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[3.1] Meatball Chef - Molten Strike/Ancestral Call/Dual Claw Juggernaut Marauder

This is a guide to a Molten Strike build I have been using since the second week of the league start. I was searching through poebuild.io and came across this great looking build by Tahreyn and decided it give it a try. I figured I would write a short guide for anyone interested in trying out Molten Strike but didn't find any of the current builds very interesting.

Build Theory

This build uses Molten Strike with Ancestral Call and Multistrike to generate a massive amount of lava(meat) balls for damage and leech. Using dual claws allows us to gain tons of life on hit which counts the melee attacks and the balls (1 attack + 7 balls (10 with enchant) x 3 with ancestral call) allowing us to face tank most things in the game. With just life on hit with the claws and a 3 attacks per second we can get over 2200 life per second while attacking.

- Fairly quick clear speed
- Quite good boss damage
- 3.0 Vaal Pact levels of sustain
- Can face tank most bosses
- Fairly cheap to get started < 1 ex

- Expensive to max out
- Uses whirling blades for mobility

T8 Courtyard (a little slow due to increased monster resists mod)
Caer Blaidd unique map


Here is my current tree (level 90). I went with getting the damage and jewel nodes first and will finish by filling out the life nodes. Here is a recommended path for leveling.

I would go for Iron Grip first then grab the jewel sockets and get Wildfire jewels ASAP as this will greatly increase your damage. Next go for the attack speed nodes then Avatar of Fire and then the endurance charge nodes once you get your third ascendancy.

Kill all bandits for quest.


This build basically requires 6L armor, running a 5L will be a big hit to your damage. You can run a Tabula Rasa into mapping if you run defensive flasks. The only real required uniques are the Wildfire jewels, for the rest of your slots you can use rares. Try to get the Additional Molten Strike Projectiles helmet enchant after getting some decent claws, the enchant is a big DPS increase second only to Xoph's Heart.

Recommended Claws
Rare imperial claws with:
High physical damage roll OR high fire damage roll
Increased attack speed

Recommended Jewelry
Rares with:
Increased elemental/fire damage
Flat physical/fire damage
Resists and life
Xoph's Blood is BIS for the amulet, allowing us to save 2 skill points and inflict the covered in ash debuff (1.2x damage multiplier), another good unique is Ngamahu Tiki if you don't need the resists

Recommended Gloves
Rare gripped gloves with:
Increased attack speed
Resists and Life
Elder/Shaped increased projectile damage

Recommended Belt
Rare stygain belt with:
Increased elemental damage with attack skills

Recommended Boots
Rare boots with:
Move speed
Resists and Life

Recommended Jewels
Abyssal jewels with:
Flat physical damage
Flat fire damage
Flat physical damage with claws
Flat fire damage with claws
Life and resists

Recommended Flasks
BIS is Dying Sun, Wise Oak, and Silver Flask for damage
You can choose to run more defensive flasks with Basalt and Granite Flasks, especially if you are using a Tabula Rasa.

My Current Gear

Gem Links

This build basically requires 6L armor, running a 5L will be a big hit to your damage. You can run a Tabula Rasa into mapping if you run defensive flasks.
Damage Links
Molten Strike + Ancestral Call + Multistrike + Elemental Damge with Attacks + Elemental Focus + Concentrated Effect
This is our main attack. Linked up are the gems that give us our highest damage with the meatballs.

Whirling Blades + Fortify + Faster Attacks + Blood Magic
Allows us to maintain mobility and fortify for that 25% increased damage bonus from our ascendancy.

Flamability + Blasphemy
Anger adds to our meatball damager while Flamability gives some much needed resist penetration

Blood Rage + Enhance
Ancestral Protector
Enduring Cry
Blood Rage gives us more leech, attack speed, and frenzy charges. Ancestral Protector is for those tougher bosses, granting us a big boost to attack speed.

How to play
The goal while running this build it to maintain Blood Frenzy, max endurance charges and fortify. When you first enter an area cast Blood Rage, get close to a pack, and use Enduring Cry to start stacking charges. Refresh your stack when you see the timer running low. The third ascendancy will be a great help in maintaining charges.

As you move pack to pack you won't want to dive right into the middle of of them immediately. Since the majority of your leech comes from life on hit from the meatballs, there will be a short when after you start attacking that you won't be leeching life. As you play the build you will get a feel of how to move between packs.

Try to get a feel for the range at which Ancestral Call activates when you attack. When attacking ranged or stationary targets try to move into the sweet spot where AC activates and hold shift while attacking. If done properly, you will be able to hit the target with the AC meatballs as well as your main attack meatballs, getting more damage in.
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I can't find the skill tree on this page. Sorry I am new to POE
Sorry wrong page
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I just swapped from Berserker to Juggernaut with this build and my mana can't keep up. There wasn't anything in the zerk ascendancy that buffed mana so I'm at a total loss. Any suggestions? Appreciate any help you can give. Thanks

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