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[3.1] The "Abyss-Cycloner" - Instant Leech! - up to 15 Abyssal Jewels! Atlas 100% complete!

So first off, sorry for my bad english. If someone wants to improve this thread and fix my grammatical errors, feel free to pm me :)

After the start of the league i was looking for a Build which is good for map clearing but also a good boss killer. I also wanted to make a build which include most (if not all) of the Abyss-League Items. I saw the Build Lanlin was using and messaged him to get some more informations before i set-up the character. So Build Credits go to Lanlin.

1.) Pro's & Con's
2.) Ascendency & Pantheon
3.) Tree
4.) Gems & Links
5.) Gear Choices
6.) Basics
7.) Leveling

Did all but Hall of Grandmaster with this char (didn't tried it since a friend was about to finish his run).

- super safe for mapping
- doesn't need a 6link to do higher tier maps
- can run all mods but physical reflect
- it's a beserker, so very easy to level ;)
- not too expensive

- can't do physical reflect maps
- not the fastest build

So, we are choosing Berserker since it provides us Leech, Attackspeed, Movementspeed and a huge amount of Damage.

For Major-Pantheon i choosed Soul of Lunaris since it provides us with physical damage reduction, movement speed and some defensive aspects.
For the Minor-Pantheon you can choose whatever u prefer, i took Soul of Gruthkul to gain more defensive while mapping.

Bandit: You can either take oak or kill them all for 2 more skill points

24 Skill Points

38 Skill Points

72 Skill Points

Level 90

Level 100

This is my preference. You can't have many skill gems due to the Abyss-Items so choose wisely ;)

You actually don't have to swap gems if u don't want (like me). Playing with Concentrated Effect is totaly fine due to the Spirit-Burst trigger we are having on the helmet.
Cyclone -> Melee Physical Damage -> Maim -> Concentrated Effect (Single Target) / Increased Area of Effect (Mapping) -> Chance to Bleed -> Damage on Full Life

Setup used to spawn more Spirit-Burst missiles on attack!
Greater Mutiple -> Volley

Offensive Curse Setup
Blasphemy -> Vulnerability

Aura + Warchief for Boss Fights
Herald of Ash + Ancestral Warchief

Movement Setup
Whirling Blades -> Fortify -> Faster Attacks

Cast When Damage Taken Setup
Stone Golem -> Cast When Damage Taken -> Blood Rage


Possible the heart of this Build.
The Scourge gives as a good amount of Leech and have also a very good defensive aspect for mapping, the spectral wolfs. They blocking much damage for us.
Bloodseeker gives us Instantly-Leech, thats why we don't need Vaal Pact in this Build.
You can buy it either with Culling Strike or Weapon Range, both are nice for Mapping!

Bronn's Lithe is maybe the best offensive Cycloner Armor in this game. Downside: u need to get 5-off-colors. Belly of the Beast or a good Defensive-Armor can be used too.

Here we gain most of our resistances for smooth mapping. Try to archive as much as u can here, so u don't need to get resistances on jewels.
You should also try to get some dex on them, since you need 144dex for Bronn's and 154 for a Level 20 Blood Rage Gem. Life & Physical Damage to Attacks are nice stats to have.

I'm using an Essence Worm to gain more damage via the Hatred Aura. Downside: If you are running with 3 Auras you will have 89% Mana reserved so you can't spam Whirling Blades 24/7.

Try to get every Abyss Item with 2 Abyssal Sockets. Every extra Socket boost your offensive and defensive stats. It can be very expansive to get 2 Sockets on the Boots tho.

You can either choose the Abyss-Unique Belt (2 Sockets) or a good rare alternative with 1 Socket. If u are running 2 rare Rings you probably use the unique Version to gain more Damage here.

Try to get a Flask with Anti-Bleeding and Anti-Freeze. You can use either 2 Life Flask or 1 Life and 1 Mana Flask (for no regen Maps).
Lion's Roar and Atziri's Promise boost our Offensive and Defensive Stats.
Taste of Hate would be a good last choice, which i didn't afford yet :P

Try to get as much offensive stats as possible on your Jewels. You can gain Life + 3 Offensive Stats on a Abyss Jewel or %Maximum Life + 3 Offensive Stats on a regular Jewel
More in the next section.

Lightpoacher gains 1 maximum Spirit Charge per Abyss Jewel you have socketed (including passive Tree). Whenevery u kill a Monster, you have a 15-20% Chance (depending on the roll) to gain a Spirit Charge. Whenever you Attack (in a Cyclone Frame or with Whirling Blades) you trigger a Spirit-Burst which also heals you for 5% of your maximum Life. So for mapping its good to have as many Abyss Jewels as you can.

