

Q9: Help, I bought a fancy stash tab in the last league, and I can't find it in the new league!
A: Check at the end of the stash tab list. Stash tabs are never lost, but they might not keep the same order you had them in during the last challenge league.

Q10: What do I get to keep from one challenge league to the next? What do I get to keep from standard to a challenge league?
A: Nothing, with the exception of MTXs (including stash tabs) that you paid for. Every league is, by design, a fresh start for all players. This means that everybody starts from a blank slate, with no items, currency, master levels, lab trials, Atlas, etc. Everything has to be earned from the start in a new league.

If this is disappointing to you, you can continue to play your characters with everything you already own in the standard league.
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And the unrighteous were turned to ash -- to aaash!!
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And the unrighteous were turned to ash -- to aaash!!
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And the unrighteous were turned to ash -- to aaash!!
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Guys, when Will be transfered in Standart league?
Dimonaverkin wrote:
Guys, when Will be transfered in Standart league?

The Abyss League ends in about two hours from this post time. Your characters and stash will be transferred to Standard immediately.

Everything else (hideout, Atlas, etc.) will be transferred during the next server restart. See the fourth question above for details.

The Bestiary league starts on Friday, March 2nd.

[edit] More relevant quote:

Bex_GGG wrote:
The league ends in 2 hours and 40 minutes. At that time you characters and items will migrate to their parent leagues. Your masters and hideouts will migrate the next time the realm goes down which is likely to be for the launch of Content Update 3.2.0.
And the unrighteous were turned to ash!
And the unrighteous were turned to ash -- to aaash!!
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