[3.1] Quad Shockwave Totem Ele/Phys/Str Hierophant

Hey guys,

I'd like to introduce to you my Templar build I'm working on.

First of all. This build is still in construction. I started with it 4 Days ago. Tips are appreciated. NEW PLAYERS SHOULD NOT FOLLOW THIS BUILD YET, as i still dont have a feeling of its effectiveness. Maybe the Idea is going to fail.

The Idea: Using Equipment and the passives to boost Strength and use Strength to boost DPS and Defenses. This way, all we need to Focus on is Strength. We get High Amount of DPS, Life and Armour



DPS no totems summoned:

DPS 4 totems summoned:


Doon Cuebiyari Vall Sceptre gives us all we need for our build. MainHand it boosts our Damage Output and Off-Hand it gives us a Decent Amount of Armour, scaling both with the Amount of Strength we have.

These boots give us a huge Bonus on our Strength. Exactly what we want.

+100 Strength and 2% Life Regen if we have 400 or more Strength fits again perfectly in our build. Haven't found any Alternatives yet.

Strength, Increased Damage and Resistances. All we need.

Another nice Strength Boost.

The Belly of the Beast is my favourite allround Body Armour. It doesn't feel necessary for this build, so it can be replaced with every good Rare for Resistance Capping etc.

For the Helmet and Rings Focus on Resistance Capping, Strength life and maybe even some Damage boost.

Gems & Links

This is my current Link Setup for Shockwave totem. All giving super DPS boosts. Most Important Gem= Iron Will. Every 10 Strength we get 2% increased melee Physical Damage. To be able to use our high Amount of Strength for our Totems, we need to transform the melee Physical Damage into Spell Damage. Thats what Iron Will does for us. Added Fire Damage and Physical to Lightning convert our Physical Damage into Elemental Damages. Added Lightning Damage is not as effective as Physical to Lightning, becaus ALD gives us a flat Amount of Damage while PTL Scales with our Physical Damage.

Hatred and Herald of Ash both Scale with our Physical Damage. Yet the best DPS Auras we can get. Enlighten saves us some Mana.

Flame Golem gives us a Small Amount of DPS, Scaling with our Physical Damage.

Our movement Spell.


-Lvling. =D
-Build still feels quite a bit squishy, need to Increase Defensives further.

I will keep you guys updated. Sorry for the quite bad English, I'm from Germanistan. =D
ING: Pan_Samolodzik
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Gibt es auch nen PoB link dafür ?
Where's the passive tree link?
Passive skill tree (PST) Pob link ?

Unliked build...

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