[3.3 ready] HC Viable AntiBS Witch, clears all content.

(old, new setup in 2nd post)
Welcome to the no bull build

No Crit Dmg, No Bleeding, No Freeze/Chill, No Shock, No Ignite allowed.
No Anti Crit Dmg, No Anti Block, No Anti Dodge, No Anti leech, No EE + Ele weak lower your res get bursted nonsense.
This build runs pretty much all map mods, no regen included.

Unfortunately can't help against lag, died in Oba's cursed trove :/ but I got what I needed from the new league anyways.

Stats with guardian friend while was still on HC.

All map viable, Guardians, Liches (if no one adding dps need them to clear out the room you can solo easy but with players in you won't be able to take down spires fast enough unless you got absolutely maxed stuff), tested in SC.

Mechanics & Main Gem Links
Helm -> Lv 1 CWDT + Unearth + GMP + Volley
Weapon -> Phase Run + Duration + Rallying cry
Shield -> lv 1 CWDT + Spirit Offering + Immortal Call or enfeeble
Gloves -> Scorching Ray + Cast While Channeling + Desecrate + Spirit Offering
Chest -> Summon Flame Golem + Minion Damage + Empower + Fire Penetration + Volley + Spell Echo
Ring (Unset) -> Clarity
Boots -> None
(See "Main Gear" for changes & extra details)
GMP vs Volley -> GMP will clear faster, volley will shotgun rare/unique and lesser dmg penalty when it uses other skills
Empower vs Elemental Focus/Controlled Destruction -> Without a +1 chest, empower does worse dmg wise, but it will give your minions some more hp, but minion hp don't really matter too much anyways since you do resummon them quite refrequently for the dmg boost.
Order of Importance -> Golem > Spell Echo > Volley > Minion Damage > Fire Penetration (huge boost especialy in pvp when others have overcapped res)

Whenever you take hit damage, your cwdt unearth will trigger and produce 7 corpses, your SO will consume those corpse immediately (have this cwdt on the shield so the corpses are made first) and replenish the damage you take by an amount somewhere between 1.5k-2.5k depending on how well you are geared. You can push this higher if you have the cwdt unearth linked to volley gmp lmp and put the minion on your helm, but the correctly modded helm (+3 minion level, Minion Damage, 30% elemental damage essence + Life/Resistance) is extremely hard to roll given that it is only doable with essence so you probably won't have it, but if you do get it, it would not only dramatically increase your golem damage (pseudo 7 link), but also dramatically boost your defense due to the 2 extra corpses produced by the addition of LMP in having the unearthed combo on the chest.

Note: This es gained is currently instant and subtracted prior to life. So for example if you take 2000 hit damage and you had 0 es at the time, but the consumption of the corpses would've netted you 2000 es, then your health would not dent at all

This effect can occur 4 times a second and is extremely powerful vs stuff that hits especially when you've got a support boosting you.

On the +side you will also be channeling, channeling will give you pseudo es regen (refer to Gear section for more detail).

Fortify & Elemental Equilibrium
Fortify can be obtained via support, generally support will fortify you with vigilant strike + threshold jewel, but this build will still work great without it.
Elemental equilibrium is triggerable by you when hit (from cwdt unearth procs) if you have added cold damage from boot enchant or your awesome support can do it for you (Yes if you on HC you def should run with support)

Rallying cry Mana gained shenanigans.
Not sure what the deal is, but apparently 20% is enough to overheal you,
IE say you take 1000 damage, 300 will be subtracted off your mana. With the old damage taken goes to mana 20% would've meant you recovered 200 mana instantly.
With the new DTGTM the same 20% value is gained over 4 seconds, which should restore 200 mana over 4 seconds meaning you would never overheal no matter how many times you get hit because there would be a net deficit of 10% mana subtracted; but apparently the way it works is that it either stacks additively, or is modded by mana regen, or 20% of that hit per second over 4 seconds (else you would never heal back all of your mana by taking hits on a no regen map).
By stacking additively I mean this -> you take 1 hit of 1000 (-300 mana), recover 200 mana over 4 seconds, but before the duration is over you take another hit of 1000 (-300 mana), and the duration refreshes but now you are recovering 400 mana over the 4 seconds, which means cumulative hits would lead to overhealing.
Or it could be the other 2 scenarios, too lazy to test, regardless what this means is you won't need 30% damage taken gained as mana for MoM to be fully effective, I'd say about 16%-20% is good (1 spirited response + corrupt on ring or 2 spirited response)

