Frost Blade Assassin 3.1 (Need help)

Hey guys, I want to play a frost blade assassin. Because, I think it can be better than raider, but I might be wrong.

So, here is my build :

So, I need to have opinions on this build before I try it. Is it good? What should I change? Is raider better?

Thank you for your help.
Embrace the vaal and the corruption! Only then, you will be bless by Atziri. That's how I got a Headhunter in the Atziri Apex of Sacrifice!
Last bumped on Jan 4, 2018, 10:37:38 AM

I'm playing a shadow as well, and would like some extra ideas on a frost blade shadow build..

Currently running Oni-Goroshi and Friday blades in my 6L. Need some build ideas. :)

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