[3.1] 13 Auras 2 Curse Witch-Necro aurabot/auramancer

Hey guys, this is my first league and also my first guide but I've been having a lot of fun with my necromancer support so I decided to write a guide for it. I will try to cover every aspect of it and be as detailed as possible!
So before I begin, here are some stats as well as the auras I am currently running. I am current on 8/1756 in terms of reserved life

Party Member without my auras (his own Hatred+ Herald of Ice)

Party Member with my auras

As you can see, resistances are really high with a decent amount of dodge chance. The auras provided literally tripled party member's DPS and that is not counting the curses

Pros & Cons

1. Some of the strongest auras
2. Keeps up with party easily
3. Flexible gems setup (explained later)
4. No mirrored gear

1. Still expensive (although budget options are available)
2. Poor quality of life (need to keep spamming flasks)
3. Still pretty squishy

Everything Nice

Path of Building

Skill Tree

Important Skills
1. All the reduced mana reservation nodes help making this build possible
2. Arcane Vision lets us see in dungeons which we otherwise can't
3. Blood Magic holds this build together

I don't run Zealot's Oath because I have it on my flasks and this setup allows me to run my offers/movement skill without having to stack Elreon Rings and reduced mana cost

Kill All (2 passive points)


1. Commander of Darkness
This single handedly makes Necromancer aurabots competitive against the Guardian/ Scion variations. If you aren't picking this up first, you're doing something wrong.

2. Mistress of Sacrifice
Skill duration to make Vaal Grace/ Vaal Grace last longer. If you are running the budget version of the build or drop a few auras, you can also self cast Flesh/ Bone offering for huge boosts

3. Beacon of Corruption
Chaos resistance is nice and helps mitigate chaos damage so you don't have to keep flasks up all the time (will be explained later)
4. Spirit Eater
Pretty alright for the increased attack and cast speed if you are running offerings but otherwise useless (don't really have to do your Uber Lab essentially). Still better than the alternative being Flesh Binder

Chaos Damage?

This flask is essentially our Shavronnes. You shouldn't worry too much about Chaos Damage as long as you keep that flask up. However if you are lazy or is worried you might not keep the flask up all the time, you can consider the alternative where you

1. Achieve 75% (Capped) Chaos Resistance
2. Run Soul of Shakari for Pantheon (Immune to Poison)
3. Do a weapon swap from United in Dream to Ephemeral Edge

You lose a bit of aura damage from dropping Envy but this setup leaves you with approximately 200 life which, coupled with life regeneration from stone golem & capped chaos resists, allows you to sit comfortably on top of Desecrated Ground and even survive most of the chaos damage over time skills. You can also un-reserve some other auras such as your curses to make your health pool more comfortable but I don't think that's worth it.

You CAN and WILL still die to chaos damage so just keep 1 flask around anyway and pop it if you face chaos heavy enemies

The Build

Current Gear Setup

I made a little spreadsheet to highlight some of the costs. You might get them for cheaper but that's essentially what I spent on it

"Budget" Gear Setup

In the budget variation, all you're essentially doing is
1. Dropping all the Enlighten[4] and Empower[4] to [3]
2. Dropping the +1 level to socketed gems on the shield
3. Dropping the mana reservation enchant on the helmet
4. Dropping all the Aura[21] gems to Aura[20]
5. Dropping Envy (you won't have the mana to sustain it either way)
6. Swapping in any rare amulet for Presence of Chayula
7. Dropping Watcher's Eye


Energy from Within is placed beside melding for energy more energy shield
Conqueror jewels reduce mana reservation and makes your auras stronger
Watcher's Eye is a quality of life


You must run AT LEAST ONE Coruscating Elixir which would usually be enough. In slower parties, you may want to 2 or 3 because flask charges might not generate as fast. The other 4 flasks are basically quality of life and can be swapped out for others as you desire. I would consider Sorrow to be pretty important though since it's your only way of regenerating energy shield outside trying to not get hit so natural regen kicks in.

Detailed Gear Breakdown

Essential Uniques

Essentially the tri-fecta for this aura setup. Not only do they make your auras stronger, but also cheaper so you can reserve more of them, translating to more attack speed bonus from Commander of Darkness.

