[3.5] Asymat's "Purenado Shot" | HC (party friendly) | Progressive budget

This build revolves around Lionneye's Glare & Tornado Shot. It is designed to play Tornado Shot asap and will slowly but steadily grow in power with every bit of currency invested. Having only one setup enables Kaom's Heart which lead to a decent hp pool for an archer. It will kill (not face-tank) with ease end-game bosses with high investment.

I recommend this build for mid (in SC) to experimented (in HC) players with competent flasks management and reliable currency grind abilities. Need at least 50C to level it and start mapping. So, probably not a good day 1 starter build.

Why is it party friendly?
* the build runs nice in party (no lag except maybe when shattering huge packs)
* the char has enough ms to catch up with other builds
* the char brings knockback, blind and shattering
* the char benefits from most auras/curses

Main Selling Points
* One skill to rule them all
* Great use of unique jewels: Pure Talent, Might of the Meek, Unnatural Instinct
* Nice clearspeed
* The sound of shatter
* Perma blind
* Strong Knockback
* Start cheap

Final stats
* 7-8k HP
* 300-800k shaper dps
* 180ms
* ~ 4.5k evasion
* 46/46 dodge/spells
* = ~ 80% chance to not get hit

We theoricrafted this build in 3.0 with my guild mate. I played it in Turmoil and it worked like a charm.
In 3.1, the addition of Mirror Archer, the "Pure Talent" unique jewel and blind on abyss jewels really pushed the build to next level. The removal of VP insta-leech also favored this safer archer build compared to barrage yoloVP point blank other archer build.

Update 3.5: No change

Update 3.4: this is a buff
New unique jewel "Unnatural Instinct" is insanely good in top right jewel of Scion start combined with double Might of the Meek.

Update 3.3: nothing
...besides some cool random double corruptions, if lucky or rich.

Update 3.2: this is a buff
BUFFS: more deeps (+10%), more movespeed (+16% inc), more attack speed (+10% inc), free power charge generation, more resistances in tree
NERFS: less life (-250), no more free maim

Personal achievements in Abyss League HC
Asymat_Abyss_One rip@lvl97

36/40 Challenges
155/157 Atlas completion
7 Elder (all tiers) Done
20 Guardians Done
1 Shaper Done
RIP in 2nd Shaper run (panicked and went outside of zana protection because of a vortex - I should have logged out - did get 2-shot by purples balls, unfortunately not dodged)

Leveling until 66
I recommend leveling as a non-crit lightning char.
@lvl0 Tabula Rasa
@lvl0 Goldrim
@lvl1 Shrapnel Shot
@lvl9 Storm Cloud
@lvl12 Rain of Arrows
@lvl16 Herald of Thunder
@lvl24 Wrath
@lvl28 Tornado Shot > LMP > Added Lightning > Elemental damage with attacks > Lightning Penetration > Innervate
@lvl30 Thief's Torment
@lvl33 The Tempest (until Lionneye's Glare)
@lvl38 GMP instead of LMP
You can also play with Mirage Archer at some point.

Fertile Mind for int in the jewel slot between ranger and duelist
Poacher's Aim for clearing until Cruel lab.

Tree@25 http://poeurl.com/bGR7
Tree@40 http://poeurl.com/bGR5
Tree@55 http://poeurl.com/bGR9

You don't need Normal Lab until you can do Cruel Lab.
Cruel Lab > Ascendant Deadeye

Lvl 66: Lionneye's Glare!
(Cruel Lab > Ascendant Deadeye)

Tree@66 http://poeurl.com/bJzG
Merci Lab > Ascendant Assassin
Tree@80 http://poeurl.com/bGSj
Uber Lab > Shadow start
I suggest you wait until Uber Lab and/or lvl 80+ before switching to crit.

PoB (Hrimsorrow, no Watcher's eye, 1 Might of the Meek): https://pastebin.com/HLwDspxc
PoB (Tombfist, Watcher's Eye Hatred phys-to-cold conversion, 2 Might of the Meek, 1 unnatural instinct): https://pastebin.com/F0Ectr4T

Ascendancies discussion
Keep in mind the build is really starving of points.
Deadeye is redundant with integrated Far Shot from Lionneye's Glare.
Scion has more points and offer a better pathing.
Scion Deadeye is a real killer for Tornado Shot: +1 arrow, free pierce, pseudo far-shot mechanics (that stack with real Far Shot).
Scion Assassin is required for 2 reasons: to improve low base crit of Lioneye's Glare and for starting points (it saves a lot of pathing points).
Scion Slayer doesn't offer much apart from the perma-leech. We do not get hit (or very rarely) thus we don't need much leech.

