Need advice- 3.1 Blade flurry build

I'll start by saying I am not new to path of exile, but I would not call myself good at the game. I try to avoid guides, and would definitely like to avoid trading for gear, if possible.

Currently, I am running a life-on-hit blade flurry build, which works by maximizing attack speed and gaining a lot of life from hitting enemies. As I am reaching level 70+, I am encountering a problem- I cannot make it through tier 1-2 maps without dying.

Hence I have come here. My current build can be found on my profile (Character's name is Slipton), and I would like to know if it is salvageable, or if I should just start over at this point.
Skill tree link:

My current ideas to fix the build:
- Remove my points from poisons and put them into
-- Attack speed
-- Pathing to more total life
-- Crit?
- Remove all ES/EV gear and trade it for only EV gear.
- Add more auto triggering defensive gems, ie immortal call on dmg taken support (What other good combos like this are there?)

I currently have 20 skill refund points, so if fixing this build would take more than that, I'll just start over.

Criticism and advice would be much appreciated, thanks.
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