[3.1] Poet's Death Pact Necromancer 360k-500k DPS

Poet's Death Pact Necromancer

Hi, and welcome to my guide for my take on the poet's pen death pact build.
So far I've taken this build to tier 12 maps, but I can easily imagine taking it further, just haven't played enough so far this league. It's still a work in progress, so if you have any critique or ideas for improvement don't hesitate to say so!

- Tons of damage
- Fun to play
- Fairly survivable
- Only deals chaos damage
- 1 button click kind of build
- Can still be one shot
- Low life
- Can become expensive

Atziri - Had one stupid death to Trio. Should be deathless

Bandits - Kill Alira, all res, crit multi and mana regen are all valuable
PoB - https://pastebin.com/m4YWA2EP


Not much to explain here, get two with 12% Attack speed preferably.
Put your summon skeleton setup in your left wand, that way summon skeleton is cast before Dark Pact. If you don't Dark Pact will hit you first, and you wont experience that sweet point and click explostion.

In this slot I'm using a Starkonja's. It gives some crit, some AS and some much-needed life. Rat's nest is also an option, but I favored the 90-100 max life more than 5 AS and 50 global crit.
Increased effect of Assassins mark will give you the most overall DPS, but curses are nerfed vs bosses, and also the damage increase is only when you crit. (In POB)
Instead, I went with 40% Increased Dark Pact damage. It isn't nerfed vs bosses and is also more reliable when it comes to one-shotting packs.

For body armor, the choice was quite easy. Cherrubim's grants a bunch of extra chaos damage, extra life, and leech rate. While also being fairly easy to get the correct colors on your sockets.
Alternatives would be a Belly of the Beast, A Carcass Jack or a shaped/elder chest with increased base crit to spells (+ life and resists).

Getting a 6Link is not required. You can do just Frenzy + Power charge on crit (for bossing) + faster attacks.

You don't really need a wither totem setup. Atleast i haven't gotten a good use for it so far. Most stuff dies too fast for wither to stack up. But this is an example of how you can use the shaper mod "Supported by faster casting/Increased cast speed" to have a 2L flame dash, and 4L Wither totem in one slot.

Stats to look for otherwise: Increased attack speed, Life, ele resists.

Here you just want some generic Life / Ele resist high movespeed boots. If you're not doing wandering eye or Warlords mark, you need the Life/mana leech after a kill enchant. Some ideas for the future include using the elder/shaped mod which grants reduced cooldown recovery speed. Which will reduce the internal CD on poet's pen and CoC.

I was running short on links, So here went for the Grants lvl 15 Vitality corruption. Most of these with good life / ele roll are quite cheap. When / if i find a strong cheap Unset ring I'll switch to a Stygian belt.

These are not the best rings, but I wanted a curse on hit ring, and this was one of the cheapest with abit of ele resist early on in the league. The other is ageneric life / ele resist diamond ring.

I really wanted to try out this amulet, and it fits my build really well. Despair is also an incredible curse for our build.

Cheap alternativ
You can use whatever amulet you'd like if you instead of running a CoC setup in your 6 link, with a gmp curse on hit despair. But you'll loose out on 100k ish dps from the extra Dark Pact


Weapons wrote:
Left Weapon: Summon Skeleton + Minion Life + Minion Damage / Empower
Right Weapon: Dark Pact + Increased Critical Strike Chance + Concentrated effect

Gloves wrote:
With faster casting shaped gloves: 1L Flame charge. 3L Wither + Spell Totem +
Increased Duration.
If you don't have Faster Casting shaped gloves, you can do a 3 link faster casting, flame charge and arcane surge. + something to fill (Vaal summon skeletons for example)

Helm or boots
4L: Desecrate + Bone offering + Ice golem + CwdT20. Important to ahve Desecrate before bone offering here. So that the cast order is correct.
4L: Haste + Clarity + Despair + Blasphemy
- I chose haste here because there's a lack of movement and attack speed when starting from the witch side of the tree.

Last bumped on Feb 12, 2018, 9:33:18 PM
Do u Still playing this build?

I saw the video, I think it has a low life pool... Am I wrong?

I'm learning abt the game and ur build looks interesting and fun, but is possible to do the endgame content with it?

I started with molten strike and saved some currency now I'm looking for a fun to play build.

Sry abt my poor english
I took a break from Poe, but i agree, it has a low lifepool. But i deal with this by having a ton of skeletons with abyss jewels like "minions taunt on hit" and "chance to blind". I can surive most stuff that isnt just plain old one shots. I personally had noe problems doing red maps before i took my break with this build.

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