[3.1] Cheap Easy STR Summoner SMASH easy mapping

Cheap to start and easy to play. The zombies are the map clears and the golems are the bosskillers.

Watch this build in action at twitch.tv/jaymethiel

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/eE672vAz

Endgame PoB Link https://pastebin.com/3P783LxT


  • Cheap and easy to start
  • works for SSF and/or HC - level with rares
  • Very relaxed play style - push one button

  • Movement speed is based on flesh offering and quicksilver flask.
  • Primordials can be expensive.

Skill Tree, Ascendancy, Bandits, Pantheon Powers


Full tree 122 points - See levelling guide below

Ascendancy Points: Mistress of Sacrifice (speed), Commander of Darkness (damage + resistances), Spirit Eater (damage). Last one is either Flesh Binder (phys mitigation) or Beacon of corruption (chaos res) depending on your needs.

Bandits: Kill all

Pantheon Powers: Major: Lunaris, Minor: Ralakesh
I change Pantheon powers depending on situation. eg: Solaris & Abberath for Itzari.

Leveling Guide

There is only one recommended item while leveling. You can use whatever rares you find. Just aim for strength items. You can usually find the Baron for quite cheap as of 3.1 - 1 Chaos Orb. You will be leveling with SRS on twin totems, using Ancestral Bond. This will give you 6 points to respec after you have the primordial jewels. Leave Ancestral bond in place until ready.

SRS Gem Link

Passive Tree (49 Passives)

Passive Tree (66 Passives)

Passive Tree (98 Passives)



6 link Stone Golems

Empower Lv4 instead of Concentrated Effect. Slight damage loss, also much more expensive.

4 link Zombies in The Baron helm

As soon as you can afford it, replace the Melee Splash with Empower Lvl4 for Zombie Smash

2 link Curse in weapon


4 links - 2 x CDWT
Keep CWDT at lvl1 and other gems at required L38 or just below.


2 link

(Unset Ring, pref +2 socketed gems)


All gems should preferably be 20% quality. End game offence gems should be lvl 21 as well.



Good Armour

Best would be Belly of the Beast. I will be trying the new armour in Abyss. Although it will be expensive to get the right socket colours.

Example Rares



You need 3 primordials to gain the extra golem from the Anima stone. the Might is required, the other 2 can be 2 harmonys or 1 Harmony plus 1 eminence. The Efficient training and Violent Dead both need to be in specific spots to activate the bonuses.

2 x Efficient Training
2 x Violent Dead 15% damage
1 x Anima Stone
1 x Primordial Might
2 x Primordial jewels - 1 harmony and 1 eminence, or 2 x Harmony.

Extra Jewels
You can add an extra harmony in the last slot or use a Ghastly jewel in the Abyss league. I use 1 in the passive tree and 1 in the belt. On Standard it would be a heavy belt.

Endgame Changes

Add these items:

Swapping the shield for the clayshaper.

and change skill tree as following: (6 points to respec)
Tree with Necromantic Aegis

As this is my first build post I may have missed something! let me know in the comments below or on my Twitch channel twitch.tv/jaymethiel

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Fixed links. Adding more gem links in tomorrow plus example rares from Standard.

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Thank you for the write up Jay. Will help me a ton when you are offline. jaymetKisskiss :D
Looks great! Got any videos perhaps? Doesn't have to be amazing, just love to get a sense of clear speed / how it works, etc.

I'm a bit confused by both zombies and golems... Why can't each work for both?
I'll be adding videos shortly :) still working on my 6 link in Abyss! :)

The zombies and golems are separate links, is that what you're referring to?


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