All Kraityn bonuses (6% attack speed, 3% dodge attacks, 6% movespeed) really synergise with the build but if we compare them to QuickStep (9% attack speed, 6% movespeed) that we don't even spec until very late, it feels a bit underwhelming so Eramir it is (until 96+).

Core items
* Lioneye's Glare (20% attack speed)
* Hrimsorrow/Hrimburn
* Drillneck
* Pure Talent unique jewel
* Might of the Meek unique jewel (top left scion jewel slot: max life, attack speed, crit multi, resistances)
* rare Belt with reduced flask charges used
* rare Amulet with crit multiplier

* Kaom's Heart (+ 5L/6L Lionneye's Glare)
* Helm enchant Tornado Shot +2 secondary projectiles
* Drillneck corrupted +1 arrow
* Boot enchant: 10% Elemental Penetration
* Gloves Hrimsorrow/Hrimburn corrupted Elemental Weakness (or Assassin's Mark) on hit
* Amulet with Shaper prefix: gain %phys as extra cold + life + crit multi
* 2nd Might of Meek + Unnatural Instinct
* The Watcher's Eye
** (25-40)% of Physical Damage Converted to Cold Damage while affected by Hatred: we switch Hrimsorrow/Hrimburn for Tombfist double abyss sockets. That way we have 2 more abyss jewels (make sure to put one Murderous Eye Jewel and one Searching Eye Jewel.
[** +(1.2-1.8)% to Critical Strike Chance while affected by Hatred]
[** Damage Penetrates (10-15)% Cold Resistance while affected by Hatred]
[** Adds (58-70) to (88-104) Cold Damage while affected by Hatred]

Gear from 3.1
Please refer to skill section for gems setup.

top left jewel of Scion (life, crit mult, attack speed, resistances, life regen)

Gear discussion
* Body: Kaom's Heart is mandatory in order to achieve viable HC life pool as we don't have other damage mitigation (beside Basalt). If you want to use another chest piece, just do it at your own risk (Kintsugi, Queen of the Forest, Yriel's Fostering, Hyrri's Ire, The Perfect Form, Loreweave (off-color), Shroud of the Lightless).
* Gloves: HrimSorrow/HrimBurn are BiS (until Tombfist with Hatred conversion): the best dps we could find as there is no other easy way to convert phys to cold. It even have some life on it. And it is easy to find a corruption on it (EleW or Assa Mark).
* Quiver: Drillneck are close to BiS: Every single stats benefits the build. A very expensive shaper rare quiver might surpass it (added phys as cold, +1 arrow, corrupted +1 arrow, better life roll, crit mult). I suggest you put budget on other pieces of gear and it is easy to find a +1 arrow Drillneck.
* Helm: whatever you can find with +2 secondary proj Tornado Shot enchant.
* Boots: Atziri's Step is easy to find with enchant. Imo going from 30% dodge spells to 46% is really nice.
* Belt: Reduced flask charge used as we rely a lot on flasks. Other flasks mods are not usefull vs bosses.
* Amulet: the only place to get crit multiplier.
Now we need to cap rez at 75% only (we sustain perma flask with curse immune for EleW map mod).

Gems setup
[There is a dedicated party play section further]
Tornado Shot <> Greater Multiple Projectiles <> Elem with attacks <> Cold penetration <> Mirage archer <> Increased crit strikes / Elemental Focus (switch only vs big bosses - elder, shaper, guardians...)
Until you get enough abyss jewels, switch out Cold penetration for Added Cold Damage.

Herald of Ice (+ Inc area) (+ Increased crit strikes) (+ Cold penetration)

CWDT lvl2 + Immortall Call lvl4 + Inc duration + Frost Bomb lvl12 (so you can self-cast it)

Blink Arrow + Frenzy + Culling Strike (+ Faster Attacks)

Blood Rage

(Vaal Grace / Vaal Haste > Inc duration)

Abyss Jewels
These are very important for the build. Don't neglect them!
X% Chance to Blind ennemies on hit with attacks Need 1 only. Preferably high roll: 5%-6%.
+ XX to maximum life
Add cold damage to attacks
Add cold damage to bow attacks

