[Help] Oni-Goroshi Bladeflurry Scion

I am trying to make my own build for the new Oni-Goroshi unique and been experimenting for fairly long what the way to go for me personally is. I wanted to try Bladeflurry and went with Scion for both easier pathing for many beneficial things on the right of the tree and for the Slayer Overleech effect.

This is what I ended up with (PoB link): https://pastebin.com/f5MXiEAk

The gear I put in should be fairly decent but nothing outstanding either. I am fairly sure the damage won't be an issue with this build, however I am really unsure about surviving.

I have a 50% evade chance and a 30% both attack and spell dodge chance thanks to The Perfect Form and I end up with roughly 5,3k life and 1,7k life leeched per second with the Goddess degen active. The other layers of defense would be Arctic Armour, which seems to come in handy when channeling Bladeflurry, Fortify through Whirling Blades and an Ancestral Warchief that blinds bosses.

Would a Kaom's Heart be better? I'd lose most if not all of the Evasion based defense and Artic Armour but I'd reach ~6,5k life instead. Also I would probably replace Grace with Hatred.

Any thoughts on the build? I have not played with evasion before and would be really curious to know if that build has potential. I don't mind a death now and then but I would not enjoy getting myself killed every map.
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I can't check PoB since i am on tablet, but today i theorycrafted in PoB a similar build. Raider+slayer seems like the best option and blade flurry in 1 oni and frost blades in weapon swap looks very solid. AW can go full utility with blind, maim, bleed to add a lot of defence vs bosses and open up bloodlust gem for blade flurry. My version had 1,6 mil dps, 6100 life on lvl 93 and almost zero budget (4mod low roll rings and amulet, 2.5 mod jewels). Hatred and herald of ice for auras and acro without phase acro, but raider adds a bit of dodge too. If i will have time to lvl her to 80+ on ssf and no one will make full detailed guide, i am going to make one.
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Hey @CPUfreak007,

Just to let you know that your POB skill tree inspired part of the changes that I have made to the build I posted a few days back (now Slayer + Raider, was Slayer + Assassin too).

I have also credited you and your post at the top of the page of my guide.

And your skill tree definitely look viable to me. Minor things that I can point out would be:

- shorter weapon range and
- only 2 jewel sockets

Otherwise, your skill tree looks great. :)

and Happy New Year to you!

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