[3.1] ASS - Ueblesache's The Poet's VD + CoC

Hi everyone,

i think there are quite a few people that already play with The Poet's Pen out there. I want to introduce my interpretation of this awesome wand because it is just one of the most fun things that poe ever gave us.
I always like builds with massive amounts of effects so that your party mates will hate you and blame you for their deaths.
This build is far away from immortal, but when you play concentrated and don't roll t15 maps with 325 damage mods, you can easy reach high levels with this build.

I started this build following this guide https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2008216 because i wanted to play COC with cospris first. After i got my hands on two pens i started lvling a ranger with them (lvlin speed was insane, but just dont play ranger, Assassin is by far the better choice).

Beginning + Lvling:

To start with the build, just buy 2 pens with at least 11% ias (45 - 50 chaos each) and follow my tree. Before you reach the needed amounts of attack speed you should consider walking instead of bodyswapping. Your damage will be over the top from the first minute you grab the wands until about lvl 64, no matter which spell you will use in the wands. So its no problem to skill all the life nodes first.

I chose skillpoints for bandit rewards.

If you want to play this build as your first build, you can just play a normal caster (like lighning tendrils cwc ice nova or something) and switch to pens at the time you can afford them. I leveled like this with a 4l volls, lightning tendrils cwc ice nova and increased crit or something until lvl 68 without any problems. before cwc i just used the tendrils.

My Skilltree is exact the same from my COC tree with cospris, perhaps there is still potential for a few adjustments. If you get more acc from your gear than me you could unspec the accuracy + crit nodes and free up 5 points.

Ascendancy Order:
1. Unstable Infusion
2. Deadly Infusion
3. Ambush
4. Assassinate




Only really needed items:

Nice to Have is a watcher's eye jewel with fire pen while using Anger and these gloves (not really sure if they do any dmg but i was too lazy to test other gloves :

If you want to follow my Tree you will have to use an intuitive leap on the left side of the tree, but thats almost useless to be honest. it was mandatory back when i was cospris coc and needes the endurance charge.
For Other jewels you should aim for at least two jewels with flat max life and flat mana regen. You wont need any mana reg on your gear then. I have these jewels and beside them only jewels with crit multi and resis (a little bit random at this point).

The other Gear is quite random

Boots are rubbish but you need the leech enchant

I use this amulet for hard encounters (biscos is not mandatory, although that should be clear).


Pen 1:
Unearth + Bodyswap + GMP
Pen 2:
Volatile Dead + conc effect + ele focus

Body Armour:
frenzy + faster attacks + cast on crit + increased crit + ice nova + fortify (this would be my 6th Link when i get a 6L belly)

Ele weakness via Blasphemy or herald of ice curse on hit


As you can see in the gem links section you teleport every 2nd attack with bodyswap, so every 0.5 seconds. If you raise your attack speed above 4 attacks per second, your volatile dead will trigger everey 2nd attack instead of every attack because of the internal cooldown from poets pen. So a value close to 4 attacks per second is just perfect.

You teleport around a map and erase every mob (0 Mobs remaining here you come) since volatile dead has auto-aim.
For hard encounters just teleport around the boss, and kill them offscreen without getting hit once. Boss dmg while facetanking is over the top.

The cast on crit is for the instant dmg on close range. The VD Fireballs fly behind you most of the time and clear everything that wasnt destroyed by the initial dmg of VD, unearth and ice nova.

DONT PLAY THIS BUILD WITHOUT SOUND!! You can miss valuable drops because of the roaming VD fireballs clearing whole rooms offscreen.

Done encounters so far:
Atziri (not deathless because of reflect phase)
Alsmost all Maps up to t15 corrupted
Elder white + yellow + all guardians white + yellow

You can play every map mod except ele reflect.
For Phys reflect i use a lvl 1 unearth instead my lvled one.

If you have questions feel free to ask!
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added lvling section and deeper explanations at a few parts.
Order of Ascendancy prioritizes ?
Skilltree prioritizes ?
Jewel stats to look for ?
How to fixing the mana issue ?
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Added Ascendancy section and wrote something about the jewels. Since they fill my missing stats on gear (res, mana reg etc.) they are quite random. If i had a amulets with life, mana reg and res instead of biscos the jewels would perhaps be completely different.
For Skilltree its like i wrote: First all life nodes and then do what you like. The damage will always be great.

there is no real mana issue. The worst thing that could happen is a no regen map where the boss spawns no mobs. But even that is doable, since the spells trigger even with the standart auto attack.
Just wondering if I need another single target for boss? Is it also possible to turn the chest link into full utilities skill? Is the ice nova dps really needed?
you dont need another single target for boss. the ice nova is very useful for freezing everything around you that comes too close.
you cannot facetank high dmg bosses, but its totally possible to jump around the boss and let volatile dead to the rest.
hello i'm interesting this build and i was play one.

just one question, does fortify has effect with frenzy?

i had try it, actually it is not have effect
Oh yeah sorry you are right. I bought a 6l velly in the meantime. Just take empower as 6l instead of fortify or life leech. I chose a lvl 3 empower
Really enjoying this build!

Currently lv77 - done maps up to t12, going to try red Guardians + yellow Elder soon :)
Sorry if this is a stupid question - what's gaining power charges?

Edit: I'm dumb - ascendancy :)

Second question: Which pantheons do you recommend?
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