[3.2] Abyss Shripper feat. Chin Sol - Raider TS Barrage / 6k+ Life 3.8M Shaper DPS / Uber Elder Down

3.1 Abyss Softcore League.
3.2 Bestiary Softcore League.
Shroud + Windripper (optional with Chinsol swap) Raider Tornado Shot + Barrage.
3.2. Uber Elder Down!! - See Video Section

[Quick Preview of DPS in action]

3.2 Patch Change
Movement speed decreased by 10%
everything else is same.

3.2 Videos up :
See Video Section for End game bosses.
See Leveling / Budget (3.2. Bestiary) Section for Budget gear in actions.

Tala moana, warrior!

First of all, credits.
This build is inspired by AlkaizerX who demonstrated great potential of Shroud, abyss unique, and abyss jewels and by Cheul who shared power of Chin Sol swap.

This build is my approach of TS/Barrage build mainly focusing on full atlas mapping / elder farming. I have reached lvl 97 by continous killing Elder and guardians, and cleared all endgame contents -Shaper, his guardians, uber Atziri, and Chayula.

Pros & Cons


- Great cleerspeed (As an example, T16 Mino cleared in 01:02, check video section)
- 6k+ Life (6.3k in my case with headhunter)
- 46%/40% baseline dodge
- 75%/74% dodge with 10 sec vaal grace up
- Strong DPS to kill everything in less than 10 sec (3.8M with rare belt in 3.1. / up to 5.5M with high-end gear in 3.2. all shaper dps)
- Optimized for full atlas mapping(Elder farming) / beyond map mod mapping


- Gears can be very expensive (but no mirror-worthy items used)
- Cannot do ele/phys reflect map
- RNG Based defense (same problem as all block/dodge/eva builds, need to avoid if it can one-shot you)


3.2 Bestiary videos

BSC Uber Elder First Kill day 17 Video

Sorry for not clean run(many deaths) because of my lack of skill/uber elder experience.

BSC Uber Elder Second Kill Video

Still need more skill/experience but this is smoother compared to the first.

BSC Uber Elder Deathless Kill Video

Gears used in Deathless kill (3.2. Bestiary high-end gears) and pob

Jewels in passives nodes can be seen in pob :

BSC Uber Elder Kill 2min 20sec Video

POB Link for the above kill

T16 Haunted Mansion Fully sextanted plus beyond - mapping example

Chaining T16 like this will result tooltip 23-27m exp/h in 99 level or around 18m in self calc.

100 level viable.

Few notes for those heading for level 100

100 level is definitely viable.
98>99 no death in full atlas mapping plus always beyond mod.
99>100 1 death due to Headhunter flicker into bearers, in T16 HM chaining.

Only things that make your life under 50% is i) volatile ii) detonate totems.
I recommend you use chaos on 'area contains totem' mod in level 99.

Beyond uniques except Abaxoth poped up and dies when you see red line nova and shoot TS on them. I think mapping with support isnt necessary, or make it more dangerous because it will increase beyond boss' hp.

For Abaxoth, move away, turn on vaal grace, and kill him. I killed like 15-20 Abaxoth in 98>100 progress, had no problem.

T16 Mino at Level 90 Bestiary day 7 Video

Fenumus (Spider)

Saqaqal (Avian)

All videos below are in 3.1. Abyss league.

Full Chayula run - I think this video demonstrates this build very well

Chaining T15 Shaped Bog, Full Sextanted with zana beyond mod

Elder spwaned in T15 and guardians full run
Check description for boss fight shortcut

Deathless Full Shaper run with Chin sol swap

Deathless* Uber Atziri full run

Note : My character was lvl 92, using only windripper, mostly 3mod jewels in following videos. It will prove this build works greatly at 90ish lvl without pricey 4 mods jewels and Chin sol swap.

