No tradeboard notification in different leagues

I realised yesterday why some people take an eternity to respond to trade offers.... your stuff will be Shown as online in say abyss softcore while you are in Solo self found not getting notified...please give people a resemblence of Information...
Last bumped on Feb 12, 2018, 5:07:27 PM
I wondered about this as I only log in to Standard maybe once or twice a week & I've had some really bitchy messages attached to offers. So it actually does show you as online if you're currently online but playing a different league? Apologies to those who've been pissed off at me waiting for a response!
Yeah ive had some nasty messages too lol, would be cool if they could do that somehow.

We'll be fixing this in the near future. "Search Online Users Only" will now apply to leagues, for example, if you're playing in the Abyss league you won't appear online for users in Standard who are searching their trade market using this filter.

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