[3.1] MXSteel's Scion Build - BF / Sunder, 2.6M+/1.6M+ *realistic* DPS

Before I continue, I wanna say this was both my league starter and my end-game build for 3.1. So, even though I was a bit lucky with crafting, this build is economically viable.
Another thing to say is that I'll only put REALISTIC PoB settings and items, unlike *some other people*... I will also write their approximate price. You can probably raise the DPS of BF over 3M if you optimize your items and Jewels well enough, or go over 6k HP.

There are also two versions of it, the Sunder and BF versions, which share most of the items and the tree, but differ in the Weapons and around 12 passive points. Both will be covered here, since anyhow you have to start with the Sunder version (unless you want your start be pretty meh).

Why two skills?
You are gonna be using Sunder to level, but it is also a potential end-game skill. As you'll see, the DPS by Sunder reaches around 66% of the BF DPS, however, it is WAY more comfortable to map with, as well as do certain things such as Phoenix. On the other hand, any single enemy that doesn't require you to facetank him will die MUCH faster with BF - that includes Shaper, Uber Atz, etc. Ultimately I played with both of them, and will list here both end-game build.
Also, while BF has a higher damage potential, that potential isn't free. A good Jewel'd Foil is way more expensive than a good Siege Axe, so be aware.
Level with Sunder, switch to BF when ready, and see which one you prefer.
Most skills/items listed will be for both builds.

Blade Flurry Path of Building

Sunder Path of Building

Lab Gifs

Shaper Gifs (inc Vid)

Uber Atziri Gifs (vid hightlights)
Will add later

Unique Items+Flasks

Obviously you want the HP, but the stun, freeze, chill and Temporal Chains immunity is extremely useful too.
This can later be subbed by an Elder armour with HP+%HP+FlatCrit, but until you get something like that, belly is BiS. Both the sockets for BF and Sunder are easy to get.
Obviously the only choice for an Attack Crit build. I would slap in good enchant too.

+ HP Flask
The usual suspects. If you feel confident enough, add a Taste of Hate instead of the HP flask. The HP flask can also be Blood of the Karui.

Yellow Items

For your other items, you want to balance res while adding as much max life, flast phys, attack speed, crit chance and crit multiplier as possible. Here is a good example:


For sunder, get the axe with the highest AS + Crit you can in its DPS tier (300+, 350+, etc).
The offhand needs to be a stat sword/claw/dagger. This Foil is the best base because of the crit. As budget version, use Tempestuous Steel.

For the BF part, you need the same things only the Sword is now the main weapon, the Axe/Mace are now the stat stick. This has a much higher DPS potention, but is also more expensive, and doesn't have the Tempestuous Steel budget option.


Major:Soul of Arakaali + Captured Arachnoxia - You take this because "Recovery Rate of Life" actually includes leech rate, and every time your Immortal Call activates, you stop taking damage over time from Blood Rage.

Minor: Soul of Gruthkul generally, or Soul of Ryslatha for lab.

Kill those fuckers, they are useless since 3.0

General Progression

Start like every other build that levels with Sunder.
The first 3 labs are pretty easy, so do them.
Uber lab is doable, but slow with league-start items, so if you prefer, give somebody your offering just for the ascendancy. Not that it matters much.

You need to farm maps until you get a decent set of items, with around 4.5k hp, Lions Roar, Diam Flask, and a decent set of Rings/Ammy to buff your DPS.

Then, you can either keep doing higher tier maps, switch to doing Vinktars, or farm Atziri if it's the first 1.5 weeks. Once you farmed enough currency, upgrade to BoTB, then upgrade your weapons. From there on, you can probably farm Phoenix and/or Vinktars until you 6L your Belly. Then, you can probably do Shaper pretty easily.

Once your first Starforge drops (or you make 5-7ex from Vinktars/Phoenix), you will probably already be able to afford the items needed to make BF much stronger than Sunder. Do remember, though, that it will be less comfortable against large groups of monsters, or monsters that require you to dodge when you're too close.


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Can you make a Gem link setup advice? thx :)
x1nadas wrote:
Can you make a Gem link setup advice? thx :)

You can find it in PoB for both Sunder and BF.
Will add it in here too, but later.
Hey this looks really fun I'm a real big noob but want to start playing in the ssf league do you think this is viable in ssf? If so how would you approach it? Any help would be awesome thank you very much :)
hordalas wrote:
Hey this looks really fun I'm a real big noob but want to start playing in the ssf league do you think this is viable in ssf? If so how would you approach it? Any help would be awesome thank you very much :)

Most crit builds are not SSF viable, since they rely on both specific uniques (Abyssus) and crit heavy items that are not easy to craft, not to mention they scale multiplicibly so the farther you are from perfect crit stats, your damage falls polynomially (aka relatively slight difference in gear might make 2m DPS into 2.5m DPS).
how about phys mitigation with abyssus i mean BoTB i good % hp but dont have any phys mitigation?

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