[3.1]Templar Hierophant. 4 M DPS. Ancestral Warchief to CI. .Uber Atzi./Shapper/Elder/Guardians.

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VIDEOS coming soon..patient....

UBER ATZIRI https://youtu.be/EzEp0Rl9i2I
THE SHAPPER https://youtu.be/hagpz_jkId4
Chimera (T16)
Hydra (T16)
Phoenix (T16)
Minotaur (T16)
THE ELDER https://youtu.be/E7ZKHtc1quk
The Constrictor: https://youtu.be/P7oSbwmB6Kc
The Enslaver https://youtu.be/shn8itpetlI
The Erradicator https://youtu.be/q7EbevcVDLA
The purifier https://youtu.be/eece5fibw3g

Chayula's Domain https://youtu.be/THLcHHQcpr4
The Pale Court https://youtu.be/lrGiXKJUwZI

If you have some question or a advice to improve this build ...tell me !!!! Thks.

TO IMPORT TO PASTEBIN https://pastebin.com/YYgqibqS


Sometimes you can use.....


sometimes you must change ....









VIDEOS coming soon ..... uploading to youtube..... BE AWARE.

Chimera (T16)
Hydra (T16)
Phoenix (T16)


Chayula's Domain
The Pale Court


IMPORT THE BUILD FROM PASTEBIN : https://pastebin.com/1puQW0KS
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just dded 5 new videos....

THE ELDER https://youtu.be/E7ZKHtc1quk
The Constrictor: https://youtu.be/P7oSbwmB6Kc
The Enslaver https://youtu.be/shn8itpetlI
The Erradicator https://youtu.be/q7EbevcVDLA
The purifier https://youtu.be/eece5fibw3g

Next soon ..... Shapper´s guardians....

Reddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/7jdwyk/tips_for_fighting_elder_guardians/

Map mods have no affect on the Elder or Elder Guardian bossfights. Roll the dumbest map you want, just be aware the quant and rarity won't have an affect either. This also means you can roll twinned/overlords/whatever other boss mods for map bonuses and never have to deal with them.
If you fail the fight and use up all your portals, or open another map, you will not lose your chance to fight the Elder or Guardians! The Elder's influence and the Guardians appearance only disappears when you complete a map by killing the boss.
Adds are not regular in guardian fights, nor the elder. Do not expect to rely on your flasks. You cannot portal out of the area, so come very prepared with a lot of -% charge cost flasks. All bosses deal lots of area damage and because they're often alone, Soul of Solaris can be useful, though its upgrades won't matter.
In general, if the boss has flown up in the air, run around wildly very fast. Keep moving in general, facetanking is not easy and makes the fights much harder if you attempt to do so unless you have immunity to certain damage types. Accept the DPS loss and move, only stop to attack when the ground beneath you stops exploding or when you really badly need to leech.
None of the bosses use curses, so replace your warding flask with something appropriate. There are a lot of slows, so kaom's roots may be of use, but the lack of movespeed could be your undoing.
The Purifier deals purely physical damage. IC works wonders. He has no adds. Run behind him when he jumps in the air and always run away from his beams. Otherwise, just have ways to mitigate phys or run very fast, or you're gonna get hurt real bad. This is the simplest Guardian.
The Enslaver deals partially phys, partially fire. The fire damage deals VERY powerful ignites. Bring flasks with ignite removal - bismuth/stibnite/aquamarine with +charges/-% charges used and ignite removal alongside regular use of IC can make him easy. His melee attacks are pure phys, so if you have a lot of phys reduction/armour, get up close and get his AI to fistfight you rather than spew fire. He spawns adds in his second phase, but only after throwing massive fireballs at you, so you need to circlestrafe then pick them off if you want charges.
The Eradicator is pure lightning spells, no ways to easily mitigate here. Constant movement required. You want shock immunity and a way to deal damage while moving, as he has a lot of energy shield and recharges it fast. In the first phase a different room at a time is filled with shocking clouds you will die in, in the second phase there are Touhou-style projectiles flying everywhere. The projectiles deal less damage than his spells, so don't be afraid to bite a bullet to avoid getting caught by his storm calls.
The Constrictor is a bow user that deals physical and chaos damage and CONSTANTLY slows you. The longer you stay still, the more stacks of "constricting vines" you accrue and the slower you will be when you need to move (the vines disappear if you're moving). He does not use spells, only attacks, so use blind if you can - chance on hit blind, not clouds, as he'll move out of clouds too fast. There's pools of chaos damage on either side of the arena and he is constantly moving. He both maims and poisons you, so your choice between soul of shakari or ralakesh. You want at least 0% chaos resistance for this fight. He spawns adds - one attack spawns clones of himself which are fairly deadly but each gives a lot of flask charges, otherwise frogs periodically spawn into the edges of the arena for a few extra charges every 5/10s or so.
The Elder deals physical and cold damage purely with spells. He fires slowish moving ice spears that will kill you and when in the air will spawn physical explosions beneath you, so again, run when the boss is floating. He has a massive ground effect that deals phys DoT, but there's a minimum range around him that won't deal damage, as well as a maximum range at the very edge of the arena. Get in close, else you'll just get ice speared while pinned to the edge. He slows you and immobilises you and only spawns a handful of adds, so in general... have a lot of MS or phys resist. Cold mitigation won't help nearly as much as simply avoiding the spears will, which is your only hope. Good luck!
Feel free to post any other tips you have for all these new bosses, which are by far the most mechanically intense we've had yet!
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Standard. Cute. I should hope you can do 4m dps with standard gear.

I wihs they would separate builds posted with standard gear cuz, gimme a break.
Standar have tons of content to enjoy.

Complete The Atlas 157/157
Get all shapers orbs
Complete 120 achievements
Complete The Pahteon
Try to defeat elder and guardians
Try to defeat uber atziri

I enjoy much more in standar tryying to get that encounters.
I play league too, but only to take skins and that stuff.

Currency and items cheaper than league.....and a lot of hours to complete the game.
Standar is cool for me.

See you .
And thks for posting.

just uploaded a chayula domain video.... . O_o
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lol standard
I like the elder video where he mows you down like a big rig running into a moped on the freeway. Great showcase.
Any updates for 3.2 ? :)
hey isn't facebreaker build better for damage?
ALso could you post your skilltreelink so we can see it better?
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