3.1 Poet Pen cold focused build theorycrafting questions

Hey there! What would be the best scion ascendancy options for a poet pen cold focused (glacial cascade/frostbolt/ab) build ?

Also i do not understand

What are all these poet pen builds doing for reflect ? Especially the crit based ones....

How effective is life gain on hit on spells mod + life gain on hit gem as a replacement for leech ?

Best options for a high movement speed ? How hard is it to cap now QoTF ?

Thanks in advance and Merry Xmas to all:)
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Well you do not run elemental reflect maps and single elemental reflect can now be easily dodged. Not sure about life gain on hit using spell mods, i personally do not life the gem as it takes up a damaging spell node. There are other sources of leech witch scales with your HP and damage.

If you want a build that procs cold spells there is a item called cospris mallice. It's like a sword that procs socketed cold damage spells. The build can be done using discharge, using Freezing pulse and frostbolt, glacial cascade. Combined with Vors unqiue chest armour and a Cast on crit setup it by passes the "trigger socketed spells" 250ms cooldown quite nicely as you would cast on attack with 1 weapon then if you are using a skill that alternates weapons like cyclone you would trigger the other weapon and crits would trigger your chest setup witch is linked to cyclone. Further more if you can get your cyclone to hit once ever 125 ms it would trigger the swords on cooldown. Look them up i played one some time ago (can't find the exact build). The only problem is mostly defense for that build witch you need to figure out your self but as a map farmer it is stupid fast.
This is what I'm using at the moment - when I swap out for QOTF and more evasion based armor I don't see an increase in movespeed in PoB - it actually goes down 1%. It maps really fast but is squishy and you need to dodge/use decoy totem smartly.

My gear isn't top tier yet but Inpulsa's is crazy good and I like lightpoachers though I may swap it out on red maps for Starkonja's or a rare for a more defensive option. Right now I'm just enjoying exploding 3 screens away.

Path of Building paste bin: https://pastebin.com/eJDDJtBh
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Not sure that Scion is actually the best class to play a Poet's Pen, but assuming you want to play it similar to a Cospri's Malice build, then something like Assassin + Elementalist or Assassin + Inquisitor would be viable options.

Most of the builds I've seen are running Volatile Dead or Cremation in their PPs and then a simple 4 link of Frenzy - Faster Attacks plus I think Onslaught and Culling to build frenzy charges and proc PP as often as possible. A Raider might be a good option since they can easily build and maintain frenzy charges and you can proc it off a Barrage, which would also give you good single target (and could do something like Freezing Pulse - Elemental Focus - Cold Pen or Arc - Elemental Focus - Lit Pen for clearing in the wands)
I have been doing a Poet's Pen build with Frost Bolt and Ice Nova, the Ice Nova is mainly for single target and Abyss' as the AoE perfectly covers the holes made. https://pastebin.com/6JU2uBGJ

That's the pastebin. The build has been working very well. Obvs can drop some stuff and go down to Scion life if you want more life. Hope that helps.

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