Trypanon CoC Scion in 3.1?

I recently said heck with it and went ahead and purchased the last few Might is Right cards I needed to get my hands on a Trypanon. I wanted to try out a CoC build with it for giggles. I was thinking Scion would be interesting as I've yet to try one.

Alas I'm at a loss on how to start out, my thoughts on it bounce all over. Which primary skill to proc CoC, which spells to link in etc. I finally landed on a Cyclone dual nova (ice and shock), but I'd like to try not following some cookie cutter build from 2016.

So I figured I'd call on the forum hive mind for advice. Think cyclone/dual nova would work well enough? How do you even start out a build like that? Am I better of just jacking up ele dam, area, should I increase crit multi to some tarded degree?

Again it's just something I am trying for fun, but would at least like to have some degree of success. Any help or input to aid me in creating out this build would really be appreciated. Thanks ahead of time.
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Well gee thanks for the help.
I'm WAY too late to respond to this, but I have some experience with a melee Trypanon build, and I theorycrafted a 3.1 build which seems viable but never brought it out of the shadows of my imagination.

You COULD go whirlwind, but I was thinking one unusual option would be a Ground Slam Scion Heirophant with a lot of jewel slots and two Ancestral Warchief totems.

With a 5 Link Trypanon, you could go:
Ground Slam -- Multistrike -- Fortify Support -- Melee Physical Damage Support -- Added Fire Damage Support
If a 6 Link is available, add Faster Attacks Support, Concentrated Effect Support, or Elemental Damage With Attacks Support.

Your Ancestral Warchief was a bit trickier in 3.1, but in 3.2, the additional totem does not need to be in a helmet slot, so you're going to be golden. If you have a Tabula Rasa or other 6-Link, you can have a TON of fun with this combo--
Ancestral Warchief -- Faster Attacks Support -- Melee Physical Damage Support -- Concentrated Effect Support -- Added Fire Damage Support -- Elemental Damage With Attacks Support


Jewel Slots: Pack them with as much added elemental damage for Maces, Two Handed Weapons, and general. This will make the Increased Elemental Damage With Attacks Support gem more preferable to other choices. Also, get what you can in attack speed when you have the space or can find the right combination.

Get a Darkness Enthroned Stygian Vise and slot two additional eye gems into it that enhance your attack speed and damage (and whatever else you feel you need to shore up, like elemental resistances and the like.)


That's the base part of the build. From here you can customize. One of my builds had a cast on crit Vengeance that life leeched, for example.

I know it's too late for 3.1 but I hope it at least gave you some ideas.
Thanks I'll have to give totems a try. I toyed around with a double nova cyclone berserker but I found that even with faster attacks/attack speed from the tree the mace was a bit too slow for cyclone. I probably could have milked more attack speed though from the tree. Still though it didn't go very well. Map clears were awesome, but any boss above a tier eight was normally instant death.

Thanks again for your input ill have to give it a go again sometime. My Trypanon is going softcore standard so dunno when, but ill have to see.

Appreciated mate.

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