Deathless Full Shaper run at lvl 92 with Windripper only

Deathless T16 Chimera at lvl 92 with Windripper only

Deathless T16 Hydra at lvl 92 with Windripper only

Deathless T16 Mino at lvl 92 with Windripper only

Deathless T16 Phoenix at lvl 92 with Windripper only

Update1 : Added T16 Mino speed runs

T16 Mino Speed run (01:02) with Headhunter
See description for start/end shortcut

T16 Mino Speed run (01:04) with Headhunter - 8 mods map
See description for start/end shortcut

T16 Mino Speed run (01:17) without Headhunter
See description for start/end shortcut

Build Idea and optimization

As everyone already knows, abyss jewels and abyss uniques are extremely strong.

Especially, Shroud provides 1% maximum life per abyss jewel.

Stacking abyss jewel like this will boost both life and damages.

However, using all Abyss Uniques(Shroud, gloves, helmet, belt, and boots) left us very few rare item slot. It would sacrifice damage aura, juicy critical multiplier, accuracy, or attack speed to cap resistance (Or requires tons of exalteds).

Shroud is the best life boost, gloves provides 10% more damage, helmet has total 45% resistence. I have to choose between belt and boots. Besides that I wanted to use headhunter, 50% increased effect of jewel in belt provides better dps than boots of 20% increased damage in my case.

The only way to use bubonic trail imo, is using purity aura as AlkaizerX did. The downside is 1) I can't use Gore Herald effect (I love it) or 2) I can't use various watcher's eye such as
that I used in facetanking Shaper's beam.

As for offense, Tornado Shot + Barrage is great combo. I aim for high dps so that I one-click on monster pack, I move on, mirage archer clears if few monster leftover, this greatly reduces back-tracking when mapping. This is very well suited to beyond map mod mapping.

I added Chin Sol swap after lvl 92 or so. I only used Chin Sol swap in Shaper/Elder/their guardians but it helps me to kill them before immune phase/high damage phase that I should manually avoid.

As for defense, I choose phase acrobatic + vaal grace combos. There are so many bosses/monsters using spell/attack when I was mapping with full atlas and killing elder whenever he spawned. I can't remember all of them which one using spell or attack. I wanted to make it simple - press vaal grace whenever I needed.

Some might say that 6k+ life plus dodge is glasscannon. But when it comes with high enough dps, it provides enough time(via dodge) and life pool to not get one-shotted before I kill them all.

Example :

We can see that all cyclone damages are dodged. Even if I am unlucky, I am sure that 6k life will not be one-shotted by him. This is the offense(DPS) - defense(life + dodge) balance optimization that I settled at. Why 6k life pool? Shaper/Elder guardian can hit me 5k ish damage, I need more life than that.

If you still wanted absolute damage mitigation, this build isn't for you. There are plenty of great builds you can give a try.


In this gear section, all mods are mentioned in order of priority.

Important! when you craft/buy gears, try to have t1-t2 life in every rare gears and jewels except additional arrow quiver.
This will provide around 6k life pool in early 90s level, comfortable mapping and bossing compared to around 5k life pool

First of all, resistance cap plan/calculation

We need 135*3 = 405% resistance total to cap after Epliogue.

This build have 8% all resistance from passive node, 15% from Bandit Alira, 15% from lightpoacher, total 38% all resistance or total 114% resistance.

So we need 291% resistance from non-unique items (amulet, belt, two rings, and boots). If using resistance base(such as two-stone) ring, implicit provides 60% resistance, which means all suffix should have total 230% resistance.

Amulet is the most expensive so we dismiss it, we need 1 strength mod from rare belt, 1 accuracy mod from ring. So 10 suffix should cover total 230% resistance if the number is right.

In other words, you can solve resistance problem by boots of total 69% resistance, a belt of 1 strength and 46% resistance, a ring of accuracy plus 46% resistance(only suffix), and another ring of 69% resistance (only suffix) if the number is the right. But it'd better to buy items of extra resistances for future upgrades.

If you use unique belt, such as headhunter or darkness enthroned, 230% resistances should be covered by suffix of 2 rings and boots. It would be better to buy high resistance boots and decent damage + resistance rings.