Main Gears

If Kaom's Roots, then
Clarity goes on an unset ring. No End cry usage.
For flasks you'll want for the suffixes Anti Burn/Curse/Bleed/MovementSpd
->Have burn on the HP flasks, Movement on the quick silver, Curse/Bleed on the 2 extra utility flask (i.e. basalt + Bismuth)
Use Rare ring in place of Dream Frag

If Death's Door, then
Then Clarity + Enlight + Arctic Armor can go on weapon, and 4 link End Cry + Rally cry + Phase run + Increased Duration.
For Flasks you'll want for the suffixes Anti Burn/Curse/MoveSpd/IronSkin
->For this setup you can also use stibnite flask over granite depending on situation since a stibnite basically can double your effective hp vs those in the cloud (or if your support is online with you, that will be a massive Evasion increase)
->For Dream Frag, If you can you want your dream frag corrupted with damage taken gained as mana, this will help alot.
->generally Chayula will be alot better due to the massive chaos resistance bonus it confers.

Side Notes:
Shaper's Touch + Astramantis is a viable combo, massive es,evasion, mana boost, will need dedicated gear elsewhere.

Best replacement for Aurumvorax will be an Angelic Kite shield with ES/Life/Chaos res/All Res/Leo's Reduced Dot Taken Mod

Alleopathy is also a viable option for gloves, You lose the -Fire Res from SR but gain the ability to storm barrier when CWC which can make you extremely Tanky while standing still if paired with arctic armor + support

You will want to corrupt one of your jewels with immune to silence. And at the very last you will want to shoot for +3 chaos res corrupt on the other 5.
If you have an abyssal jewel with Minion taunt + Minion Blind + life + ES or Mana that can also replace a rallying cry jewel if you are running the death's door setup.

For the reason why you want a burning removal flask refer to HoGM Deathless Guide under Videos.

HoGM Deathless Guide

Demonstration: https://youtu.be/pQw2e4wsh58
Meet DanZ&Some Others: will add later//

List of BS to watch out for:
1. HERALD OF ASH (Usually the Wanders Will Have this) <- This is why you have your trusty Burning Removal flask, trust me you will want to remove the burns that is proliferated onto you from your nearby golems being slain

2. Essence Drain, It's a slow purple dot, some players named JDog or something will usually use it, Don't get hit by it, especially when your chaos resistance is not overcapped, in some scenarios maybe an occultist or scion nearby etc and lower your chaos res and you will die even faster without noticing. If you are degening in HoGM and have popped all your flasks that means it can only be chaos Degen, if it is too much port out immediately or log out. Usually this is fine because you should not be hit by it.

3. Aegis Aurora, there will be some CI Aegis builds in there, but don't worry, that is why We use Balefire linked with Elefocus, Burning damage, and efficacy on the weapon switch. Lure them out and focus on them with balefire's SR this will melt down all aegis users with no problem (make sure to turn off golems)

4. Bear trap if you get bear trapped. IDK what to tell you except don't get bear trapped. I've been bear trapped in there before, but I haven't been ever killed by bear trap in there// you are going to want to press phase run if you get bear trapped, the npcs will most likely ignore you as demonstrated in the video.

5. DanzGG, Hall of Heroes. If you do not have brass dome, do not do HoGM, you will get 1-2 shot, but as you can see with brass dome and no enfeeble, you have quite a bit of effective mitigation there, just try to stay in open areas and make use of your phase run.

6. Necromancers, firestorming, lag BS. You are going to want to take your time proceeding here if you don't want to die because your screen like mine freezes for a good 5 seconds (and don't get hit by minion instability it won't kill you but it hurts).

7. Multi curse + EE. Make sure your resistances are good. If you have a support or with decent res gear, this should be cake, else you want to make sure you are flasked with the resistance flask. Usually I like to combine Anti warding and bismuth together it makes for a nice Anti BS combo.

Will post up guide/video to guardian later, pretty much face tank all of them except the very big hits, was my first time as well, took a few deaths trying things to see learn their kits. If I had a support would've been extremely easy.
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The anti-BS Mark II 3.3 Ready Version. Vastly improved thanks to Indigon's existence. Clears All Content.

Sorry this post won't be as elaborate with pictures and stuff, I'm busy with other stuff, but occasionally I just like making builds to take my mind off things, and I can assure you it works because the math.

Class: Occultist

Pros: 71/71 Block (75/75 possible), Pseudo Aegis, Very Good Regen, No running out of flasks, Very Good dmg, CI w/20k+es possible

Cons: Expensive. Cannot do maps with no mana regen.

