[3.1] "Avatar of Thundergods" Freezing Spark Raider - Budget, Fast clear for Maps, Uber lab.

About the Build

If you are looking for a new Freezing Spark with a great damage and a nice movimentation (no Templar or Witch) this build is for you.

The most important thing in the build is how you will look after kill 1 mob or after hit a boss. You will be pure lightning. Its an elegant look (with all procs you will be like a avatar of lightning - beauty as hell).

Im on lvl 72 clearing t12 maps and Uber Lab with no trouble at all. The pastebin will show my actual progress tree. With any doubts look at my profile character Ginasparks.


- Big Damage and Clear Speed;
- High Defenses;
- Really nice look.


- You cant deal with elemental reflection;
- You will need a mana flask;
- Sometimes your dodge will let you down...


Its a choice - i like to start with bows (split arrow) until lvl 16 and i like to facebreaker after that (infernal blow + ancestral call + melee splash). On 38 you can start using spark safer (if you have a Tabula - what is around 5 chaos atm to use all required gems). If you wanna start with spark - change spell echo for arcane surge at the beggining and buy rings from eleron with less mana cost of skills (lvl 20 rings).

Skill Tree

The point where i am


Final Tree on 90


OBS: You also can get more frenzy charges nodes if you want.

You will see life nodes and crit nodes next to this point - you will need to choose procceed between life or damage - on 90 you will have both.

Gear and Gems



The Three Dragons Golden Mask

Cast when Damage Taken > Shock Nova > Tempest Shield > Conductivity;


2 x Essence Worm Unset Rings

Wrath and Herald of Thunder;


Karui Ward Jade Amulet


Doryani's Fist Vaal Gauntlets

Cast when Damage Taken > Summon Lightning Golem > Innervate > Immortal Call;


Body Armour

OBS: The most expensive part - I used Tabula Rasa until i get currences to buy a good rare 1;

1 with life, at least 1 resist and 6 links - 5 blues, 1 green;

Spark > Culling Strike > Elemental Proliferation > Faster Casting > Spell Echo > Lightning Penetration;


1 vise with at least 100 life (with abyssal gem) and 3 resists


1 With life and resists to cap;

Vaal Clarity > Vaal Haste > Vaal Lightning Trap > Increased Duration;


Mine is not great yet - Look for a spirit shield with lightning damage, life, crit and resists to cap (if still needed).

Lightning Warp > Faster Casting > Elemental Proliferation;


Raider - Go for Avatar of the Veil > Way of the Poacher > Rapid Assault;

Bandit and Pantheon

Help Alira, Soul of Tukohama, Lunaris or Solaris (situational);


1 Bleed Life, 1 Mana, 1 Atziri, 1 Crit, 1 Move Speed;


You will always be with phasing and always with at least 3 frenzy charges; Onslaught on maps will always be on too (or on bosses with adds). Try to stay with at least 30% chance to evade attacks (evasion rating). Dont forget - is not a face tank build - try to keep your distance and you will be safe (everything will get freeze). You will not have much more than 4k of life, so... I think you understood. I do not reccomend this build for HC.

Pastebin Simulation

You will see how the damage will escalate with crit and crit mult nodes - atm im doing 25k on each spark (without using Atziri). If you simulate on 90 - you will do around 55k per spark - its a lot of damage since the enemys are frozen and the screen will be full of sparks.

Should I Go for Mind over Matter?

Its a good question. As a Raider starter, you will not have a lot of mana at end. Think well - i will go for it after get some crit and life nodes.

OFC im open for discussions about the build - i tried to let it most budget i could (it sacrifices some itens i could use to improve the build). If you are rich... we can talk different couse theres a lot of more options to optimize the build.
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Interesting Spark that's not on Witch or Temp

Thanks for the build, I'm gonna try it out (:
I'm curious, levelling this now :)

Will probably try to fit in a few more jewels
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How far you went with it until this point?
Managed to do guardians/shaper/elder?
Looks interesting... Gonna give it a shot.
Do you have any videos of the build? would like to see one. This is pretty interesting.

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