[3.1] Scion (Slayer/Raider) Oni Blade Flurry. 1.75m Shaper DPS 6k HP.

Haven't made a build guide before, but I've messed with a bunch of different things such as LL Dark Pact last league, so this league I decided I wanted to make a build concept around 2 new mechanics in Abyss league, Abyss jewels and Oni-Goroshi.

I've always been a fan of boss killers so Blade Flurry has always looked very good to me, and with the way Slayer Over Leech works at the moment, I felt like it was fairly needed along with the DPS a Raider can give.

For the most part on jewels/amulets/rings I've only got 3-4 stats being Life/Resistance/WED (Where accessible), same with boots.

This will be capped at 90 for now, to farm further is your perogative

- Very tanky, 6k life with min maxing can probably reach 7k and be less reliant on res from rares

- Blade Flurry by itself is giving around 1.7-8m DPS, with ancestral call also doing 500k DPS and min maxing not being completed yet, can probably break the stratosphere with Abyssus giving an extra 500kdps.

- Possible to also use Lightpoacher with a Blade Flurry enchant for mapping and swapping into Abyssus for bossing so you get 1/2 more abyss jewels and the map clear the it gives, unsure of damage without spell scaling.

- Haven't looked into too much of the costs, Shroud of the Lightless is fairly expensive as is taste of hate and some enchants you can get, but being a scion with some of the resistance wheel you can save on some gear. Getting 15 good Abyss jewels could possibly get expensive, but haven't looked too deep into it as I said.

- Still need to get the character started, as of now this is just a concept of possibility.

PoB link:

Stat Images from PoB:


Alira, Crit multi is really strong, same with free resists.

This build is up for min maxing at this point as I haven't started too much into it, going to be using another build to farm currency until I have all the gear bought for it before hand, I will be streaming it in the next day or two at http://www.twitch.tv/iidecay
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So i really like the look of this build i was just wondering if it would still be viable without the chest piece since its pretty pricey atm
So i really like the look of this build i was just wondering if it would still be viable without the chest piece since its pretty pricey atm

Hey bud, yeah you can easily use a 4l belly as a replacement, 5l would be nice as we have ancestral protector in chest piece to proc shade form (chest piece) and give it the 5th link ele pen lvl 20. Kaom's heart pushes to 7.2k life lowers damage by about 150-200k and means no protector.
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Sacrificing little bit of life, and going over to this side of the tree gives you much more DPS.

Can't use Elemental Focus and still get the Embrace buff.
There is a guide to cyclone\bf\frost blades oni by kira on first page. I go hard with pob there, getting 2+ mil 6+k hp on zero budget gear.
Vaal Pact is dead, long live Vaal Pact!

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