[3.1] Frost Blades Raider (Starter)

For those of you who don't want to see the whole post and just want to get to the point I will start by showing off my char


Skill Tree

Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/pVEmchWk

Now for those of you who don't mind scrolling and reading let's get started. This build is mainly focused to get you started in a new league. Personally for me leveling process was a breeze and with an investment of 30 chaos orbs this char carried me up to tier 10 maps. I didn't care to push it further but if you want to clear all content in the game with this char you will need to spend 4-5 exalts more on it.

-Easy to level
-Cheap even to min max
-Amazing clearspeed
-Insanely fun
-Can use it to farm up currency for next char
-No required unique gear

-Need to be careful cause you are squishy
-Not a good boss killer
-Reflect it just way too strong for you

Gearing is pretty straightforward. You can get rares for each slot. Only required unique for this build is Fight for Survival Jewel.

Use 2 of these to get 30% Increased cold damage and more importantly 30% cold penetration

For rares look for added physical and cold, elemental damage with attacks, life, resistences, eva, attack speed, int
For jewels look for abyss jewels with added phys/cold, added phys/cold to sword or claw whichever you end up using

Kill all


Way of the Poacher
Avatar of the Slaughter
Rapid Assault
Avatar of the Chase


How to upgrade

1) Opal or Steel rings
2) Belly of the Beast
3) 6th link Elemental Focus
4) Have fun
Last bumped on Jan 14, 2018, 4:01:02 PM
Okay so where is the build? like the passive tree?

It would be usefull to see the passive tree.
when you click on the first spoiler it will show all the gear, under that you will find the tree

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