Gem stuck in leveling loop

I have a Wrath gem that got stuck leveling from 13 -> 14. The sound plays non-stop, along with the level up notice. I tried a few basic things, such as toggling the gem level ability and restarting the game, but in both cases the gem goes back into its loop. There was nothing unusual about the leveling, the gear was the same and the stats are supported for the next level.

Gamertag: BinaryMyth
Last bumped on Feb 12, 2018, 5:08:30 PM
I had a spare Wrath gem at level 16 that is red for me. It says 138 INT required, and my character shows 143 INT. Seems like something is off about the order of INT computation for the gem. That would explain why the last gem went into an infinite loop on level up. Some logic said it was possible and then the validation logic is preventing it.
One of my items had 13% increased attribute requirements mod on it. After removing this item I was able to get the Wrath gem to stop leveling. Looks like there needs to be an additional check in the leveling code that accounts for this.

Thanks for your report, we will investigate to see if we can find the issue.

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