Endgame gear example - my current gear

swap :

Chin Sol swap

+1 Chin sol swap

Life flask is needed specific bosses such as T15 kitava (to deal with dot)

Rare is better than headhunter in boss fight (I used in shaper)

MF swap if want to use bisco.


Windripper is great elemental damage bow.
It has decent crit chance and attack speed, best for mapping.
You will use windripper for 95%+ of time.
As shown in videos section, this bow is enough to clear all content.

Higher attack speed, crit chance, total flat damages are important.

Chin Sol is an optional, additional luxury to this build.
100% more damage at close range provides the best single target dps, particularly for Shaper/Elder/their guardians.

Attack speed is important. Physical roll is negligible.

I'd recoommend you to use Chin Sol swap if you are 93+ level and want more confortable Elder farming.

This is another pricey luxury to this build.
Additional arrow provides additional 1/7 dps to all case(headhunter, rares, rares with vaal haste).
Please note that all videos are taken with normal Chin Sol, not this additional arrow Chin sol.

example pob shaper dps

This is an obtainable gear in league. But I feel unethical to include this as core gear.
I will leave additional arrow Chin Sol as a showcae how much dps this build can reach in end game.


2 abyss socket Lightpoacher is the best in slot.
It provieds total 45% resistances, continous life recovery when mapping.

+2 secondary TS enchant is the best but pricey.
This is the enchant that makes TS the best, most comfortable mapping/clear skill.

If you can't afford the enchant, it's ok. Build still works. You can try Lightning arrow/Ice shot/Shrapnel shot enchant as well.

Body armour

1 abyss socket Shroud is the best in slot.

High % increased maximum life roll is the most important.
(You can buy cheaper one and divine it)

Level 20 elemental penetration gives 37% penetration for fire/cold/lightning damages. This provides us flexibility when buying abyss jewels.

Shade form is 3 seconds buff with 45 sec cooldown. You can completely forget about this.


2 abyss socket tombfist is the best in slot.

Maximum life, attack speeds are great mods that we look for even in rare gloves.

By using 1 murderous eye jewel, we get 10% more damage.
By using 1 searching eye jewel, we maim enemy - reduces monster movement speed by 30%.


Looks for high life and high movement speed.

Plus need high resistance in boots to cap resistances with unique belt.
Can use medicore resistance boots(cheaper) if you are gonna use rare belt.

Use lightning damage or elemental penetration enchant for boss dps.
Do uber lab when layout is easy.


Very popular quiver in 3.1. patch - Shaper multicrafted additional arrow quiver.

Additional arrow, life, elemental damage with attack (prefix)
multicraft, critical multiplier, attack speed/accuracy (suffiz)
are the best mods.

In my case, attack speed quiver gives me 0.5% more dps than accuracy one. I think both are fine.


Headhunter is the best for mapping.
But this is not mandatory. This build works fine with other belts belows.

Rare belt is another decent choice.
High life, at least 37 strength, resistance needed, and elemental damage are prefered mods.

If you have high resistance boots and rings, darkness enthroned is another decent choice.

Use skill point at 30 str node, lower increased duration gem level, then strength problem solved.

If you placed your the best jewels in this belt, 50% increased effect gives the best single target dps out of all three choice. In my case, this belt provides 7% higher dps than rare belt.

P.S. The reason I don't use Darkness enthroned is that I am too lazy to swap belt, turn on auras again, and change inc. duration gems, move around abyss jewels. I only use Headhunter (most mapping), rare belts (shaper and his guardians) for my convenience. This is why I don't include this unique in pob but it is very strong choice.

Amulet and Rings

Requires 18 int from gear, int implicit amulet is prefered

High life, elemental damage, critical multiplier amulet is best.
Furthermore, flat elemental damage, accuracy, crit chance, and resistances(if needed) are also nice mod.

High life, resistance to cap are must-have mods in rings.

Again, you need 2 accuracy mods in your amulet, quiver, or rings to have 90% hit chances.
Elemental damage, flat damage is nice boost for DPS.