1 Regular Jewel if you have mana problems (or corruption on rings).
+2 mana gain on hit Need 1 only
7% Increased maximum life We lack %inc max life compared to flat life (Hello Kaom's Heart)
Crit multi
Attack speed with bows
Elemental resistances

Soul of Lunaris Movement speed, more avoidance
Soul of Garukhan More evade and movespeed

With all the duration/gained/reduced flasks nodes in tree we sustain all flasks except for very tanky bosses (where you should logout or SC). Note that the quicksilver is roughly half the duration of others flasks so when mapping, you can press 2345 / 2 / 2345 / 2 etc...
Seething Divine Life Flask of Heat
Alchemist's Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline
Experimenter's Quartz (or Chemist's Basalt)
Diamond (in any crit build)
Chemist's Silver

Anti-freeze on life for boxes opening
In SC you can switch Quartz (or Basalt) anti-shock for Dying Sun or Taste of Hate. Both are very strong!

Map mods
Reflect elemental Free ticket to STD 3.2 UPDATE: shadow ascendency now offers immunity to reflected damage from crits. Still hurts sometimes (should not get OS from 1 pack tho). Stay away from it unless you know what you're doing.
Dodge unlucky + increased accuracy Reduce grandly your damage mitigation
Avoid elemental status No freeze
Cannot be slowed below base Freeze has no effect (but Herald still proc)
Elemental Equilibrium Nerf your damage
Elemental resistance Nerf your damage
Less damage with crits Nerf your damage
Reduced/no life and mana regen Take care with your Blood Rage
Cannot leech life/mana leech Take care with your Blood Rage
Reduced/no life and mana regen + Cannot leech life/mana leech You might encounter mana problems
Elemental Weakness + Reduced flasks charge gained I'm not capped eleW because I can rely on my flask sustaining. Take care when boss fights last too long or with the reduced flasks charge map mod.

Min-maxing the char
At some point, you'll want to min-max the char. Using Path of Building you want to keep in mind:
* 50% Increased damage from Drillneck is not accounted
* 50% Increased damage from pseudo Far-Shot Ascendant-Deadeye is not accounted (even when a distance is set)
* Far Shot from Lionneye's Glare is not accounted (but does not impact min-maxing)
* For the same dps output: having more attack speed makes the build smoother, having more crit chance makes damage output more reliable (smoother for clearing trash), having more crit mult makes damage output less reliable.

Playing in a party
This build grandly benefits from party and specially with a support. Best setups are:
* Hatred + Wrath (both in Generosity) + Elemental Equilibrium fire
* Hatred + Anger (both in Generosity) + Elemental Equilibrium lighting
* Projectile Weakness (best dps boost + even more knockback), Assassin's Mark, Elemental Weakness


by 7m1a0x: 3.4 DSC @96, 6L 21q20, TS enchant +2, 40/30 dodge, Tombfist, Max-out gear

by KOrchann: 3.4 DSC @94, 6L 21q20, TS enchant +1, 40/46 dodge, HrimSorrow
Delving at depths 276
Delving Vaal City at depth 301

3.1 AHC @94, 5L 20q20, TS enchant +2, 43/46 dodge, HrimSorrow
T10 Shaped Sulphur Vents

3.1 AHC @96, 6L 21q20, TS enchant +2, 40/46 dodge, HrimSorrow
T6 Elder (first fight)
2players Uber Izaro 3rd phase
T12 Coves with necro support
T13 Arsenal with necro support
T16 Minotaur featuring a very close call!
T16 Chimera
T16 Phoenix
T16 Hydra
T17 Shaper My first Shaper kill. Failed to see balls in phase 3. Hopefully reacted at time.

3.1STD 6L 20q20, TS enchant +2, 40/46 dodge, HrimSorrow, HEADHUNTER
T11 Strand double beyonds with HEADHUNTER

My bro and guildmate Mugi https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/mugtar/ with whom we spent countless hours theoricrafting this and dozens of other builds.

