[3.2] "Lord of Rain" - Budget, starter, tank, simple and fun (30 chaos, all cont, HC viable).

Quick Explanation

Is a male version of my "Lady of Rain" - I already had a Tukos Berserker and believe or not this build does a similar damage at end. Im at 87 now and doing all content my currences can pay. Like "Lady" it will with sure do all content of the game. Theres no cons on the build but been a toten build. The great difference between the builds are - does not matter how fast u hit, matter how hard you hit. Another thing is you will have 1k life less then Scion (but the defenses will equalize this loss with almost the same life regen) and you dont need to sacrifice your evasion rating. I say HC is really viable because i died 9 times in the league doing stupid things i couldnt do at the lvl i was. So, is totally viable for HC.

OBS: "Lady of Rain" is still working - no changes.


Use Ancestral Protector with Ancestral Call and Infernal Blow with Ancestral Call + Melee Splash. You will lvling real quick. Upgrade this skills with gems and new links. Get Ancestral Bond fastest you can or you want - in really - i would prefere resolute and blood magic before - lvling with infernal is very fun.

Gear and Gem Links

2x The Warden's Brand, Iron Ring

Bloodgrip, Marble Amulet

The Bringer of Rain, Nightmare Bascinet

Concetrated Effect + Brutality + Culling Strike + Ancestral Warchief;

Facebreaker, Strapped Mitts

Shield Charge + Curse on Hit + Enfeeble + Faster Attacks;

Lioneye's Remorse, Pinnacle Tower Shield

Tempest Shield + Cast When Damage Taken + Vaal Haste;


OBS: Choose a rare with good resistances and a little move speed (armour base);

Cast When Damage Taken + Summon Flame Golem + Immortal Call + Molten Shell;


OBS: Choose the new league rare belt to max your resistances and get at least 100 to life on it (will be easy and cheap with the abyss gems).

Skill Tree


OBS: im using an worst equivalent belt on pastebin, so will not be a problem at all.

ANY doubts - look at my char Kythelby

Bandits and Souls

Help Oak, Soul of Ryslatha and Lunaris/Solaris (situational).



Go for Fortitude 1st, Inspirational, 1st to strike, Last to Fall at end.


Lion's Roar, Bleed 1, Freeze 1, Move Speed 1, Instant life 1 (at least).

Final Observations

You will melt Atziri before third phase (adds 1), You will do uber lab fast and safe - Izaro will not even touch you. I did a lot of changes in the build since the beggining of the league and it seens to be the best tree i could do. Im open for discussions and i know theres more champions warchiefs - but... this 1 do more damage with survival. On 90 with Totemic Zeal the damage will increase. To face tank some maps you will need a little experience with totem builds movement.


Im almost finishing my calcs on a new version of Freezig Spark for Abyss (i hope it will work) - if you are curious here is the pastebin:


*Build finished and tested - look for "Avatar of Thundergods" on Ranger forum - its a shame - i do not reccomend for HC unless your idea is just to clear maps and do uber labs. Not great against some bosses on t16 as well.
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Currently level 78 with this build. 5.2k life in HC Abyss league. I can easily do Merc lab, but I have not yet tried Uber. (I don't have the trials). I'm up to t6s on maps because i don't have anything else. 46k a totem in deeps. I'm going for more damage for the uber lab.

Here is what I got. Thank sfor the build

Your Gear and your dps is more then enough to do uber. Just take care if he gets 2 swords since you are in HC - but dont be afraid - the totens will melt him each stage. I say about the swords couse you will move around when the totens kill him - but if you dont have lucky and you get a combo of burning ground + 2 swords his aoe maybe will be a problem if you are not confident with your movimentation - each of my totens do 80k dps atm - its a large difference. Wait until lvl 80 just to be safer :) Is my reccomendation. Thx for your repply and i hope you are enjoying the build.
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Good build!
What about enchantings?
What perks i should learn after 90+ lvl?
The best enchant on helm is 40% of AW Totem Damage, but is a huge shot - the merciless 20% of melee damage when totens placed are faster to get. Reflection for hands and Aspeed on kill for boots. I dont have any of them but you asked the bests.

After 90 - the final tree is:

What site/program I should use, to open those trees from pastebin? I tried a few, but nothing.
2274863 wrote:
What site/program I should use, to open those trees from pastebin? I tried a few, but nothing.

try Path of Building

Side note: I need to give this build a go it seems legit
I dont do videos couse i dont know how (and im lazy) but i can assure you or even let you see for yourself (add me and you are free to come with me) im facetanking uber Izaro and taking the flameblast from Atziri without dying - killing her almost without moving. My tukos zerker killed uber atziri a few times with 80k dps per totem (3) - he was 93. On 87 my totens do 80k dps as a champion unbuffed by roars. OFC i had 7k of life as zerker, 6.5k with my "Lady of Rain" (she did not uber atziri but im sure she could couse i died in stupid ways). I did not try Uber with that char but by the numbers he can do everything.
Hi I'm on xbox and want to try your build but can't see the tree. Would you mind plugging into the tree building thing on here please?

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