[3.1] Aura & Curse-Bot 9 Aura's 6 Curses |Guardian Support(No DPS)

Hi, this is my first ever guide so if you have some pointers and/or questions, feel free to message me or leave a reply.
My Character so far(AuraCurseBot):https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/Qbrain/characters

What and why?

This is a support build to help others do more dps and/or don't die during mapping(Tested until T12 maps so far, currently level 88) If you like running around, punching flasks, spamming totems and effigies while looting, then this is the build for you. If you like making a lot of new friends, it is even better! Most gear isn't that expensive a few days after league start so you can even use this a leaguestarter.

Required Gear

Deodre's Skin(+1 t0 level of socketed gems is best ofcourse) https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Doedre%27s_Skin

Alpha's Howl

Prism Guardian (If your elemental resistances are over 150%
you can use a corrupted with a corruption you like

Conqueror's Potency

Conqueror's Effeciency

Recommended Gear

Spirited Response


Belt of the Deceiver

Shaper's Seed

Shaper's Touch

Passive Tree(Level 87)

Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/DgA2MMsy
(PoB shows -% reserved mana, this is however not the issue because the effigy from Doedre's Skin uses the Blashemy setup, so you will have mana unreserved.)

Ascendancy Order: Radiant Faith, Unwavering Faith, Harmony of Purpose , Prayer of Glory

Helm: Discipline, Haste, Vitality and Grace(Skills don't have to be linked)

Body Armour: 6 Curses depending on your party. I use Enfeeble, Elemental Weakness, Despair, Warlord's Mark, Assassin's Mark and Poacher's Mark (Skills don't have to be linked!) For higher maps, Temporal Chains is recommended, so if you use a corrupted Doedre's Skin, you will need to have two :(

Boots: Chaos Golem(or Lightning for cast/attack speed)-Minion Speed-Rejuvenation Totem-Minion Life

Weapon: Blood Magic-Clarity-Lightning Warp

Gloves: Rallying Cry-Vaal Haste-Increased Duration- Vaal Grace

Shield: Purity of Ice, Purity of Fire and Purity of Lightning (Don't have to be linked, if possible Level 21 and Quality 20)


Life flask with immunte to bleeding and instant recovery
Quicksilver Flask with increased duration and Freeze immune
Ruby Flask with increased movement, evasion or armour and reduced duration/increased effect
Sapphire Flask with increased movement, evasion or armour and reduced duration/increased effect
Topaz Flask with increased movement, evasion or armour and reduced duration/increased effect


Don't know how to post screenshots, so here are the stats in plain text.

Without Flasks:

Unreserved Life: 2129
Unreserved Mana: 104
Armour: 27708
Physical damage reduction: 89%
Evade chance: 5%
Energy Shield: 4434
Energy recharge per second: 1365.7
Mana Regeneration per second: 81
Energy shield regeneration per second: 513.6
Fire resistance: 82% (144%)
Cold Resistance: 82% (150%)
Lightning Resistance: 82% (136%)
Chaos Resistance: 68%
Block Chance: 22%
Movement Speed: 40%

With Flasks and Totem:

Unreserved Life: 2129
Unreserved Mana: 104
Armour: 42861
Physical damage reduction: 90%
Evade chance: 5%
Energy Shield: 4434
Energy recharge per second: 1365.7
Mana Regeneration per second: 81
Energy shield regeneration per second: 800
Fire resistance: 89% (210%)
Cold Resistance: 89% (216%)
Lightning Resistance: 89% (202%)
Chaos Resistance: 68%
Block Chance: 22%
Movement Speed: 121%

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Ascendancy order?
Characters Tab is Private, unable to check your character.

PathOfBuilding is confusing as it shows -104% Mana unreserved. This is due to Curses being active, which isn't the case as the curses are only projected via Doedres Effigy
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Thank you for reading and giving tips, Charactre tab should be public now, updated the Ascendancy order and some minor other things.
Good idea but i wondering if applying curses via totem isn't just too slow.In 2.6 i made super budget aura guardian with auras on my totems but it was too sloppy in maps.
The Curse Totem is slowish and fairly useless for fast mapping.
For Abyss, sections of Breaches, and fights longer than 2 seconds, it can be useful to at least get charges up and debuff for safety.
make sure to run with an anti-curse flask mod.
I suggest brightbeak with shield charge-faster attack-blood magic
So far, i am not a fan of Determination aura and running with almost no life.
Yeah, I removed the Determination from the guide and gear as I never use it, moved the gems around a bit to make colouring sockets easier. Effigies are indeed a bit slow for low tier maps and very fast mapping, however, the charges, leech and life on hit they provide with strongboxes, breaches, bosses and tougher enemies is well worth it. Thanks for replying! I'm updating this guide every once in a while as I am still playing around with the skills and passives atm. So far almost 90% of the atlas completed.
Im not sure do i like "curse totem mechanic" for me also it seems so slow and just not best QoL in general but, this definately got its niche in longer fights. And for that reason I love it!

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