Changelog (from latest to oldest)
* Updated Flasks and Pantheons sections
* "Updated" for 3.5
* Updated videos section with delves
* "Updated" for 3.4
* "Updated" for 3.3 (no change)
* LEAGUE STARTER help Added in FAQ
* Body Armours recommendation Added
* Updated all sections for 3.2
* VIDEOS Headhunter run Added
* RIP@97
* VIDEOS Shaper and Guardians Added
* CURRENT SETUP note Added
* FAQ Leech Updated
* VIDEOS Added
* JEWELS Updated
* GEMS Updated
* FAQ Added mana
* GEMS Updated Hatred instead of Grace
* MAP MODS Updated
* FAQ Added small pathing explanations
* LUXURY Removed Taste of Hate
* BANDITS Updated
* FAQ Added ice bite section
* FAQ Moved to 2nd post
Purenado Shot: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2050639
CycloPoet's PenFinder: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2123005
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Tornado Shot mechanics
The distance of secondary projectiles is based on distance travelled of first projectile + distance of secondary projectile => Far Shot is a killer here.

GMP VS Volley Fire
GMP seems better with far shot mechanics and has better coverage. PLaying both is completely overkill tho.

Mirage Archer
Mirage Archer might look weak at fist glance: only ~35% more dps on paper but keep in mind:
* the Mirage Archer has perfect aim (aimlock every mobs) which is very strong with Tornado Shot,
* the Mirage Archer has great range (unlike totems for ex),
* the Mirage Archer is still shooting while kiting ennemies,
* the Mirage Archer will react without delay (dropping bears, rising golems, when entering new rooms...),
* the Mirage Archer CAN SHOOT WITH FLAT LINE. /s

About Life Leech
I get 1% of attack damage leeched as life with the Pure Talent jewel combined to connecting to the Duelist attack speed starting point. VP is only 1 point but:
* You really don't get hit often.
* The difference between 20% max life rate vs 40% (or 46% with Vitality Void) is only important when taking big hits or trying to face-tank (which is absolutely not the point of this build). When taking big hits I'd rather use my instant life flask than wait for leech to recover.
* VP means you don't sustain Blood Rage (which is only qol).

Note that after VP, speccing 3 points for Vitality Void to improve leech from 40% to 46% is overkill.

That said, I haven't tried it yet because I didn't feel I needed it. I might give it a try later on.

About Mana
* 0.4 attack mana leech in tree (first point of essence sap node near Herbalism)
* Flasks nodes in tree gives us a bigger mana pool
* +2 mana on hit on 1 jewel helps a lot to sustain single-target (specially with +2 enchant). You can also find the mod with a corruption on rings.
With all theses things, you will be able to sustain your 6L Tornado Shot in any condition (map mods, single target, support with vaal haste...)

Shadow Starting points: Phys + ias VS Elem
Elemental starting nodes will yield you a bit more damage (1-2%).
Attack speed is more quality of life (and 12 flat life ;)

Primeval Force: chance to freeze
Crits are calculated per attack which means if you roll low crit, nothing will get frozen.
Chance to freeze are calculated per hit. So even 10% will freeze (in case of non-crit) because Tornado Shot lands so many hits.

Duelist area: proj speed
I sacrifice 4% increased damage for 10% proj speed. It really is nice QoL with Tornado Shot.

SC League Starter help by Vintrilla
Note that I really don't recommend this build as league starter in HC. Here's some advices more oriented to SC / beginners.
Xenithos wrote:
I see a lot of people struggling with leveling, 6 linking, and having decent damage with with their build before getting a 6l Lioneye's. This guide was originally written for moderately experienced players by Asymat, but here are some of my tips for succeeding, and trying to help alleviate some of the newcomers that are shocked about not having everything and the rising chaos prices of both might of the meek and Pure Talent, etc. We'll be going crit earlier, and doing more damage while you begin mapping without the need of a tabula (making us more survivable in general.)

Real quick, if you prefer Tabula route:
Socket your tabula the way you would your lioneye's glare setup, don't go crit early, follow the guide as normal with one exception, you'll want more damage earlier on, and instead of grabbing mirage archer, get added cold damage gem in there. It'll make a big difference before you start getting some good jewels on your build. Really focus on flasks and getting decent rares resist wise for your build. Especially since the Tabula will be changed into a Kaom's anyway. Focus on Pure Talent, then +1 Arrow Drillneck, Helm with +2 tornado shot, then Might of the Meek, all while trying to get the Drillneck 6ld by the fusings you find.