List of No BS mechanisms Included:

No Crit BS
No Bleed BS
No Phys Dmg BS
No Chaos Damage BS
No Stunlock BS
No Reflect BS
No Getting crapped on by rapid small-mid strength elemental dmg hits BS (can mitigate over 4-5k average damaging hits if you have mana guardian with you thanks to pseudo aegis)
No Having to deal with enemy block BS (for pvp/halls clearing)
No Shock BS
No Unable to purify Burn from enemy HoA BS

Items needed

Voll's Devotion
Dream Fragments
Romira's Banquet (Resolute Technique Version) or Gift's from Above (ele focus version).
Death's Door (2% life and mana regenerated when hit lab enchant)
Advancing Fortress (culling strike corrupt if you going the extra mile)
Rare ES gloves Socketed Gems Deal 30% more damage over time Essence Mod (though it is possible to get the needed block chance for 75/75 by rolling elder gloves, it would probably be too much of a pain to make since gloves have enough mods in the pool as is)
Rare ES Chest
Rare ES Shaped Crystal Belt, Looking for mods: ES/%es/reduced crit/energy shield recov/mana recovery/ int(only on essence I think); The most important mods are reduced crit, energy shield recovery, and mana recovery
Rare Shaped Titanium Shield Looking for mods: ES/%ES/Mana or Spell Dmg/Chance to block/Recover ES on Block/Int or All Resist


x1 watcher eye (clarity with mana gained as es + determination with reduced extra crit dmg taken)
x1 pure talent
x1 energywithin
x5 reckless defense
x2 es/mana abyssal jewel

Notes: Pure talent is not an absolute, but I do find it quite nice since it's much easier to get than a perfect rare es/mana abyssal jewel. Sadly Using pure talent will leave you at 109 dex, not enough for a max leveled faster attacks, so it will have to be underleveled.


Prefix of all flasks should be Avenger's.
Eternal Mana Flask of Dousing (Removes Burns, this one has to be on the mana flask for best effect)
Bismuth Flask of Grounding (Anti Shock)
Sulfur Flask of Warding (Anti Curse)
Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline (Adding Movespeed)
Silver Flask of Resistance // I chose a silver flask over other flasks cuz the speed helps alot

Gems/Link Setup

Helm: Lv 1 CWDT - Lv 1 Tempest Shield - Lv 1 Unearthed - Lv 1 Arc
Chest: Scorching Ray - Efficacy - Burning Damage - Elemental Focus - Controlled Destruction - Arcane Surge
Weapon: (Fortify comes on the weapon) - Shield Charge - Lv11+ Faster attacks - Accuracy/Culling Strike/Charged Dash (gets you across gaps)
Shield: Enlighten - clarity - determination
Gloves: Lv 21 Essence Drain - Lv 21 CWDT - Efficacy - Controlled Destruction
Boots: Lv 14 CWDT - Lv 1 discharge - Lv 16 Immortal Call - Increased Duration


//if you are Not going Resolute Technique + Romiras, then you can replace cwdt unearth with cwdt enfeeble or temp chains
//reason why I put Essence Drain on CWDT instead of self-cast, because that is time down on your scorching ray, not to mention it won't be as reliable in times where your mana cost gets real high. When you are hit, Essence drain will give you ALOT of your hit damage received back over the duration, so I've put it in as a CWDT proc.
//Reason why I pick the Ray over Blight is because of reach, it being elemental rather than chaos to deal with CI users in halls, don't need Green supports so you are not pressured to hit 114 dex, drains 50% more mana over time than casting blight, meaning faster Indigon ramp up, and lastly Blight requires your 2 extra jewel slots to be used for the blight jewel to maximize it's damage output. PVE wise, blight is pretty much better, but I like SR because of it's versatility.
//Determination can also be used to instantly ramp up your mana costs.
//You will be at around 600-800 mana regen depending on how good your gear is, so the huge amount of mana reserved by determination won't really affect you that much, you should still have a good 1200-1500 mana left for casting stuff.
//Determination is more important than discipline for the reduced extra crit damage taken effect when paired with watcher's eye. Suggest playing with a good mana guardian support, make your life 10x easier.
//Because occultist gets power charges from using mana, you can actually get enough to upkeep immortal call from just casting SR, but if you feel pinched for whatever reason you can take the resolute technique route with romiras.

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thanks man

Some really nice ideas here, I tried the CWDT setup in a tabula rasa on a necro I'm leveling, with SRS in a Ncyta's Lantern, zombies, 2 vanguard spectres and a stone golem, and it allow me to just stand and spam SRS against abyssal mobs.

Plus it also makes my minions tanky and hit harder!

Quite a different approach to my usual bone offering block style

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