3.1 Wild Strike Goroshi


Made an Wildstrike oni-Goroshi Slayer. 7.5klife. 1.5mil wild Strike + 600k totem on shaper.


any thoughts?
Last bumped on Feb 25, 2018, 4:47:40 PM
I really like this build. I'm a bit confused about the physical damage conversion (wild strike) when it comes to the nodes (from the tree) applying damage. Would you outright do more damage with more elemental damage type choices? all in all,I think ill be rolling with this come next league.
Abyssus + wild strike = shit. You get the crit multi only on the first attack, not on the things produced by the skill.

If you are looking at your damage, only the melee hit is really doing something. You should swap skill.
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According to the wiki and various forums, it is understood that wild strike converts physical to one of three elemental attacks. Because it is still classified as a melee skill, the skill is still subject to the melee critical chance provided by the tooltip. People seem to be confused about the conversion and the specific melee and elemental critical hit chances, with the elemental infliction not holding true to raw melee critical strike nodes from the tree.

"Your melee weapon strikes an enemy, converting physical damage to a random element." meaning that there is only one strike, one of three possible after the conversion.

According the path of building, as it is programmed, it does show that there is a seperate critical roll chance for the additional effect. effective crit chance (with this build) 51% ( crit multiplier 447%) and the followup critical chance being 41.73% Crit multi 283%

I think Tschubbo had the right idea about wild strike and oni goroshi because similarly they both derive or gain in addition damage from physical. (with Oni goroshi providing a 123% of Sword Physical Damage gained as Extra Fire Damage).
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I don't get what you are trying to say.

Wild strike is divided in two parts:
-The melee attack, which benefit from melee crit multiplier (from abyssus and the tree nodes)
-The projectile/arc/aoe part, which doesn't.

The PoB is doing correct damage on the melee part, but is shitty about the second part. You will not clean well at all, and you will take massive damage due to abyssus. Wild strike is simply not the correct spell to use in this case, that's all.

Last edited by Keyen on Feb 25, 2018, 6:53:16 AM
I dont get what your trying to say. There is a initial elemental hit of 205907 and is followed by a weaker overall aoe of 39112. You complain about how the crit is so low with the aoe but clearly its not that great he begin with. Every build suffers from abyssus, so I am confused as to why your knocking this build so hard.

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