[3.1] Spectre Discussion

I've been playing around with spectres a lot lately, I've read every single build guide here as well looking for ideas and synergies.

I spent about 2 hours yesterday playing around with spectres in a 5L mortis, summoning them in t14 palace and looking at the clear and boss killing (2nd stage dom is a pretty good raw dps test I think because of a lot of variables are the same).

Nothing seemed to come close to solar guards in terms of raw clearing power, you immediately notice how well they contain abyss spawns I rarely ever get swamped by mobs or hit for that matter. However their boss dps leaves a lot to be desired even swapping out GMP for something else.

Burning specs (TV + 1 wickerman) have slower clear speed, really variable clear speed because of totem placement. But Boss dps is assripping at least 4x faster than solar guards. And a lot of that comes from the synergy they can get from double dyadus guardian that no other spectre can get (credit to Natt for this in his torch the atlas thread). It's also worth mentioning that these do have a melee attack, and do at least somewhat benefit from vis mortis added chaos dmg.

The last spectre really worth mentioning that I tried was Heralds. They seem to be the best physical spectre, which has great synergy with the flat phy on jewels, unholy might, things like united in a dream etc... but I find their AI is just really wonky. They like to stand around sometimes and look for something to mortar or leap slam onto instead of being 100% aggressive. The boss dps is about the same as solar guards maybe slower even. The big problem here I think is they don't get anything like EE for the sweet +50% pen.

This is just what I have noticed, I'm really interested in what you guys think about spectres in general. I'd like some more stuff to play around with, especially synergistic things like dyadus guardians with burn dmg spectres.
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