[3.1] Mjölner is back!? - Double Mjölner Cyclone

- More of a fun build
- Doubt it would kill guardians/shaper
- Fast clearspeed

I had just died on my Poet's Pen character and I wanted to play something kind of similar, so I created this. Both Poet's Pen and Mjölner have the same internal cooldown, 250ms. The obvious downsides to this is that this has to be done in melee range, you don't get the +1 in gem level and you are limited to lightning spells. Mjölner is a lot cheaper, though. Also, we do get a few tricks up our sleeve with the shock effects instead!

You can pretty much use any lightning spells you feel like, I chose Arc because of the free +1 chain and Shock Nova because I felt that helped with single target damage quite a bit.

This MIGHT work as a league starter if you can just get double Mjölner, which are usually pretty cheap. Until then you can just use any elemental spell, as I did when I was leveling the character (Firestorm).

This is semi-hardcore viable, I do play it hardcore myself but I do feel squishy at times.

Pros & Cons
+ Great clearspeed
+ Pretty cheap to get started
+ Can be done on 4-link
+ Double Mjölner!

- Squishy
- Many map mods you don't want


You hit with Mjölner, which has a 250ms cooldown, making the wanted attack speed to be 4 attacks per second or 0,25 in-game. Every time you hit you will send out Arc and a Shock Nova.

When you kill things you will get a chance for a Sprit Charge which you then release with the use of Cyclone for a Spirit Burst.

Furthermore, when they die they will explode dealing even more lightning damage around them.

Inquisitor for the increased elemental damage, crit and increased effect of shock.

The order I took the points are:
Righteous Providence - Inevitable Judgement - Augury of Penitence
I haven't done Uber lab yet but I would probably take Instruments of Virtue for the increased attack speed, might even change Leap Slam for Flame Dash for the increased spell damage then.


Planned tree:

Bandit choice is Alira because of the Crit Multiplier and resists to help out. Killing all is also an option.

The only REQUIRED gear is two Mjölner.

This chest helps out a lot so I recommend that one.

This ring lets you run double heralds and Wrath aura (thanks to the 4% reduced mana reservation node) instead of being forced to Blasphemy a Warlord's Mark for the life leech.

You can 4L in the chest and lose the Fortify or add a Life Gain on Hit instead of generating Power Charges. If you have a 5L or 6L this is my recommendation in priority order:
Cyclone - Faster Attacks - Fortify - Power Charge on Crit - Increased Critical Strikes - Life Gain on Hit

Because I invest a bit in increased shock effect I don't like to use Elemental Focus but if you want you can definitely slot in that instead. I use:
Arc/Shock Nova - Controlled Destruction - Iron Will

For Lightpoacher I use:
GMP - Physical to Lightning - Added Fire

Last bumped on Jan 4, 2018, 5:27:24 PM
Cool to see dual mjolner. I was playing something similar in Harbinger on a Zerker. Clear speed was nice, build was fun, but single target was very meh.

Eventually I went to Cospri's with GC and that solved the single target issue, just less flashy.

Neat build.
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