A Shavronne's Wrappings will let you not worry so much about chaos damage and skip out on the flasks and stuff. I actually tested this out and KB's DPS dropped to approximately 98k (refer to top for tri-fecta buffs) which I felt was pretty huge


One is expensive and for min-maxing damage while the other offers lots of energy shield and is a budget option. To give you an idea based on my earlier DPS image, KB drops to approximately 127k tooltip without Envy (from 134k)


A rare pair with as much energy shield you can get (Intelligence helps with energy shield as well). Getting some maximum life helps if you're lazy to flask and is relying on your chaos resistance and regen to sustain again chaos damage (although the increments are minimal). You can also pick up some dexterity to help with your attribute requirements

You could run with a 2 socket Tombfist if you have really good abyss jewels lying around


Sin Trek is amazing in that it provides DEXTERITY, ENERGY SHIELD, MOVEMENTSPEED and some nice evasion/ enemies can't leech on the side. It's hard to beat even by rare boots since most rare boots are used for their resistances

Running a Skyforth allows you to either
1. Squeeze out more health so you don't have to drop Envy to "survive" chaos damage without flasks
2. Squeeze out Purity of Elements for even more resists (your friend can essentially go glass cannon at this point with almost 0 resistances on his gear) as well as COD buffs
3. Squeeze out more levels on Clarity which is helpful running with mana hungry builds
4. Squeeze in an additional curse if you can afford a +1 curse amulet

Some people run a Steppan Eard (don't have it myself) which makes you immune to desecrated ground but this build should have enough health & life regeneration to survive that anyway as explained earlier


High energy shield and chaos resistance is ideal. You can also pick up flask duration as well as maximum life which are both quality of life improvements for survive chaos damage while flask is down

Bated Breath actually offers LESS energy shield since Abyss Jewels are so OP but still a decent alternative especially if you don't mind spamming flasks and don't need the chaos resistance

Lori's latern essentially offers a lot of defensive options as well as chaos resistance and movement speed (your job is to keep up with the carry afterall). Light radius is also pretty neat

Any unset ring to run your clarity for free COD synergy with
1. Lots of dexterity (needed to wear some of the high level gems)
2. Lots of energy shield & intelligence (more survivability is always nice)
3. No increment to gem levels (This build can't even run a Clarity level 2)

Literally best-in-slot. Plenty of chaos resistance, conversion of maximum life to energy shield and even stun immunity. An Eye of Chayula is decent or just run a rare amulet and YOLO through the stuns

Gem Links


Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Generosity Support

Use this for United in Dream since Generosity applies to Envy. If you are running Ephemeral Edge

Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Fortify Support

You may also swap in Leap Slam instead of Shield Charge. I honestly feel that the build has enough movement speed without Shield Charge and Leap Slam is a great way to get across ledges


Vitality - Haste - Discipline

You can get a +3 to level of socketed gems thanks to the corruption which is why Haste and Discipline is here. Some people prefer to run Haste on their chest for maximum bonus to allies but you become slower and harder to keep up and it messes up the mana reservation (grace/ determination) which I will explain later.


Purity of Fire - Purity of Ice - Purity of Lightning - Enlighten

I like to have all my purities in one place. It's also neat that they benefit from the +2 level of socketed aura gems. There is really no alternatives here


Empower - Anger - Hatred - Wrath

Empower to push the gems even further in terms of damage. For example a level 25 Wrath (21 Gem + 1 from armour + 3 from Empower) hits the 5% elemental penetration threshold which is pretty significant

Determination & Grace

Don't link them to the other 4 because Empower will make them cost more and you won't be able to run the full "15 auras" setup. Grace & Determination is also perfect on the chest piece because they are expensive (50% mana reservation base) which benefits greatly from the 30% reduction on Vic's


Blasphemy Support - Enlighten Support - Elemental Weakness - Projectile Weakness

Basically throw all your curses in here. This is the setup for maximum damage in most situations. You can replace the 2 curses with the following combinations (same colors so you don't have to recolor your boots)
1. Defensive with Enfeeble - Temporal Chains
2. Charge generation with Poacher's Mark - Assassin's Mark
3. Some niche with Temporal Chains - Flammability/Frostbite/Conductivity


Increased Duration - Stone Golem - Vaal Haste/Grace - Portal

Supposedly "optimal" setup since you won't really have the life to cast anything beside Vaal Skills

Increased Duration - Stone Golem - Vaal Haste - Bone Offering

My favourite setup personally since Vaal Haste and Bone Offering both benefits greatly from increased duration. You can swap Bone Offering out for Flesh OFfering if you want to run faster. Only downside is you can't cast the offerings if you are running Envy (too little life)

Cast When Damage Taken level 20 - Stone Golem - Vaal Haste - Bone Offering

A slightly lazier setup that offers plenty of defensive options. You can run low level version with CWDT level 1 (for more frequent casts) but I feel the 30% versus 10% difference on block is pretty huge

CWDT doesn't cast Vaal Haste btw


Throw this onto your rings just so you can run an additional aura for more Commander of Darkness buffs

Thanks for reading through my guide. Do leave me some feedbacks on what I can improve on be it the build itself or the format of the guide. Also, feel free to ask any questions. Lastly, you can check my profile and it's essentially the only character I have there since it's my first league
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Hey dude, this is pretty interesting. Any thoughts about 3.2?

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