If you have int on rings, you can use Bisco amulet for MF mapping.


1. Quicksilver, movement speed = clearspeed.
2. Silver, Onslaught = 20% attack speed, movement speed plus elemental aliment immune for Raider. Recommend bleeding immune mod
3. Diamond, lucky crit chance. Recommend curse immune mod (free from map mod curses)
4. Dying sun, Additional projectile is great. redueced charge is must for 2 use.
5. Atziri's promise. Chaos resist defense + DPS boost Offense flask. (We lack of suffix to cover chaos resist)

Swap Atziri flask to life flask(instant recover) up to boss pattern.
For example, T15 Kitava's fire dot aoe damage. If you choose wrong direction, you need survive from fire dot but you can't leech because you make kitava immortal phase in 1 sec. This kind of boss pattern forces you to use life flasks. Be prepared!


Lioneye's fall should be socketted at jewel node between Acrobatic and Soul Raker.

Anger crit multiplier watcher's eye is added in 3.2.
It is very well suited into this build.

Abyss jewels examples.
+T2 life / +T2 flat elemental damages / critical multiplier / attack speed if crit
are the best mods.

I started with bunch of 3 mods jewels (mostly half ex in market). I made 4 mods jewel by slams and buy 5-7ex ones (I realized that success rate of slam is very low after +20 tries).

Even if same tier, damage is lightning > fire > cold.
But I focus on cold damage becuase 1) it help freeze/chill rare monsters/exiles 2) more freeze = more loot by windripper.

3.2. update Important :

Take chance to blind on hit mod in any of your abyss jewels.
It does magical defense against attack skill boss (such as Minotaur), check out 3.2. Mino video to see the effect of blind.

Skill Gem Links

All in order of importance

1. Main clear skill - Tornado shot in Bow

The same gem links goes into Chin Sol swap.

In my case, 6L TS in chin sol have 380k dps (without mirage archer count) at 20/20.
Ideally, 5 of 7 secondary projectile shotgun gives 1.8M or 2.4M(including MA) shaper dps.
Realistically, 3 out of 7 secondary projectile shotgun gives 1M or 1.4M(including MA) shaper dps.
Good enough dps when kiting needed.

However, you can safely sell 20/20 or vaal them and keep leveling 6 gems again, because we rarely use this TS in Chin Sol.

Alternatively, you can play 5L Lightning arrow or Ice shot. Check out Budget gear/progress section below to see build with 5L LA in T16 Minotaur map.

2. Single target skill - Barrage in Body armour

Someone can have question like this - in pob, slower projectile or damage on full life have higher dps than crit chance/added cold damage.

POB calculation is just calculation in ideal case. With medicore crit chance of Chin Sol, critical chance while using diamond flask is around 50% if not using crit chance gem. This means that if unlucky, boss moves on the next phase which is supposed to be killed in the phase you are free to hit. This is why I choose crit chance gems.

Slower projectile gems causes damage loss against fast moving boss.

Damage on Full life is for CI or Slayer. I know my life is at full life in 90% of times. But damage loss is huge when enemy hit me through dodge or in burning or descreate ground map mod. Who does use chaos to avoid burning/descrate ground?:p

I don't want to exaggerate like 5M Shaper DPS build! by using damage on full life / slower projectile gems.

I believe reliable strong DPS is the best in all boss fight in various map mods.

3. Aura (Helmet or gloves)

Elemental damage auras. Herald of Ice plus gore herald effect is so awesome. Oneshotting monster packs and all explosion is the best effect in poe imho.

Alternatively, replacing herald of ice with vitality for life gain on hit / life recovery rate watcher's eye jewel is another solid choice. (I might switch if I happened to level after 98 lvl).

4. CWDT + Vaal grace (boots)

Best defense gem combo against huge damage spikes.
Plus 10.4 secs vaal grace provides defense when you need it.

You can replace vaal grace to vaal haste where you need to avoid anyways such as Shaper.

5. Utility (movement/golem in Helmet or gloves)

Blink is mandatory for mapping any kind of layout (particularly those with stairs)
Golem is nice dps boost.

