[3.2] Abyssal Striker | Easy up to 15mil Shaper dps!

Hey Guys as some of You requested in my Stream there will be the Guide to the Abyssal Molten Strike Scion!
To start off here are some of the endgame items im using right now!

Current Res Capped Gear


Pretty much best in slot with Molten Strike Enchant!

You can also take the more defensive variation:

obviously also with the molten strike enchant!

Body Armour:

Speaking of endgame, THATS the only way to go!

Defensive variation:

Low Budget variation into maps (not recommended for further mapping!)

ignore the corrution there!


Obviously the spot to get our resistance on!

Mapping variation:

Stats to watch on: Res>Life>WED


Without a doubt thats the BiS you can get here!
To reach the top noth, get ele weakness on the gloves with 2 sockets! Didnt manage to make it withing 30 Pairs of vaaling.

Low budget:

Just get the one with 1 socket for the Intimitate!


Again thats just pure DPS with the 2 Abyss sockets!

Low Budget:
You wanna get Bubonic Trails with just 1 socket!


High end its obviously the one with +1 to socketed gems but u dont really need that!

Low Budget:


U wanna get something like this 2 times! Just for the Shaper setup! there is no worries about resistance!

My Mapping rings are:

For Uber i obviously swap this one in:


Pretty solid DPS ammy!



Just selfcrafted this badboy!


Also a selfcraft of myself!

U wanna focus pretty much on: Attackspeed - Crit Chance - Crit Multi and a fair amount of eDPS!

Sidenote: Both of the foils are up for mirrorservice! Fee:25ex!! (Will give collateral obviously)

Just go on my Profile there is the latest Skilltree im using right now.
Same as the Flasks! I will add them up later or you can just go and check my profile ;) (For Bossing i swap in the Vinktars :) )

When im on the Mapping setup with biscos, headhunter and sometimes double ventors i can either pretty much balance the res with the double ventor setup or i dont give a damn about capped res and just oneshotting everything. NOT RECOMMENDED if u wanna push lvls actually!

Here are some Videos:




Shaper Solo half hp.

Shaper again:

Shaper full hp with support:
Sorry for the silly talking of my friend LuL

4Man Chayula HP:
Again with some shittalk sry :P

Some GFL Videos were we actually made it up with the build:

I Will add a leveling section for the build soon, aswell as a FAQ!

Also if u have any other Build or Gear relatet questions feel free to hit me up in the forums or just ask me ingame! Also you can just come and visit my Stream and ask some questions up there!


Im Open for constructive criticism so feel free lads!

WORKS WELL IN 3.2 aswell!!
Shaper down on my Scion right now at lvl75 with 2629hp shit gear at all..

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I'm playing this build and it's actually the most fun and strongest character i've ever played! It's awesome how you can easily melt endgame bosses with it. And it has so much minmaxing potential, you'll never get it done haha.
Geiler Scheiß !!!
Hey did you take 2 skill points for bandits?
VDubGLI wrote:
Hey did you take 2 skill points for bandits?

yep, kill all!
What's the damage and survival potential with lets say, 5 - 10 exalts of gear? That gear looks fairly expensive.
conc increases the effectiveness of point blank on molten strike. molten strike effective dps calculations are quite hard of course, but if you are not using conc with molten strike point blank's effectiveness is around %30 more. with conc however, it gets up to 43% average more damage for each molten strike balls. I'd use conc effect over elemental focus any day. (for single target)

your minotar kill is like a bit lower than 2 seconds, so since minotaur has like 11M health, your dps on that specific video is close to 6M dps. great dps of course, i just believe that you can top your real time dps even further if you ignore what pob says.
"You have great power. You're right to be proud. It's unfortunate you have to die now, but I will honor you with 45% of my strength."
May I ask on your current tree why you took 2 10 strength nodes to the left of the bottom wildfire jewel?
VDubGLI wrote:
May I ask on your current tree why you took 2 10 strength nodes to the left of the bottom wildfire jewel?

had to use it because of biscos and without the headhunter.. was missing some strenght. fixed now

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