- 3.1 - THICC Jug Nebuloch Sunder Tank (Lab Farmer)

- Introduction -

Hey all, got a new build for those that wish to try it. Just came back to PoE after a very long hiatus and wanted to make a build around Nebuloch. Found THICC JUG (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hn40A0geuY) and thought it was a perfect base-model for my build.

My guide is nowhere near as awesome as his, though! Kuddos to him for such an awesome video guide! All the same content is contained in my guide, but certainly nothing like his great video.

My goal was to improve upon the shortcomings of that build while keeping the tankyness intact. I feel I have done so extremely well. Overall this build seems to have more damage and even a bit more damage mitigation, so I'm to the point in the build where I wish to let it out for the public to give another option to people looking at making a Jug.

It's important to note that this build fulfills the same role; it is absolutely amazing for Lab farming (ironically something I hate; Lab needs to GTFO) but I still don't know if it can kill Shaper and it's still far from the fastest mapping build. It's a different way to play that same role, so if you don't like THICC Jug you probably won't like this build either. It's important to manage expectations and know the role of the build.

I was planning on getting videos of various content with the build but I don't have much content unlocked in League (or currency and desire), and I'm currently working on another build. If anyone wants to try this build out and let me know how it handles Shaper/Guardians/Red Maps etc that would be amazing!

- Path of Building Link -

Note: I left the original flasks from THICC Jug in PoBuilding for another option that may suit others better; for the flasks I personally use, see the flask section below.

- The Build vs THICC Jug -

I am going to focus on the differences between my build and THICC Jug, as it is primarily a variant of that build (albeit completely different in a lot of ways).

- PROS: -

1) More damage. Quite a bit more. And at the same time using 1H + Shield, which was my main goal. We also increased our passive bleed chance to not need to use Chance to Bleed support and instead use Concentrated Effect for a hefty damage boost.

3) Nebuloch adds many defensive bonuses in addition to a damage boost. We have almost double the armor (29000 vs 17000), 9% more reduced elemental damage (this takes place at final calculation; it is NOT the same as 9% elemental resist), and a big improvement in the build, chaos resist! With a 25% Chaos Res Devoto's this build reaches 0% chaos res; which isn't amazing, but it's a lot better than -60% making poison less of a threat (and was really one of the only chinks in our massive armor).

4) Using a shield gives us spell block (another chink), phys block, and/or more elemental resists (if you choose to go with Saffel's). Abyssus is also an option here, but I prefer Devoto's for the movement speed. Gearing options will be discussed below.

5) Almost double the damage of Warchief for even more total dps.

- CONS: -

1) Have to manage fortify as we cannot use the Swipe Threshold jewel. Instead we get fortify by leap slamming, but it must be actively managed.

2) Less life regen per second as some of our regen is eaten up by Nebuloch's fire DoT. We still net over 400/second but that's about half of the original THICC Jug.

3) Need to use Level 3 Enlighten for our auras as we don't have 10% reduced mana reserve from 2x Ichimonji.

4) More dependence on endurance charges, as they impact not only our defenses but also our damage from Nebuloch. This is somewhat a mute point as you should be keeping 9 charges up at all times anyway, but in the instance of certain bosses it will take a moment to get your charges back and your DPS and mitigation will be greatly reduced. This is also important because of point #1 regarding Fortify.

5) Overall this build is harder to play (I think; I never played the original THICC Jug). There is more to manage to keep your defenses up and your DPS optimal. However, it does reward you for doing so.

- Gear -

First, some things of note: You need to get Int (and Dex if not using Devoto's) on your Amulet or you have to invest more points in the tree. An amulet like the one I have is a great, cheap amulet that adds a lot of value. Because we use so many uniques, plan out your resistances accordingly. We hit res caps due to 9 endurance charges; without the charges, our resists are shite. We also need a jewel with phys mana leech. I recommend also aiming for increased mana% and reduced mana cost of skills or all ele resist to make it easier (cheaper) to get amulet and boots. I use this one:

A 5 Link Belly and Tabula are both viable (I'd recommend the 5L, though) and I have used both. They will get you there until you can afford a 6L Belly. Most of the other gear in this build is very cheap, thankfully, but the Kaom's Ways and Belly will set you back around 9 exa in league, so it isn't really a budget build. You must get at least 1 Koam's Way to run Nebuloch or you need to invest in more life regen nodes. The burn damage is no joke!