Passive trees(POB Links), Bandit choice, Pantheon

how to see POB link?

The codes above are Path of Building(offline build planner) code.
You can check out https://github.com/Openarl/PathOfBuilding .

Once you installed POB, click import/export build in top left, import from pastebin button, and paste the code and click import.

3.2. Bestiary updated POB for High-end Gears

Level 99 (my current passives plus gears, probably final state of BSC : add arrow Chin Sol)

Level 98 (normal Chin Sol)

Check Leveling / Budget / Gear Progess(3.2. Bestiary) section below for mid 90s.

Quick preview of my POB stats

3.2. Add Arrow Chin Sol + rare belt bossing setup
5.5m shaper dps.
Same as before, this is just showcase of high-end gear plus high-level setup.

3.2. Normal Chin Sol + rare belt bossing setup.
I know it's 4.3m but I wouldn't change title or introduction because dps depends on gears.
This is just showcase of high-end gear plus high-level setup.

3.1. Normal Chin Sol + rare belt + vaal grace setup
(This is my pob when I made most videos)

3.1. Additional Arrow Chin Sol + rare belt + vaal grace setup

3.1. Additional Arrow Chin Sol + rare belt + vaal haste setup for those who love dps

The followings are from my 3.1. Abyss league gears/passives that I made this guide.

Level 97 (my current passive, Feb 8th)

Level 90

Level 72 - when you can equip shroud and all items.

Ascendancy nodes order :
Way of Poarcher > Avartar of Slaughter > Quartz Infusion > Avatar of Veil

Because in early leveling frenzy charge is helpful but elemental ailments immune doesn't shine. That's why I spent points in frenzy nodes first.

I did merciless lab in 70 level or so and bought uber lab carry right after so that I can use all gears in level 71.

Bandit : Alira for resistant and crit multiplier


Major :
Solaris - Best for boss fight. I use this for Shaper/Elder/their guardians.
Lunaris - Best for general map clear, I use this for Uber Elder.

Minor :
Shakari - cover chaos damage / poison damage that I don't invested much.

Ralakesh - 25% reduced physical damage over time
- I only use this against Uber Elder, it is helpful against physical dot.

Leveling / Budget / Gear Progess(3.2. Bestiary)

Please note that I played starter build(GC mine) to accumulate min currency to run this build.
This build is not starter build.

1. Leveling tip (5th day of league after start build farming done)

Dual pen is god-tier leveling
Pen can be expensive but price is stable. Buy 2 pens and sell after lvl 72.

Recommended Leveling gears example

I am not racer but this result will demonstrate pen leveling is solid method.

Tree is same as provided above :
Level 72 - when you can equip shroud and all items.

Focus life first while leveling + Winter Spirit 3 points(respecced after 72lvl).

2. Budget start and progress example

Budget gear at day 5 Bestiary, it costs 14ex worth total

This build sustain mana by mana leech in Soul Raker node(claw) plus Lioneye's Fall jewel below it.

If you can't afford lioneye's fall jewel yet, use those 4 points towards Soul raker in Vitality Void(Leech node below duelist) plus life and mana leech node.

Level 72 POB at Day 5 :

T10 clear at Level 72 Video

Budget gears at day 7 Bestiary, day5 + dying sun and amulet

Level 90 POB link :

Please note that POB is bugged atm dying sun effect doesnt apply. Practical DPS is x1.5 of POB dps

T16 Mino at Level 90 Bestiary day 7 Video

Budget gears at day 11 Bestiary, day7 + TS enchant and minor jewel upgrades

Level 94 POB link :


Please note that POB is bugged atm dying sun effect doesnt apply. Practical DPS is x1.5 of POB dps

T14 Shaped vault mapping (I will update another boss fight after level up)

Budget gears at day 13 Bestiary, day11 + Headhunter

I want to mention again, Headhunter is not mandatory. You can skip Headhunter and progress day 11 to day 14. I bought it just because I like it.

