[3.1][SC] Waifu's GC/Bladefall Poet's Pen


Shoutout to my homeboy racerkill who continued to work with me on the skill gem setups. We kept tossing our ideas together into a Crock-Pot and ended up with a monster of a meal.

What it do:

Utilizes The Poet's Pen(s) for high damage with physical to elemental conversion with Hrimsorrow coupled with Crit Multi. The two main skills are Glacial Cascade and Bladefall.

-Fast Clear
-High Damage
-Comfortable Movement (after adjusting to a weapon swap)
-Shatters everything
-No Gem Swapping (Only weapon swap Kappa)

-Expensive (4 Poet Pens if you want the movement weapon swap)
-No gem leveling in offset (if you use weapon swap)
-No Shield Charge or Queen of the Forest Kappa

Skill Tree/Bandits:

Alira or Kill All

65 Points

Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/RA8jp5kv

I'm planning to pick up all two point jewel sockets, Blood Drinker, and Throat Stabber. I'll be updating the skill tree as the build progresses. Figured I should put up a guide so people can see what I'm up to and the build evolve. While leveling, just pick up what you need and hold off on crit until you have Inevitable Judgement from Inquisitor.

Skill Gem Setup:

Bladefall - Physical to Lightning - Spell Cascade (Poet 1)

Glacial Cascade - Increased Critical Strikes - Added Fire (Poet 2)

Cast When Damage Taken(1) - Immortal Call(3) - Warlord's Mark(5) - Inc Duration

Frenzy(1) - Faster Attacks(13) - Reduced Mana - Herald of Ash

Orb of Storms(1) - Curse on Hit - Warlord's Mark - Power Charge on Crit

Herald of Ice - Curse on Hit - Assassin's Mark - Hatred - Enlighten

Weapon Swap:

Lighting Warp - Less Duration - Swift Affliction
Bladefall - Physical to Lightning - Spell Cascade

This weapon swap isn't "necessary" but it helps astronomically once you adjust to it and/or have the money to invest.


Righteous Providence - Inevitable Judgement - Instruments of Virtue - Augury of Pentience

Brine King(Stun is a pain in the ass. And we can use it to avoid Freeze to free up flasks)
Gruthkul(Just some nice physical mitigation)


A weapon swap for Lightning Warp and another Bladefall set up is super nice for movement. Other than that I'd like to get a better amulet (one with extra physical gained as lightning). Chest could be a Queen of the Forest or a rare with high life. Inpulsa's Broken Heart seems good on paper, but you'd lose the power charge engine since the corpse can only be consumed for either Inpulsa's or Herald of Ice.


I'm thinking of dropping the Freeze flask for Warding and relying on improved Brine King for Freeze, then swapping Sorrow out for a Taste of Hate.


Anything that improves our damage (Crit Multi, Area Damage, Physical Damage, Spell Damage). Make sure to include the tags that apply such as dual wielding.


Like always, this is a placeholder until I get more footage xD. For now, I have some past broadcasts up on Twitch if you're interested in more of the game-play.

Closing Notes:

I'm only level 79, and the only skillers I've done are Dweller and maybe 1-2 of the required story-line quests to progress. So, lots of improvement to be had here; I'm missing a lot of crit-multi from jewels and on the tree.

If you have any questions about the build, feel free to leave a comment or stop by my Twitch. I stream everyday, and answer any questions I see in chat (if my chat doesn't answer the question before I do xD).

Hope you guys enjoy the build if you decide to give it a whirl!

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DO you think that this is going to viable for elder?
lackseyelids wrote:
DO you think that this is going to viable for elder?

Yeah, I think so. With some levels for base HP, and another crit-multi jewel or two Elder, should be fine. I'm certainly going to push for it eventually. Right now I'm focused on trying to get Vaults up to farming status (I've rerolled a few times in search of a character I love playing and hit the jackpot on this one).
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Got bored that quick of poets pen?
austeemo wrote:
Got bored that quick of poets pen?

I wasn't finding boss hunting particularly fun and wanted to focus more on MF stuff. You can call it bored if you'd like to. If I don't find my current goals rewarding, or discover I'm not having fun, I swap things up.
Why Glacial cascade? Is it for boss killing?
So I was browsing the forums looking for a new build idea and chuckled when I saw this. I'm pretty sure my version of this build is superior, but alas I just can't figure out a way to make it comfortable for bossing. Too squishy and the lack of a movement skill (Lightning Warp sucks) really limits how fast it can clear. I don't want to write up a while guide because I'm probably just about done with this character, but I'll summarize it here and post my PoB. (If you just want to see my char on the website it's JurassixPoet on profile, 91 Pathfinder)

Basically my idea was to play it like a Pathfinder Wander. I use Atziri's Promise, Taste of Hate and Sin's Rebirth to scale my damage on Physical Spells as well as Barrage for single target and Kinetic Blast for clearing. (Granted, KB damage sucks, it is mostly for applying Maim to things) With some not extremely expensive but definitely not cheap gear I'm at around 350k boss DPS in ideal conditions.

I used Glacial Cascade for a long time before switching to Blade Vortex, but Vortex actually does significantly higher DPS at 20 stacks, which you can get using Incresaed Duration. (and that significantly higher dps is accounting for using that as 1 of the 2 gems linked in it's Pen)

The build was fun to play for a while but I want something that can do all endgame content. Red Maps Elder and Shaper are just too much for my build to handle. Not tanky enough and too awkward to apply full DPS. It's decent at clearspeed though.

Path of Building Pastebin

Video of clearing a t12 map
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I like the build very much for its clearspeed, I'm starting it now in Bestiary. Is the build viable to reach lvl 96+ (prob 100) ? Can you suggest some upgrades (on items/skill tree ..etc) please.

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