Supporter Packs

I ended up finding out today that you can inadvertently purchase the same supporter pack more than once. Did not realize it as generally a warning is given or it is apparent it is something that can be applied to your game multiple times (figured it would work similar to First Blood Pack).

My feedback is that for future packs that the description for it should reflect that it can be bought multiple times on an account (if that is its intended use), as if you are like me and thought there was an error trying to buy it, that you can end up purchasing it more than once.
Last bumped on Jan 27, 2018, 6:39:38 AM
I think it's ok that you can buy them several times. This packs contain points and you may also want to use same skins on different heroes simultaneously.
First Blood Pack came with points but only allows you to purchase once

I figured supporter packs would function similarly

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