So first off, for those inexperienced, once you hit level 67 grab a Thunderfist, socket tornado shot, gmp, elemental damage with attacks, and then Increased Critical Strikes, or added cold damage. You will be going crit at level 70 NOT level 80. Here's how: Pure talent, assassin ascendancies, get someone to run you through uber lab (you do not have to go into izaro rooms until after he's killed) and don't grab the two cold nodes he emphasizes getting: https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/3.2.1/AAAABAABAABeAO4DBAOWCC4UdRUgFr8Zjhm0IXYi4iP2JpUqTSzpLYMwfDH6NZI51DrhOyg_J0QNR35H4kp9SshNkk3jUdlUglVLVvpbr2BDYeJlTWegbj1uqnBSdvd313tue8N9dX8rguSDCYazhs6HB4d2idOKr4w2jX2NuZARlyGbjaCfotmj76Q5pjKmV6hyqUiwkrDYsVuxfLXyvTa-gL6nvrzBM8F8w-bI3Mjw0ujTfti945_tg-4O73ryRfaj_W7-Cv6P_rr_kw==

Priorities(IN THIS ORDER): Cheapo Lioneye's Glare if you don't have one already try to get an above 315 pdp for 1 chaos. Abyss Jewel with blind on hit, normal jewel with +2 mana gained on hit, Fertile Mind (you should have equipped this ages ago), PURE TALENT and RARE RINGS as well as other rare gears to fix resists and drop Thief's torment... FLASKS (Grab yourself a cheap triple resist with 80+ life chest piece. Any will do, usually 1c), (You can use either sin trek, or Atziri's Step earlier on instead of a rare boots), and if you want a different helmet because you've capped all other resists, a Devoto's Devotion or Starkonja's are great. Devoto's helps on Damage and speed, Starkonja's gives a crap ton of extra survivability. Both are between 5-10 chaos (Use Stark if using sin trek.)
330pdps+ 20% increased attack speed Lioneye's that COMES 6 socketed (Some people have awful luck socketing, and price should be around 20-40 chaos) Might of the Meek, +1 arrow Drillneck (unless it's over 1 ex, or 70c then this is last priority), Then ABSOLUTELY GET A +2 TORNADO SHOT HELM. (Overall this equates out to a 40-60% MORE damage multiplier because it nearly guarantees every shot is hitting targets)

The entire time that you're focusing on items AFTER getting the version of Lioneye's Glare that you want, you should be using all your fusings on it trying to get it 6ld. The moment that you've gotten it 6 linked, you cross over your Thunderfist back into a hrimsorrow, make sure that you have allocated points into Fangs of Frost and Winterspirit when you do this, (tons of cold conversion and extra damage), and grab your Kaom's Heart.

So why do we do this? Well, right off the bat this makes your heralds more effective because you freeze more often via crit, the ton of extra lightning damage is cheap and shocks mobs for easier damage output as well. Also, by going crit you have king of the hill and more reliable damage output at an earlier stage. If you're running Hatred and Herald of Ice then you have enough cold damage to reliably proc freeze when critical striking.
For me, this just feels better all around, and we don't have to worry about Tabula's lack of stats or anything else, and we have more life and resists while saving up for linking our lioneye's and getting the +2 tornado helm. We get to just run through item checks easier and get what we NEED, when we need it. Each of these pathways will feel like huge increases in power. Enjoy everyone! Also, Pure Talent is under-rated in value for this build, the 1% of attack damage leeched as life and extra base crit are super good!

I will say one thing though, if you have good gear and already have a tabula, there's no reason not to use the tabula, just focus on fixing your resists, getting your flasks, and making sure you have a pure talent jewel before moving forward.

Thanks Asymat for an awesome build when we get the core pieces for it.~ Vintrilla
Purenado Shot: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2050639
CycloPoet's PenFinder: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2123005
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Looks good so far :P . I'd like to see some Videos too if possible , maybe even a Shaper kill sooner or later.
Very nice build !
ekSi - making GG builds since 1999
How do you leech>
Also what's your opinion about Hopeshredder Ranger Bow? I kinda feel this would be insane with like taste of hate.
wean_ill wrote:
How do you leech>

1% of attack damage with the Pure Talent jewel and the connection to the Duelist attack speed starting point. I have added a section about it in the FAQ.

wean_ill wrote:
Also what's your opinion about Hopeshredder Ranger Bow? I kinda feel this would be insane with like taste of hate.

Sorry this build is specially designed around Lionneye's Glare. Feel free to make your own. ;)
Purenado Shot: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2050639
CycloPoet's PenFinder: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2123005
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and Ice Bite?
What do u think?
Would it be better to switch deadeye to something else when you will have heml enchant and +1 in drillneck?
Awesome build. Any idea's as to what are some chests iu could use till i make currency for kaoms

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