[3.1] Cursra-Bot! 4 Curse-Blasphemy + 9 Auras

Sick of being just a Cursebot or a Aurabot? Be both!

NOTE: This build is not able to deal any damage in it's current state, it's doable but will cost you probably one curse.

Current Auras and Curses


-Temporal Chains
-Assassin's Mark
-Elemental Weakness


Current Gear


Current defensive Stats


How to Play?

-Cast Desecrate + Bone Offering (Keep this always up)
-Use these mandatory! flasks to always stay Curse and Bleed immune.

-Keep Vaal Grace up as often as possible
-Get yourself a Watcher's eye, these two properties are really op together even if it doesn't look like it at first glance.

Passive Tree



How to start?


Pick Witch and level up with your favourite spell / attack.
Do Ascendancies with people if you feel comfortable with your hp.

Once you hit level 68 switch your equipment. What you need at first is:

At this point you will be able to run Duo Curse (Temporal Chains Q20 + Enfeeble Q20 + Blasphemy Q20 inside Victario's Influence!) and all purities and some other Auras. Also grab yourself some cheap Chaos Resistance + Life Gear (and other resis).

Once you have enough currency switching on a "+1 Curse Limit Stone of Lazhwar" can be really nice since you will stick to it for a long time.

If you can't afford one use Doedre's Damning instead.

Switching to triple curse (Elemental Weakness Q20) is most times better than running one additional aura like anger.

If you get your riches on and on, these two will be your next goal.

Swap Lazhwar for an amulet with at least the following 2 stats "5% reduced Mana and 35%-40% Block chance applied to spells".

Swap your boots for Skyforth. Good starter boots would be Ralakesh's Impatiance, if you skill Conduit (Only 1 skill point)

And then get yourself a second Doedre's Damning or if you feel ultra lucky try to corrupt your new amulet (I wouldn't recommend it tho, this takes a lot of luck)

Choices / Goals


Bandits: Kill all 3.

Ascendencies: Commander of Darkness > Mistress of Sacrifice (Bone Offering!) > Spirit Eater > Beacon of Corruption (Chaos Resistance nom nom)

Pantheon: Soul of Lunaris, Soul of Ryslatha

Dangerous Maps Yes even this build has some dangerous maps. The most dangerous are any combination out of: Hexproof (less curse effect) > Reduced Block % > Unlucky Dodge > Max Resistance %

Flasks: 2x Divine Life flask (Both instant, 1 anti bleed, 1 anti poison) 1x Silver flask (Duration + anti curse) 1x Basalt flask (Duration + anti bleed) 1x Divine Mana flask (Instant + anti ignite)

Stat Priority on yellow gear: Life + Chaos Resistance > Other resistances > block chance (shaper gloves) > attack speed (gloves) > Flask effects (shaper belt) > Evasion > ES > Mana

Curses: Always Temp Chains (Q20) and Enfeeble (Q20), the other 2 are your choice or probably simply depends on your mates.

Auras: Things you always should run: Clarity level 1 + all 3 purities and in the following order: Hatred (If phys builds) > Haste > Grace > Wrath > Anger

Vaal Auras: I love using double Vaal Grace. You can choose what you want but double Vaal Grace feels awesome.

Offering: Bone Offering. Always. ALWAYS!

What even is Advancing Fortress? I didn't even know it existed. This item is GOLD. PURE GOLD. 15% Block Chance, hp, es, evasion, fortify support and even flat life gain on hit.

If you are interested, ask, discuss. I will expand this thread if people are interested in building around this build.
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I like this build so far (only lv 71 by now)
One question, why Spirit eater over Beacon?
Syveneas wrote:
One question, why Spirit eater over Beacon?

I think it's kind of a preference.

Spirit Eater gives desecrate 2 more corpses -> longer offering duration / less desecrate casts / no need for spell cascade. (I'm still ranting about the one corpse missing tho!)

Spirit Eater also grants Atkspeed for corpses recently destroyed -> Faster whirling blades after offering.

Beacon only grants chaos resistance, while it is really good to be capped most times you won't be dying to chaos damage itself but other degen like a really crazy vortex. (Chaos damage gets really irrelevant after hitting cap)

So I would recommend to get beacon only if you are really struggling to get chaos resistance. But it's really cheap, that's why I like to take Spirit Eater before.
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This Build seems to be more or less dead now, right? :<
While I gotta admit it has been a huge setback I was thinking switching either to an Occultist Curse Bot with a few auras or an Ascendant with Necromancer and Guardian Nodes. Tho I'm kinda struggling because I can't manage to get to 100% aura effectiveness with Ascendant which would be really really great. I only get to 97%.

The new big plus for Ascendant is:

+More skill points
+All of the Guardian specials which are really great (Charge sharing + additional aura effect)
+And 10% aura efectiveness

I'm only able to get to 100% aura effectiveness with Dying Breath and that's a bit uncool due to prism guardian (100% due to the Guardian phys reduction on auras)

If we switch to an Ascendant we will lose some block due to the universal Offering nerf as well as Chaos Resistance but the guardian node is really cool and we also might be able to take something like gladiator.

TL;DR: It's not completly dead Ascendant saves us :D Tho Necromancer is dead for this build as it only has one viable node left!
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Yes, currently working on it as well, if it fails... well then RIP, was a good time last Season :D

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