3.1 Lightning Conversion Bladefall (EARLY STAGES, will UPDATE when lvl 90+)

Concept Behind the Build
I heard a lot about the hype of Spell Cascade with Storm Call,
but haven't seen a lot of Bladefall builds with this new support gem. I decided to give it a shot myself. This build is still a WORK IN PROGRESS. I will update it accordingly when the build is complete :). I have a youtube video attached that showcases a small guide along with Tier 2 mapping (currently lvl 74 inquisitor with 2 ascendancies in).

This build converts 80% of our current phys dmg in to lightning damage by using Physical to Lightning Support and the new Stormchargers Unique item in 3.1. Inpulsa's is a great addition to the build because it helps immensely with waveclear (because of the explosions) and syncs well with Herald of Thunder damage. This build is currently at around 72% crit rate (it's around 80% with power charges), so we are pretty much always shocking. Shock effectiveness from Inpulsa's and Stormchargers helps enhance our single target when we replace Spell Cascade for Conc. Effect!

Youtube Video which further explains the concept and current progress!

Current Path of Building Pastebin
this is pastebin for wave clear dps, hence the spell cascade gem is still linked in and "shock" is checked since we will usually be doing enough damage to apply the maximum shock bonus.


1. Bladefall - Added Lightning Dmg - Physical to Lightning - Increased Crit. Strikes - Spell Echo -
Spell Cascade/Conc. Effect

2. Herald of Lightning - Wrath - Enlighten

3. Leap Slam - Fortify - Blood Magic - Faster Attacks
Leap slam is preferred movement skill of choice so that we can get the full effects of Instruments of Virtue.

4. Lightning Golem - Minion Life

5. CWDT - Immortal Call - Vaal Haste - Inc. Duration


Current Passive Tree


How did you level this through the acts?
I started off with 2x Driftwood Wands and slowly upgraded to Axiom Perpetuums which I kept using until Blood Aqueducts. Then I swapped off in to my current staff.
I used Frostbolt up until lvl 28 and started using Bladefall. I was already lvling the support gems:
Added Lightning Dmg, Increased Crit. Strikes, Spell Cascade, and Physical to Lightning, before I used Bladefall so that I could link it to the spell when I was able to use it.

I recommend adding a Lightning Penetration gem in until you do your 2nd ascendancy for Inevitable Judgment so that you won't feel like you do no dmg.

Herald of Thunder is great with the addition of Inpulsa's because of explosions and lightning dmg.

How do you sustain?
I am using a warlord's mark ring.

Do you still get shocked when using Vessel of Vinktar's while wearing Inpulsa?
you still get shocked, BUT, you are not affected by it. So you just don't take more damage.

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This version of the build is pretty much stronger in every way. I recommend getting two daggers, they don't even have to be as good as the ones used in this path of building. They will outperform the staff in every way. Next you should take AoE on the tree. Why? Because it affects the explosions of inpulsa's. After that you should pick up a watcher's eye which gives you the effect Physical damage added as extra lightning damage while using wrath (these cost around 20c). Also you should change your movement skill to whirling blades. Personally if I were you I'd also pick up some insanity gloves to boost the speed. With these changes you're looking at 200k dps with spell cascade, and 534k with concentrated effect, as well as 5.3k life which can be increased with better gear.
Hey I took a look at the build changes proposed by dun198 and I agree that he has some very good suggestions. While perhaps with a staff you can grab all the staff crit nodes, I personally don't feel it is worth it to give up shield charge or whirling blades. I think a standard EK nova build is kind of similar to how you would build a build like this-spell crit, ele damage, etc.

There is also the option of perhaps going MoM for some added defense; of course, this would mean you would have to drop some damage nodes and would have to run just herald of thunder or wrath in an essence worm. This would, imo, make the build significantly tankier at the cost of dps. This dosen't necessarily mean MoM is superior, just a different version. Here is a tree I threw together if anyone would like to take a look.

more, more dmage if you use these items.. anyway the tankiness is not good (i'm also trying a full blocker with staff atm)
Mirror service: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2246346
All my builds: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1830178

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