To gain the full effect of the Gloves, you need to socket it with 1 "Searching Eye" Jewel and 1 "Murderours Eye" Jewel.

The Boots give you 10% Increased Damage for each TYPE of Abyss Jewel. Therefore we need to use 2 types we would normally not use.
I'm using a Hypnotic Eye Jewel with Dexterity, Life and %increased Damage if you've killed recently (which is very nice for mapping).
I also using a Ghastly Eye Jewel (which is normally a summoner Jewel) with Life and Double-Resistance to not waste the Spot here ;).

You can either use Facebreaker with Shield Charge + Warchief until u reach Level 60 (which i did) and then take the Lightpoacher and start mapping or use Sunder until you can fully go into Cyclone.
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i will follow u still didnt decide to do this build, i was cyclone too at harbinger league, need damage stats details and video...thanks for sharing your build.
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Hey, quick question. What about bandits?
I posted it by the Passive-Skill. Oak or Kill all.
Got my first marauder to berserker and now at lvl 44 using this build. Been super fun leveling him up. Thanks!
Good Work John :D
how does CWDT works with blood rage and stone golem? whats the lvl range i need to keep
Since I was asked to take a look at this once it was posted... here we go.

First of all good job on the visualization and stuff - looks neat.

Still, since you quoted me on being the creator of this build I kind of wanna point out some flaws in this, please don't take offense.

1. The pathing in your trees seems a bit off - did not take a look at the lowlevel ones, but the 100 tree should definately be this:


Note that this level 100 tree does not take the "Berserking" cluster, care to avoid the accuracy node in the dual wield cluster below duelist and it uses a little different pathing out of the Marauder area.
Also most importantly this level 100 tree assumes that you slot both, the "Warlord's Reach" and the "Pure Talent" unique jewels.
If u do not slot the "Pure Talent" Jewel always be sure to take that last 8% Area node in the Templar since it does provide an extra 1 Range on Cyclone. Once you slot "Pure Talent" however, it does not provide anything and therefore is omitted.

2. For mapclearing the +2 Range corruption on the Bloodseeker claw is definately the way better option - of course it works without but you won't ever wanna miss out on it once you aquire this.

3. This build does need a "Rotgut" Flask and proper management of Frenzy-charges and this Flask usage to be comparable to top-tier builds in clearspeed. For example 1-minute racecourse runs are totally achievable (well if u ignore abysses that is) and therefore I cannot really go with the statement in the "con's" that it is a rather slow build - quite the contrary in fact if played correcty.
To illustrate this I was about top30 in the SC abyss league in the first couple of days despite not being free from work and having no outside support like a trading bitchboy etc.
Just dropped after I quit caring about EXP.

4. I would advise not to run with volley or multiple projectiles slotted in the Lightpoacher... it achieves what it is there for without those links just by relying on herald of ash AoE burn and this build is already incredibly short on socket slots.
Instead keep ur conc slotted to the Warchief totem in most situations - thats a good singletarget gain and u can run Increased AoE for mapclearing since you have more than enough dps to just one-spin your way through.
Also keep a flamedash in 1 socket for more movement options in some maps.

5. You can run an essence worm for hatred but if u have some currency to spare a good added phys rolled steel ring achieves almost as much dps-wise or u can even run any other ring just for an easier gearing with resists and more life - the hatred is not needed at all.
My character clears any guardian in less than 45s with conc effect swap-in. You just need a good lifepool to facetank pretty much anything - which is the whole point of combining berserker with an instaleech claw.

6. Care for the insane roll ranges on Bronn's chest. Do not bother off-colouring and 6-linking a weak roll.

7. Lion's Roar is a budget option for this build but ultimately pushing stuff around is quite annoying in many cases, try to exchange it for a Taste of Hate asap.
Also running a Sin's Rebirth instead of Atziri's is really awesome in this build, same as before depending on budget.
Also I do not quite understand how you wanna keep that Distillate up at all so call me confused on that one.

8. Build is tight on Stats. Try to get what you need on amulet and/or Jewels. Also keep Blood Rage on 17/20 if needed so the highest dex you will need is 144 for the Bronn's.

9. Keep Blood Rage out of the CwDT setup - rly shitty in some situations. Just 2-link CwDT with a Stone Golem (both gems at the same level)

10. Scourge is not really useful other for being a budget option. Getting any claw >380 pdps will be a noticable dps increase while not losing anything (care if you are using minion damage as a damage option on jewels though).

My personal profile for reference:

Character: AVL_GetRexT
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Hey there the build look alright, could you say or post what bosses can he tank like? Is it tanky at all or just a glass cannon ? Thanks
This build is great im doing content on a tabula my dps buffed with flasks is 102k and this is no a slow build its very quick and its not a glass cannon build its one of the most tanky builds you ll ever play

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