The Citadel


The Citadel is a project I've wanted to do since my first hideout. The basic idea was to have giant rotating cannons but until now I wasn't sure what combination of decorations were needed to achieve to effect. With the use of overgrown arches and whale ribs I was able to create several batteries to accompany the fortress.

The Citadel and its garrison has successfully repelled a siege by Oriath forces. However, the attacking soldiers were able to breach both the lower town and the first gate, leaving destruction in their wake. The Citadel is protected by 4 defensive batteries as well as a small amount of light cannons.

The remains of the lower town after the pillaging of Oriath soldiers.

The main castle gate with a drawbridge.

The lower fortress with supply carts and cannons.

The blacksmith's area.

Entrance to the main keep.

Stairs leading up to the wall. Unfortunately a catapult shell has taken out part of the wall.

One of four defensive batteries.

Entrance to the keep interior.

The map device and power generator.


Active map device.

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Dude, you make the most amazing of hideouts. If only I could get my masters to level 8 some day... I guess once I've done that I'd be spending more time decorating the hideout than actually playing the game.
I'm pretty excited for whatever GGG has in store for hideouts... chris himself wrote a while ago that there will be something coming in the future and that they just didn't know where to fit it in with all the expansions... please let it be something amazing!
And make hideouts even bigger. Seriously, there's barely enough space!
I make dumb builds, therefore I am.
I dig your map device. I borrowed some elements of it for my waypoint [] (and gave you credit!)

Amazing work

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