[3.2 viable]Chieftain Reave using oni-goroshi 100%+ converted fire damage

Hey guys i never really did a build guide because i never really find the time to do one.
I stream daily on twitch week and weekend at twitch.tv/qcjbedard.
This build was made on xbox Abyss league so i don't have the gear sadly.. so all the gear will be in image.
This build was made in 3.1.
Not updated anymore

My gear lv 70

lv 1-30 http://poeurl.com/bKCS
lv 31-60 http://poeurl.com/bKCT
lv 60-100 http://poeurl.com/bKCU
With vaal pact http://poeurl.com/bKCV
Evasion http://poeurl.com/bK3o
juggernaut Armor Crit http://poeurl.com/bPor

Unique Needed or optional
Weapon Oni-goroshi (can be farmed from twilight strand)/Required
Oskarm Optional
Wise oak 15% pen Optional
Lion's Roar Optional
Xoph's Blood Optional

Bandit Kill all

Chieftain ascendancy ngamahu, Flame's advance/Hinekora, death's fury/arohongui, moon's presence/Tawhoa, Forest's strength

Main Skill
6L Reave-Melee physical-elemental damage with attacks-multistrike-main/ruthless-concentrated effect

Totem Skill
Ancrestral warchief-concentrated effect-elemental damage with attack-melee physical damage-elemental focus-ruthless

Greust One shot twitch highlight: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/221378052

Kitava act 10 twitch highlight: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/221377586

Mapping strand https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwX135zIQw8&feature=youtu.be

This was my first build guide give me you thought about and just a head up i speak mainly french so maybe there is some typo and all video are mostly in french )=
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Hey, I'm kinda interested in your build, can you post a video about mapclearing?
Wendora wrote:
Hey, I'm kinda interested in your build, can you post a video about mapclearing?

I will try but i just started the new league on xbox so i am leveling a new character atm
if i don't forget i will try to do a video.
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Just updated my build guide with a video with me mapping. i did it quick and didn,t remember the build because i just wanted to play something else so he is not high lv atm 77.

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