Try to get both high high added fire % and a high phys roll on the Nebuloch; both rolls adds about the same damage according to Path of Building. I think I paid 2 Chaos for my high-rolled one haha.

I also have played around with many other gearing choices, including:

Abyssus feels very nice but does diminish the "tank" aspect to some degree. I recommend you try one and see how you feel about it once you reach about level 85 and have all the life nodes etc. It absolutely blows shit apart, though.

Lightpoacher was a total bust; I was trying to use it to add more dps and also as a nice way to apply curses over a large area but it didn't work as a curse-sender without also adding chain which made me lose my golem.

For shields, I considered three main options:

and Lioneye's Pinnacle. I haven't tried the Pinnacle yet as I'm pretty damn happy with Great Old One's Ward but in PoBuilding it adds around +500 life and a hefty armor amount, so for Lab or if you just prefer being super tanky I would recommend it as a viable option. Overall I found Great Old One's Ward to be the best balance, as it adds damage, life, and spell block (which is important since our main defense is against phys).

For gloves, Haemophilia is a totally viable option (THICC uses it) but overall with 9 endurance charges and the fact we already have 100% chance to bleed (vs cursed enemies), the Battering Rams added 8% total DPS over the Haemophilia's. 13% attack speed is no joke, and not being able to be shocked is a nice bonus. Try them out if you want, though, as the 5% AOE blasts on death do add up! Either are totally great for the build, but it just seems like the Battering Rams are made for this build, as even the negative part (stun) doesn't apply to us as we cannot be stunned!

- Skills and Links -


Our primary skill is Sunder, and with it the best supports (in order of importance) are:

1) Sunder
2) Concentrated Effect
3) Melee Physical Damage
4) Maim
5) Multistrike
6) Ruthless

Arctic Armor
Purity of Fire
Purity of Ice (or Lightning if you prefer, but I believe it increased your total Int requirement)
Level 3 Enlighten

Ancestral Warchief
Melee Physical Damage
For the 4th slot, you can either socket Blind, Culling Strike or Ruthless. I prefer Ruthless as it raises Warchief damage to almost 70000 dps, but it's up to you.

Leap Slam
Faster Attacks
Blood Magic

CWDT (level 1)
Lightning Golem (the 6% IAS adds more DPS than Flame Golem) (level 3)
Blood Rage (level 7)

3L (only needs 2L):
Enduring Cry (linked or not, doesn't matter)
Vulnerability (or Enfeeble. I go back and forth as to which I think is better.)

- Flasks -
These are the ones that suit my playstyle, but they aren't perfectly rolled, nor are the intended for all content. Feel free to use the ones from THICC Jug if you prefer. The base flasks (and the two uniques) should be used, though.

- Leveling -
This build is actually very easy to level due to the nice unique maces available and being able to use our primary skills from the get-go. Use Sunder (or Molten Strike) and continue to buy all level appropriate unique maces like Geoffri's Baptism and Marohi Equi. Shit gets rekt. See Path of Building for leveling trees.

- Conclusion -
This build was a lot of fun to make, and my first build since returning to PoE. It definitely did what I wanted it to do, and I hope some of you out there enjoy it, too. I can't categorically say it's better than THICC Jug, and in a lot of ways it isn't. I'd say it's pretty equal, as we added a lot but sacrificed a lot to get it. I do think this build will reward a skillful player more than THICC Jug, though, as if you play it well you get more damage and even better defenses (via a shield and Nebuloch) so it's more of a high-risk, high-reward version of that build. A big shout out to Engineering Eternity for creating the foundation of this build.

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Hey man nice build, thinking of giving it a go as I love 1h/shield builds. How far do you think you could take this in endgame?
Sev_AU wrote:
Hey man nice build, thinking of giving it a go as I love 1h/shield builds. How far do you think you could take this in endgame?

Anything but Shaper; and possibly even him too if you got good enough gear to run Abyssus.
Appreciate all the effort in the write up. But, Expensive build to build... I dont think I could ever start a new season and be able to gather that much of currencies to buy those gears...

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