[3.1] Dual Strike crit Gladiator - lvl 94 AHC.

Hi, I got a bunch of whispers about my build so I though I'd make a quick guide. If you want to be hipster supreme or if you thought that less popular skills aren't viable, feel free to try this out! I was consistently around top150 for the first 5 days of AHC, since then I haven't been playing much but I'm still around top 250 and alive. I killed elder in t10 map so far and Chimera + Minotaur. all of these were fairly easy.

Gonna record a few vids and upload them soon.

Why Play it?

-very tanky
-decent sustain
-easy to get started on budget gear
-decent aoe clear (yes, really)
-abyss spinner proof
-ok single-target
-whirling blades
-runs ele reflect maps without dps loss
-can farm uber lab

-low crit
-needs rumis for max block
-name-lock melee
-not soul eater abyss elite proof
-some map mods (reduced phys damage) hurt

The idea of this build was to make a pure physical damage character that can utilize Ancestral Call and Gladiator bloodsplosions for AoE clear and swap out AC for decent single-target. I went pure phys because I wanted a very tanky armor + block character, so this left me free to run Grace for high armor and Blasphemy Vuln for more damage and consistent bleeds.

The area clear in this build comes from 3 sources: First, the multi-hits from Ancestral Call. Second, from the off-hand melee splash from Dual Strike jewel. Third, from the Gladiator bloodsplosions. These together make it so that most white packs explode to a single attack.

Although I could only reach around 40% crit chance with crit accessories, it still seemed like a viable option over RT due to easy access to good crit nodes and high accuracy from duelist and ranger start area. While the maximum life from passives isn't particularly high, I made this build with belly in mind for higher % life. I'm at 52/52 block (with gladiator passive proc) and 70/75 block with Rumi's. I have 12500 armor and 7100 life.

With Ancestral call in my links, my DPS in PoB is 90k with no vulnerability, totem, maim or other buffs. With AC switched to Chance to Bleed, it's 126k. This is in pure physical + bleeding damage so it's not mitigated by boss resistances. By using maiming warchief totem, Vuln, charges and flasks, burst single-target DPS is over 300k vs bosses.

I ran this build with Dual wield Scaeva and a 5-link until level 90, at which point I switched my main-hand for a higher damage sword and managed to 6L my belly. I now consider my gear mostly finished apart from still lacking proper crit accessories and better jewels and possibly a gg mainhand, but I prefer to save currency for an alt.

If you want to run this build and get started on low budget, start with: 2x Scaeva, any 5L with Dual Strike + Ancestral Call + Multistrike + Melee Physical Damage + Brutality. You also need the Dual Strike threshold jewel. All other gear can be just generic life + resistances armor/evasions pieces, try to get flat phys or crit stats in accessories. Buy Rumi's and work on getting a 5L belly when you can.

POB link: https://pastebin.com/2xUVZQEf

Passives at level 94: www.poeurl.com/bHmV

Videos (parts missing, sorry)

T11 Colonnade (full clear): https://youtu.be/oxoMS64-bmY
T13 Terrace (cold damage, hexproof): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gd0Jl7Y5jyo
T14 Colosseum (enfeeble, monster life): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xC8xEsE0Q2Y&t=2s

Current Gear

Probable questions:

Can I run this as a non-gladiator?
-Yes, but you will need the Haemophilia gloves or something like Herald of Ice to assist you with AoE clearing.

Can I run this as an ele build?
-Absolutely, but again you either need to deal at least a little phys damage to bleed enemies or find something else for AoE clear.

Can I run this with RT?
-Yes, and using it while leveling is a good idea anyway.

Why not use Vaal Pact
-Personal preference, I'd rather have some life regen running.

Why not run Crimson Dance?
-I figured it's not worth the points for the DPS increase, and for some monsters the increased damage while moving is useful.

Is threshold jewel/Ancestral call worth it?
-Yes, you'll notice a significant drop in your ability to AoE clear if you lose either.
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Going to try this build out (in SC though), thanks for the build!
Hi sir may I know the Ascendancy path in the build for what passive should i go first in the Gladiator
Trying this, thanks for the build dude!
Where do you get that extra intelligence for blasphemy gem levels?
Also, I'm curious what you put in your sockets..
Also, why are taking the precise interception nodes when you arn't using a shield, am I missing something?

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