Sorry for not much gear/jewel upgrades because I spent most of currency into Headhunter. I will spend currencies on gear/jewels from now on to demonstrate how to progress.

Level 95 POB link :


Please note that POB is bugged atm dying sun effect doesnt apply. Practical DPS is x1.5(=6/4) of POB dps

Budget gears at day 14 Bestiary, day13 + Shaper Quiver and Enchants

Level 95 day 14 POB link :


Please note that POB is bugged atm Dying sun effect doesnt apply. Practical DPS is x1.75(=7/4) of POB dps, so it's 2.59m shaper dps. I will focus on slamming jewels from now on.

Budget gears at day 16 Bestiary, day16 + One slam'd jewel and divined quiver

Note: I recommend buying 6L Windripper before 6L Chin Sol. I bought 6L Chin Sol first because it's cheaper

Level 96 day 16 POB link :


Please note that POB is bugged atm Dying sun effect doesnt apply. Practical DPS is x1.75(=7/4) of POB dps, so it's 2.87m shaper dps. I will keep upgrading gears/jewels.

Fenumus (Spider)

Saqaqal (Avian)

I already killed cat and crab but forgot recording. I will upload if I find portal poekemon.

BSC Uber Elder First Kill day 17 Video

Sorry for not clean deaths(many deaths) because of my lack of skill/uber elder experience.

POB Link of gear/passives for Uber Elder kill :

Gears at day 17 Bestiary, what I used for first Uber elder kill

Gears at day 20 Bestiary, day 17 + 6L Windripper and 2nd quiver

Level 97 POB Links

POB updated and finally proj count bug fixed. 3m shaper dps shown correctly.

I conclude gearing progress section with the gears used for uber elder first kill.
For more gear upgrades, check out gears section where my Abyss league gears are explained.

Map mod

Cannot run
- Cannot leech map
- Elemental reflect map
- Physical reflect map


- Can I use Lightning Arrow or Ice shot as clearing skill?
Sure. After certain level of gears/jewels, map clearing isn't problem at all. You can use any of TS/LA/IS up to your favor. Because I like tornado shot, I use it and write build guide based on TS.

- then what about helmet enchant?
I use +2 TS enchant because I like it. But if you use LA or IS, you can try +1 barrage enchant for more dps against boss.

- Why do you use 5L Chin sol? Why use tornade shot again in Chin Sol?
There are many bosses with trash adds monsters. If you proc'd mirage archer, it will clear adds while you deal with boss.

- Why anger?
Anger crit multi Watcher's eye is one of the best jewel for this build. High roll jewel is better than 4 T1 abyss jewel.
And Wrath int requirement increases gearing difficulty, I don't think it worth it.

- General gearing questions; My damage is low or hard to survive.
I made a leveling / budget / gear progress section.
Check out day 5 for level 72 or around, or day 7 for level 90 or around.
Those gears/passives I used can be a benchmark for min gearing.

- How about deadeye?
What I thought at the announcement of deadeye change in 3.2. patch is it looks great but misses elemental ailment immune.

If I need freeze immune(by going deadeye), we need to use 1 flask suffix for freeze/chill removal. This means I can't use "of warding"(curse immune) flask that cover elemental weakness, temporal chain, enfeeble, or vulnerability curse map modes. I heavily focus on mapping so I can't imagine me playing without flask of warding. That's why I keep playing as raider.

P.s, I've got many pms, please leave a comment down below if you have any questions. It is easier to answer here and I can update FAQ section based on question and answer in this thread. Thanks.

I am done with Bestiary league so I will not be around. I think I included most of details in guide or answers in this thread. See you in future league!

Last edited by kaleav on Apr 24, 2018, 5:42:18 AM
Last bumped on Jul 1, 2018, 9:54:42 PM

Update2 : Changed wording in gear section for clear priority.

Update3 : added Additional arrow Chin Sol and pob update

This may be my last gear update in Abyss league.

I think 4.4M with vaal grace or 5M with vaal haste can be a showcase how much potential this build has.

I know I can replace helmet enchant with barrage, and max dps case will reach 5.6M or so.
But swapping helmet for boss is too much work for me.

Update4 : Finished budget/gear progress section, Made FAQ section

Update5 : Added Deathless Uber elder kill, this will conclude 3.2 build update + fixed video links
Last edited by kaleav on Apr 10, 2018, 2:47:15 PM
How do you generate power charges or do you have enough crit without them?
IGN: Raise_Ur_Donger
demondied1 wrote:
How do you generate power charges or do you have enough crit without them?

Hey. This build doesn't have power charge generation. Of course, more crits is always welcome. I didn't include power charge because of 1) gem socket limit, 2) cost-effectiveness. Crit chances in my case are 68.57% for TS with Windripper, 82.92% for Barrage with Windripper, and 75.36% for Barrage with Chin Sol (all with diamond flask.)

The followings are my thoughts when I started this build (warning wall of texts)

I can think of two method of power charge generation - using assassin's mark or power charge on crit. Cheap method is obviously using gems such as herald - curse on hit - assaccin's mark or orb of storm - power charge. Because of abyss sockets in gloves and helemts, I have 8 sockets left after TS/Barrage links. I used 2 for auras, 2 for vaal grace - increased duration (main defense), 1 for movement, and 1 for golem. It left me choice between cwdt - immortal call vs power charge generation. I prefer defense against damage-spike. If you think you don't need any of 8 gems, you can replace it with power charge generation.

Expensive methods are 1) using assassin mark on hit ring or 2) using watcher's eye.

Shaper base ring can have suffix "assassin mark on hit". Besides that I can afford such great ring(wed life resist assassin mark on hit) available market, my other gears(rings, boots, amulets) should cover more resistances per suffix. That makes price skyrocket each piece of gear and provides me 5%-10% more dps. I am not that super-rich so this isn't my option.

There exist a great watcher's eye - + crit chance while affected hatred. The single mod one provides 0.12M shaper dps (4%) for Chin Sol Barrage, 0.04M shaper dps (1.5%) for Windripper Barrage, and no difference for Windripper TS. Definitely, double hatred mod(crit + pen) watcher's eye provides the best dps(10% barrage, 17% for TS). It costs 200 or more exalteds so it's again cost-effectiveness issue for me.

granted i have only 1 jewel with attack speed on crit atm. i plan to change them out later. besides not using the flasks atm and not having the enchant. what can i improve?
InPoEWeTrust wrote:

granted i have only 1 jewel with attack speed on crit atm. i plan to change them out later. besides not using the flasks atm and not having the enchant. what can i improve?

Your gears looks nice starting point for this build. You already said but I'd like to emphasize again that dying sun is great for map clear and single target. Flask is important as we all know :)

When you start stacking abyss jewel of higher tier (T2+) damage mod, an amulet of life, elemental damage with attack, and critical multiplier will give you more damage. So I'd start upgrade amulet first for dps.
Last edited by kaleav on Feb 16, 2018, 4:48:30 AM
Hey! Can I use LA instead of TS?
Last edited by WhiteNinja78 on Feb 28, 2018, 1:39:11 PM
Bump. Added 3.2 change and Started to write leveling/budget section
Hey, thanks for the guide, it's personally more appealing than pure MF versions floating on the forums. I have one question, having picked TS/Barrage raider as my starter (which in hindsight probably wasnt a good idea) I've got to the point where I'm lvl 88 and just afforded a windripper (using sadimas and goldwyrm currently). What would be your adviced progression gear wise? helm/gloves -> lioneye jewel -> armor -> rares -> quiver ?

thanks for the reply in advance
WhiteNinja78 wrote:
Hey! Can I use LA instead of TS?

Sure. I am using LA for map clear in early league. Wih LA, you needs direction targeting, and using barrage vs high life rare monsters. With 5L budget setting, LA seems better than TS. But TS is the most comfortable skill in end game.
Last edited by kaleav on Mar 9, 2018, 10:26:38 AM

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